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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing Wiki, <insert name here>! Here, you can create your own Dragon Ball character to train, fight, and roleplay with. Please, follow the Site Rules and have fun!

Don't forget to read the Character Creation and Roleplaying page. You may start roleplaying once you have read and followed the directions on these pages.

Do you see a Location that needs to be here? Go ahead and make it! <createbox> width=24 break=no buttonlabel=Create New Location </createbox> Please follow the regulations, found here, and add the proper categories at the end of the page!


A list of many useful links can be found here.

The navigation bar at the top also has useful links to Earth and Otherworld locations, shops, and information about the system.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask an administrator!

Wiki News

Recent news and changes to the wiki can be found here.

  • Gogeta Jr has been demoted for inactivity.
  • Full wiki reset!
Staff Nominations

There may be a number of staff positions available for users. Rather than apply, users will nominate one another for the position. Please refer to Alyra Noveria's blog post on the subject, found here.

Character, Location, and Signature Moderator positions are currently available. Further information may be found in the blog post.

Also, we are always looking for more people to serve as Battle Helpers! Feel free to spend time learning the system. Just check the Guidelines pages, accessible via the navibar.

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Administrators and Helpers
These users are currently staff at Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Wiki:

Bureaucrats: These users run the wiki in its' entirety. They can perform all actions as the users beneath them can.

Administrators: These users assist the Bureaucrats with running the wiki. They can perform all actions as the users beneath them can.

Chat Moderators: These users moderate and enforce rules on chat.

Character and Location Moderators: These users have the authority to review and approve characters and locations.

Battle Helpers: These users have the authority and knowledge to calculate battles. All other Moderators have this authority and, as such, are not listed here.

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