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Character Creation and Roleplaying

The above link will guide you through the process of creating your character.  You may also want to look through the following sections for more specific information:

  • System Guidelines: This page covers all system-related information, like how to battle, or transformations.
  • Leveling Up: This page covers all information regarding XP and leveling up, including XP Goals.
  • Signature Guidelines: This page covers all information regarding signature creation.
  • Saga Guidelines: This page includes information on how to create and run a saga.


  • The Shop contains all manners of item that may be purchased with zeni, including items that permanently boost your stats.  You may also purchase Ki and Magic attacks, provided you complete training for them and have the appropriate level. You can also buy other weapons such as guns, swords or combat gloves.


Further information and frequently asked questions are contained below. 

  • Site Rules
  • To train while your character is alive, visit any of the Earth Training Grounds and enter your characters' name in a training slot. If your character is dead you can visit one of the Other World Training Grounds and enter your character's name in the training slot.
  • To earn zeni, you must complete missions from the Mission Board and receive payment in zeni upon completion. Alternatively, you gain zeni upon leveling up. If all else fails, you can always contact an administrator!
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