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  • Blalafoon

    This put me in tears.

    Under the original DB wiki, it's spanish counterpart, and the fanon wiki's counterpart, we're the fourth most popular Dragon Ball affiliated wiki. Note how Lookout is ranked under us.

    We're the second highest rated Role-Playing wiki out there, only being trumped by Harry Potter.

    To avoid using every cliche ever and maing myself cry more, I just wanna say thanks...

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  • Blalafoon

    Make sure to work your way to achievements as they are easy money.

    1. Enter Hyperbolic Time Chamber for one hour.
    2. Battle repeatedly with your opponent. If no opponent available, purchase an Easy or Medium bot from the Capsule Corporation Training Hall
    3. Enter any training slot while you sleep.
    4. Continue battling until you can enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again.
    5. Repeat.

    If you have not purchased a planet yet, you should consider purchasing or sharing one with another character, as the benefits are well worth it.

    1. Buy Max HP potions from the shop, for either you or your opponent, increasing your HP each match, thus rewarding more HP.
    2. Battle repeatedly with your opponent. If no opponent available, purchasea Hard or Extreme bot from the Capsule Corporat…

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  • Blalafoon

    Congratulations to all of the nominees for making it this far, but there can only bee one winner for each category, and thus, here they are!

    It's no surprise that the majority of the votes for Best Generation went to the 4th, since most of our active users are from that generation. Seriously though, if you guys were around for the 1st, your votes would be different :/

    Beating User Alyra by a single vote, Truepotentia wins the award for best user for his great personality and gameplay.

    Gogeta Jr wins the award for best helper, most likely due to his experience being a regular user for so long, being more understanding of common situations and change than the other helpers.

    Following up his strong victory as best helper, Gogeta Jr wins best admi…

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  • Blalafoon

    Because frankly I'm tired of everybody asking me about it. Answer yes or no to the following questions in a comment, no explanation needed. And please, everybody just take the minute to say yes or no, I don't want half-baked results. If you don't know what you're voting on, the explanation can be seen in my previous blog.

    1. Keep "Roxaswastaken" blocked for his off-site offense: Yes or no.
    2. Keep Rule #20 that states "Do not harass other wiki-members off-site.": Yes or no.
    3. Keep the Chat Moderator text that was changed to "Any chat moderator may temporarily warn, kick, or ban you for a reasonable length of time for common misbehavior that doesn't technically break the rules." (Do note this can be infinite): Yes or no.
    4. Keep the Administrator addition…
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  • Blalafoon

    Remember last year around this time? For twelve days I'd put a random message on a random page, and once you collected all twelve you unlocked the Realm of Holly. I have so many memories of people hating that slaughterhouse, and yet they liked that better than GIDWMAT.


    Welp, yall gave me the moments you liked best (and the ones you didn't like aswell), so now it's time to choose the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. Click this linkto be taken to the voting page, and pick the nomination that best fits each category! Voting will end on Christmas Eve and results will be shown the following day.

    Happy voting!

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 22:07, December 12, 2014 (UTC)

    Also, sorry this wasn't up yesterday, I was starting to …

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