Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a room the size of Earth located on Kami's Lookout. It has has very extreme temperatures, ranging from above 100 degrees to below 0, and the temperature changes quickly. The air is twice as thin making it harder to breath and as soon as you step onto the ground out of the room the gravity instantly changes to 10x that of earth's.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber has some unique rules:

  • Every minute of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber counts as 24 minutes. This counts towards both EXP earned and time spent training.
  • You may only stay in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a maximum of 60 consecutive minutes, or 1 hour.
  • You may not enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber twice in one day. This "refreshes" every day at 00:00 UTC, and does not invalidate any current session.
    • As such, if you begin training at 23:00 UTC, and train until or past 00:00 UTC, you may immediately re-enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. However, you must indicate this after your current hour of training is complete.
  • If your session is rendered void for any reason, it does not count towards the once-a-day limit. However, if your session is less than 1 hour, you may not re-enter as per the above rules.

There are a maximum of four slots in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, unlike other Training Grounds.

  • Hyperbolic Slot 1
  • Hyperbolic Slot 2
  • Hyperbolic Slot 3
  • Hyperbolic Slot 4