This is a guide on what to do when leveling up your character.

XP Points and Leveling Up

XP points are short for experience points, and you earn them regularly. These points are what levels your character up and makes them stronger. One of the most popular ways of earning these points are by training, and you train by putting your characters name in any training slot on this wiki (Except Living or Other World slots, depending if you're dead or alive). If a training location has no available slots, as other users have taken them, feel free to add more. If a location does not have training slots, do not add more slots.

Training gives you 10 XP per minute of training. Collect this XP when you are done.

Training will also unlock various skills for your character. Notably, it will unlock various Ki Attacks that you can use.

You can also earn XP points for various other things. Whenever you fight another character, you gain XP Points equal to half the damage you dealt in that combat. For team battles, you only gain XP Points equal to half the damage you dealt over the course of the battle to the enemy team.

Whenever you reach a certain amount of XP points, you will level up. Several of your stats will increase. For a list of how much XP it takes to get to a new level, please see this link. Note that XP is cumulative, so you keep what you already have, as shown on the XP Point Goals page.

  • Levels 1-5: +25 Speed and Strength, +10,000 Health, and Z 1,000.
  • Levels 6-25: +40 Speed and Strength, +20,000 Health, and Z 2,000.
  • Levels 26-100: Work In Progress

XP Cap: You cannot gain more than 2,450,000 XP until the second saga is completed

XP Point Goals

This section contains the experience goals you need to reach before you can obtain the next level. Note that defeating a character of the same level as your character will generally give you enough XP to level up.

Experience is cumulative - it is not lost upon leveling up. In other words, a "level" is a specific range of XP (ie. Level 2 is when you have between 1,250 and 3,500 XP).

  1. 0/5,000
  2. 5,000/15,000
  3. 15,000/30,000
  4. 30,000/50,000
  5. 50,000/75,000
  6. 75,000/110,000
  7. 110,000/155,000
  8. 155,000/210,000
  9. 210,000/275,000
  10. 275,000/350,000
  11. 350,000/435,000
  12. 435,000/530,000
  13. 530,000/635,000
  14. 635,000/750,000
  15. 750,000/875,000
  16. 875,000/1,010,000
  17. 1,010,000/1,155,000
  18. 1,155,000/1,310,000
  19. 1,310,000/1,475,000
  20. 1,475,000/1,650,000
  21. 1,650,000/1,835,000
  22. 1,835,000/2,030,000
  23. 2,030,000/2,235,000
  24. 2,235,000/2,450,000
  25. 2,450,000/2,675,000 You cannot gain more than 2,450,000XP until the first saga is completed.