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Banned From Chat
  • I live in the soul of every American boy and girl
  • My occupation is adventurer and petty larcenist
  • I am highly combustable
  • Flamedude22

    I sat on my small futon in my apartment. The apartment was a cheap one, it was just one room inside, with a bathroom and a kitchenet. The walls were constantly damp, and the celling leaked frequently. My TV was old, and tiny, it rested on two milk crates stack on top of eachother, only about two feet away from the futon.

    I dialed a number, and put the phone to my ear. "... Uhh... Yeah... Hello. How's it going, George? Yeah. It's me. No. I'm doing alright. Could you do me a huge favor?"  I waited a moment "Could you bring me the stuff in my desk? Yeah. Just put it in a box or something. Make sure you get everything." I told him to meet me at that shopping center I had pulled into the other night.

    I put on a tie, and threw on a coat. I grabbed…

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  • Flamedude22

    He drove, and I sat shotgun, clicking a nickle plated zippo lighter on and off, open and shut. Just like that jewlery store robbery, we just came from, turned out the guy had walked down the street, hid in a storage unit, with the loot, and celebrated with a few bottles of whiskey. He passed out. And that's how we found him. A dissapointment.

    I kept clicking that zippo until we hit a stop light and Tre turned and glared at me "You better not even think of smoking in here."

    I responded in the most annoyed and offended tone I could. "I quit last month." I informed him, yet again.

    I don't know why he cared. It was an early 2000's Camry, or Corala, or something... We should of taken my car, but it was nice to not drive. We had been partners almost…

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  • Flamedude22

    I have been chosen to write this by the supporters of the petition. 

    If the following users: Geti186, EllenTenshima, ReaperOfSeas, are not permanently blocked by October, the Fith, we will leave this wiki.

    Our reasons behind this are many, here are some: they are rude, disrespectful, they refuse to obey the admins, and worst of all they have stopped, all together, the betterment of this wiki.

    Sincerely, Flamedude22.

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  • Flamedude22

    This is a series of blogs I'm going to start. These are stories of different universes, please don' t be offend by the representation of your character, please note that these characters are from diffrent universes, and have lived diffrent lives.

    Here's our first tale!


    Pre Age 937

    • Cooler decieded to accompany Freiza and King Cold to Earth.
    • The three managed to slay Goku, Trunks, and the Z-Fighters.
    • They conqured the planet.
    • Shortly after the Ice-Jin noble families signed treaties, creating a massive Ice-Jin empire.
    • The Ice-Jins and their armies conqurered the Universe.
    • Dr.Gero activated Cell, 16, 17, 18, and 19, ten years later then he did in our timeline, in hopes to take back earth.
    • The Imperal Army showed up, eliminated the androids, and…
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  • Flamedude22


    November 16, 2011 by Flamedude22

    What if we had special challanges on the wiki I.E. defeat all of Baba's minionsp; See-through, Fangs, Bandages, Spike, Grampa Gohan, mabey even gost butler and win the rare gravity generation suit(triple XP) but if you loose you don't loose any thing ecxept for mabey a fee to enter. Also what about a lottery?

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