Sacred Land of Korin also called Karin Forest. It is a village located at the base of Korin Tower. It is where Bora and Upa lived. Also being the battle site for where Super Buu battled Gotenks and Ultimate Gohan. You may RP and battle here.  If you want to battle, enter your name in one of the battle slots below and announce you want to battle in the comments, or on a users' message wall. Add more slots if necessary.
  • Gwyniviere
  • Kenzin

Fight to 1 HP!!!

Alyra Noveria

  • Health: 45,490/50,000
  • A.T. Field: 12,500/12,500
  • Strength: 210
  • Speed: 210
  • Damage Resistance: 20%
  • Stamina: 212.5/1,000
  • Equipment: Sword
  • Effects: Energy Restoration, Supernatural Power
  • Signatures: A.T. Field


  • Health: 1/50,000
  • Strength: 210 (262.5)
  • Speed: 210 (262.5)
  • Stamina: 700/1000
  • Equipment: Bow and Arrow (Machine Gun)
  • Effects: Zenkai, Materilization
  • Signature State: Unlimited Blade Works

Go for Broke!

  • "Hmph, another one..." Mazaki says firing off a wave of 5 arrows at Alyra. (3 hit) 3,780 damage.
  • Alyra seems...amused, tilting her head and allowing most of the arrows to slam into an octagonal, orange barrier. [A.T. Field Active]
  • "This is, interesting." Mazaki says taking aim, and firing off 5 more arrows before starting his chant. (2 hit) (2,016)
    • I am the bone of my sword
    • Steel is my body and fire is my blood
    • I have created over a thousand blades
  • "Really, now? Then I'll break each and every one of them." Alyra said, almost lazily firing a bright, glowing beam of light which seemed to explode into an almost cross-shaped blast. [Ego Inversion, T5A] (Hit) 20,475 damage. The octagonal barrier, which blocked the arrows, seems to restore itself...
  • Mazaki stands up, before dashing at Alyra.
    • Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
    • Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    • Yet, those hands will never hold anything
    • So as I pray, unlimited blade works.

As soon as Unlimited Blade Works was activated Mazaki shot Alyra with 5 arrows (machine gun) (all hit, 6,300 damage)

  • "Hmph." Alyra's response was lightning-fast, as she simply flared the A.T. Field once more, firing off a second blast. [T5A] (hit) 25,200 damage.
  • Mazaki says nothing as blades impale Alyra from the ground before exploding (3 Tier 1 ki attacks) (3 hit) and he fires off another wave of 5 Arrows (machine gun). (3 hit) 13,230 damage.
  • The last few arrows seem to shatter the field completely, though without warning they suddenly flew towards Mazaki, intent on impaling him as well. [5 T1A attacks] [2 hit] Damage reduced to 4,324.
  • Battle over. Mazaki earns 10,773 EXP, Alyra earns 25,000 EXP.