Rocky plains

These are the rocky plains, this is where Goku fought Vegeta. Also known as the Gizard Wasteland. And this location is a battle ground.  If you want to battle, enter your name in one of the battle slots below and announce you want to battle in the comments, or on a users' message wall. Add more slots if necessary.

  • Alyra Noveria
  • Diventh


Alyra Noveria

  • Health: 150,000/150,000
  • Speed: 400
  • Strength: 400
  • Stamina: 1,000/1,000
  • Damage Resistance: 0%
  • Equipment: Sword
  • Effects: Energy Restoration, Supernatural Power [Inactive]
  • Signatures: A.T. Field [Inactive]


  • Health: 130,000/130,000(149,500/149,500)
  • Barriers: 0
  • Speed: 360
  • Strength: 360
  • Stamina: 750/1,000
  • Damage Resistance: 10%
  • Equipment: Sword, Weighted Combat Clothes(1.15x Damage, 1.15x Health)
  • Effects: Savage roar, Ancient martial arts, +60% Kinetic Damage, 10% Resistance.
  • Signatures: Call of the negative energy

Fite skrub!

  • Battle Conditions: HP-to-1
  • Turn Order:
  • Diventh was still wary of what happened at Satan City, not able to forgive himself for what happened. For how many time am I going to stay weak?! It's been millenia already, and I still haven't progressed one bit. While he was sulking, a surprise attack came in, blasting the area around him. He notices Alyra standing there. "Oh, you want some of this? You picked the wrong moment to piss me off!!!" Diventh uses his signature, and sends two Roars of the Shadow Dragons.