This is a brand new feature that has just been released. These are special items that will help when you are fighting. You do not use these in fighting, by meaning taking turns like noramal, but by circumstances that happen in the fights. There are a few new things, first, the addition of ★'s.


They are used to purchase the different options for your skill tray. You earn these stars by winning fights, unlike zennie where if you win you steal half of theirs, you just earn them. You get 5★'s if you lose a fight, 10★'s if you win a tournament fight, 20★'s if you win a fight, 30★'s if you win by surrender, and 50★'s for winning a boss battle.

Customization Slots

There are 3 types of slot's, Attack, Rush, and Support. Attack slot's are meant to hold items that help you attack with energy more, or defend against it. Rush is the same thing as attack, but this counts for melee combo's as well as the rushes. Support have different purpose, they make bonus advantages that run throughout the fight.

You can put the tray on your user page by entering {{Template:Customization Tray}}.

Blalafoon TalkContribs 19:18, October 11, 2011 (UTC)