This page is for the player cards of Children. However, children are different than normal characters.

  • You can only have one child character at a time.
  • A child character is controlled by the users of both parents.
  • If you are a Namekian or Majin (Full-breed), you reproduce asexually. Create a new Namekian or Majin (Full-breed), as appropriate and as normal. It is placed under your exclusive control.
  • If fighting on the same team as a family member, and the family member is killed, the remaining family members gain x3 Speed and Strength until the end of their next turn. This applies to the entire family from this point on.
  • Once a child character reaches level 18, they essentially become a second character. They are placed under direct control of one of the parent users, and no longer count as a child character. However, they still count for the stat increases if a family member on the same team is killed.