Every time a decision is made, time itself splits, creating numerous parallel worlds, parallel universes. Every possibility exists as a separate reality, and all are linked within the Web of Time.

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The Red King

Moeru, after apparently missing Harmony, found himself...elsewhere. The room he found himself in was, save for the light of a few panels, completely dark and abandoned-no, there were people. A man in a suit, and a woman in a labcoat. Moeru tried to call out to them, but found his voice die in the water. He was, after all, sealed in a cylyndrical tube of some sort. The liquid within seemed to block out all sound.

The area appeared static, and unchanging. The man and woman didn't seem to move in the slightest, after a brief observation. 

Where the hell am I... Moeru thought, looking around in confusion. Ugh, this is one of those 'time traveler' things, isn't it...oh great.

After a few more seconds, a brilliant "wall" of light emerged from one wall, moved across the room - extending from one wall to the other, and from the floor to the ceiling, but being almost imperceptibly thick - sweeping across the entirety of the room, only to disappear into the other wall. As it passed, the scene seemed to no longer be "paused" - now starting to play out, but at a fraction of the normal rate.

The individuals before him began to speak, Although Moeru still couldn't make out their words. The woman handed her board to the man beside her, and while most of the writing was too small to read, he could make out his own name in bold at the top. this...? Why am I back in the facility?  Moeru thought, his normal laid back expression replaced with one of fear. It was as if being here reverted him to the person he was 3 years ago; Uncertain, reserved...weak.

The wall of light returned, this time moving orthagonally to where it moved previously - and the scene once again sped up, though it wasn't quite at full speed yet. Moeru noticed it had flashed brighter when it passed over him.

What is that... He thought as he pressed a hand against the glass holding him. At his touch, the glass casing of the tube cracked. Noticing this, Moeru pressed harder against it, causing it to shatter after some time. He fell out of the tube, landing on the cold floor....or what he assummed to be cold, as he couldn't quite feel anything.

The water, curiously enough, appeared to stay in the tube despite the glass shattering. The room seemed darker than Moeru remembered, save the area immediately around him.

Moeru stood, unnerved by the increased darkness, but began to walk forward regardless. he wanted to avoid the people standing before him at all costs, and therefore stayed close to the wall his pod was connected to, along with a number of others that had already been emptied.

The light wall returned - two of them, moving across the room. When they hit Moeru, they stopped, centering on him briefly before shining slightly brighter - and then vanishing. The people in the room seemed...different, a slight flicker present as if they were partially not there.

"I-I can't stay here anymore. Get me out of here!" He yelled to no one in particular.

The walls of light flickered back into existence, this time spinning around Moeru - the figures were gone now, and there seemed to be a rumbling, or shaking. The walls and ceiling began to crack.

Moeru had no idea what was going on,or more importantly what the lights encircling him were, but he wasn't in a state where he could think about such things currently. He simply ran at one of the walls, his strength causing it to give way on contact.

The walls finally vanished, and when Moeru burst through the wall, the room behind him was crushed by what he saw before him - a gargantuan, vaguely humanoid shape - headless, with a curious red and blue mask in its' chest, shaped like a yin-yang symbol.

Moeru was only able to utter a "What t-" before crashing through a nearby building. He hit the ground hard, slightly dazed, and heavy, slightly panicked breathing. However, his fear subsided as he was out of the building. "Damn it...what the hell was going on back there...c'mon kid, this isn't like you." he said quietly to himself.

The battlefield was fairly featureless now that the building was destroyed, it seemed to be shrouded by a gray fog and a thin layer of water covered the apparently metallic ground. The creature turned to face Moeru, and slowly began moving towards him.

"Alright, what's up with this guy? By now, I should have learned not to ask questions. Really, things go so much better for me when I just go with the flow..." Moeru said, enveloping his fists in a light red flame. "I'm giving you one chance to prove you're not hostile! I suggest you take it!" he yelled to the being, taking up a combat stance after clearing some of the distance between them.

The creature took that chance to prove that it was, in fact, hostile, and started running towards Moeru, intent on crushing him again.

"Fine then. Your funeral!" He said, leaping into the air. He extended his left arm, in which appeared a glowing red blade; Clarent. He then flew down onto the giant, his sword aimed right for the monster's mask. He hoped to end the fight quickly, as he was not in the best place, mentally.

The monster was, to be blunt, cut in half. Nothing seemed to happen for a moment, when both halves shifted, altering themselves into separate, humanoid forms.

Moeru found himself embedded headfirst, up to his waist, in the ground, two seconds later.

"mshdhsbhdjd!" He yelled from beneath the ground, before a large explosion of energy erupted from the ground, blasting him into the air. Said energy had come from Clarent, the sword now flying up to meet his master's hand. "Wherever this is, I'm glad your here with me, Clare. Now howse about we trash a couple giant monsters the old fashioned way?" As he finished speaking, his sword took the shape of a crimson ethereal orb, which Moeru pressed to his chest as he shouted, "Truly, this body is born of infinite swords!" He was then enveloped in the light of the orb, as his shape began to change...

Moeru's shadow began to cast itself on the ground as he began to fall. However, it was far larger than it should have been. In his normal form, that is. Upon looking up, the two creatures found a red being as large as them falling from the sky. It was a mix of both organic and mechanical parts, and was armored over nearly its entire body. It hit the ground feet first, before standing to its full height. It gave a quiet growl before speaking. " things are fair for you." The creature said in Moeru's voice, before charging forward.

The creatures split up, circling around the thing that Moeru had become, before attacking in tandem - perfectly synchronized movements, each striking at a side.

Moeru stood perfectly still until the creatures got close enough to reach, at which point he blocked both their strikes, exemplifying the retention of his saiyan instincts. with both beings caught in his grip, Moeru swung the creature on his left into his partner, before delivering a powerful sweeping kick to both of them. 

The creature on the left held on tight to Moeru's arm, swinging up to kick him in the face and simultaneously avoiding hitting its' partner. The other one twisted around, delivering an equally-powerful kick to Moeru when he was off-balance from his own attack.

Moeru's body was bent at an awkward angle by the combined attack, his head outstretched at an angle opposite the direction his body was pushed. However, the creatures' attacks did little more than anger him, and he proceeded to express that anger as he was knocked over by dragging the one who kicked his face down with him, smashing its head, or biological equivalent, into the ground. He then recovered from the fall with a flip. "You need to try a bit harder than that if you intend to beat us." He said.

The two creatures regrouped, and leaped into the air, intending to simply land on top of Moeru.

Moeru responds by leaping towards one of the creatures, in turn. Kicking off of the other, he tackled the giant, before attempting to cut through its torso with his hand.

The creature was cut - but when both landed, they briefly merged into the original entity before splitting again, fully healed.

"You're trying to get me to go all out on you freaks? Like hell I'd waste power on you!" Moeru yelled, as he utilized a full power Kaio Ken. In a flash of red, he charged into one of the creatures again, hitting it with a flurry of punches at a speed that would normally be impossible for a being his size. As he attacked, Moeru noticed his strikes were being blocked by a barrier surrounding the creature. "Oh, so that's your secret..." He said, kicking the giant creature away before taking a few steps back. He made sure both of his enemies, or both halves of the same single threat, were in front of him. "I guess I know how do deal with you both..." Moeru finished, his fists glowing in strange blue and red flames, as he deactivated kaio Ken.

Both of them regenerated from any damage once more, and they spun away from each other, now charging at Moeru from the sides.

Once again, Moeru waited for the creatures to get close, before releasing the blue flames in their direction, causing them to slow to a crawl, at which point Moeru fired two spears of the red flame at both of them. Raging spirals of energy swirled out of them as the flame destroyed their barrier and blew the majority of their bodies into ash. "Checkmate." Moeru said, watching as what remained crashed to the ground.

The two cores of the creatures rose up, cracked and broken, and fused back into one - which remained cracked, a spherical portal visible inside of it.

"I guess that's my ticket out of here." Moeru said, forcing open the creatures mouth with his bare hands. "Put this thing back in storage for me, will ya, Clare?" Moeru said, before leaping into the portal.

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The Seeker of Paradoxes

"Starr...awaken..." The voice of Xy'rios echoed in Starr's mind as he woke up, and found himself elsewhere. He appeared to be standing on a featureless, white plain - the area above him being black.

Starr looks around, calmly."Xy'rios, are we where I think we are?" He asks, looking above, and below him.

"The Web of Time, yes." Xy'rios replied. "This place is you, or more specifically, your end. Below you is your time, above nothing."

"Hmmm...What exactly are we doing here?" Starr asks, stepping forward a bit.

"I myself do not know...but as what lies beneath you is you, I suspect that you would be capable of controlling it..." Xy'rios replied.

Starr thinks."Well, if this truly is the Web of Time, you know who must be here...." He says, inspecting everything once more.

"There are many who lurk within the Web. Servants like myself, and our creator..." The place remained static, and unchanging. "This place will only change if you make a choice."

"Hmm...So I probably shouldn't help past Alyra again hmm? Time could collapse on itself, like Sonata said."

"It already is collapsing. It has been since the Seeker left the Web, all those years ago." The featureless plain suddenly changed - in front of Starr, a massive pit had appeared, containing only the darkness Starr saw above. "A wound in Time, created when you traveled to the past..."

"Hmm.. I see. Then what is this I hear about the fluctuation at the Black Rose Crater?" He asks.

"These wounds can be brought into reality by a Servant of doubt one of them is present at the Crater." Xy'rios replied. "The result would be...cataclysmic."

"Hmm. Do you have any clue as to which Servant it is?" He begins to pace.

"An impossible task...the Servants are infinite in number..." Xy'rios replied, "The Watcher does have preferences, however..."

"Noted. Well, what shall we do now? Is there anything here for me to learn?" He asks.

"I am uncertain. Perhaps if you altered this place, the reason for your presence here would become more clear..." Xy'rios responded, "The Watcher's perception does not appear to be present here...we have not been discovered, but if we remain here, our discovery is inevitable."

"Should we leave?" Starr asks, trying to alter the place.

"I am...uncertain. The Watcher's goals are unknown to even I. If you wish to leave, then make a decision to do so. The decision itself may show you the way." Xy'rios said, "As for altering this place, it changes based on your actions, not your willpower. Make a choice, and this place shall change."

"Hmm...." Starr's eyes widened."I want this place to become my home in my original timeline. The one before the carnage, with my brother, my sister, my mother, and father. Where we were happy together..." His eyes were about to swell with tears.

The entire area began rippling and changing, shapes beginning to form. All throughout this, the "sky" remained a uniform black. "Your desires are changing this place to a memory. Above you is simple nothingness, but I sense...power. Be warned, Starr, the Watcher's gaze is drawing near."

Starr begins to cry, as he sees he beautiful and pristine Noverian Estate."Xy'rios...Try to hold back Ty'nyx's gaze...I need this..." Smoke figures go around Starr as his family appears.

His father from his timeline puts his hand on Starr's shoulder."You're doing great son. I couldn't be prouder."

Hope appears."I'll never leave your side Starr, we are a family"

Silver appears next to Hope."We will do our best, but we can't do this without you bro."

Starr's tears don't subside, and he then sees his Mother, Alyra.

Ramiel by xous54-d3llqfj

Alyra took on her past forms, not her current one - the one with the eyepatch and heterochromia. She was facing away from Starr, and began to turn aroun

Super Saiyan Starr

Starr Abraxis, a Super Saiyan

d, when suddenly everything started fading. "I have done what I can..." Xy'rios said. All the individuals nearby - Aaron, Hope, Silver, and Alyra - vanished, the scenery becoming muted and gray - save for the sky, which remained as vibrant as ever. "The Watcher has found you." Above Starr, a strange construction - octahedral in nature, the surfaces akin to mirrors, and tinted a deep blue, could be seen, apparently unmoving in the sky.

Starr's eyes would widen, and his rage would return, as his family would fade."Thank....Thank you Xy'rios..." Starr's hair stands up, and becomes golden, as he becomes Super Saiyan ."Hope..Silver...Aaron...Alyra...I'm not leaving without my peace...In my heart." he begins to fly up, seeking to enter the octahedral, his tears flowing from his green eyes, fueled by love."I'm not leaving...Without my family!" He would yell, his eyes still streaming.

What appeared to be energy started collecting on the edges of the construction, specks of white light that began emerging from within it - moving along the edges, collecting at the closest point to Starr - before a brilliant, white beam shot out without warning, striking him directly in the chest, burning through his heart, and out the other side.

The hold would immediately start pouring blood, as Starr began to fall. Starr's hair was beginning to become black again, as his aura began dying out, and his eyes would starting to close."Xy'rios...It's time...To tap into...THE SILENCE!" He would scream, 4 tentacles shooting out of his back, and his hair becoming golden once more, burning harder than before."I already told you....I'm not leaving....Without my..." He would concentrated his temporal energy into one point, ie, his fist, and punching forward, launching him upward."FAMILY!"

As he began approaching the construction again, he passed the same point he did when it began responding and powering its' attack - and indeed, it repeated the action, preparing to fire the "beam" once more.

Starr would watch at the beam would come, and he would swoop out of the way"Xy'rios! We need speed!" He would yell. The light tentacles, would then merge together, become two beautiful angel wings made of light. Starr would stop breifly, and almost instantly, the wings would catch a big wave of air, and push down forcefully, sending Starr at the construction almost as fast as the speed of light.

Starr's sheer speed allowed him to dodge the oncoming beam - but a moment before he hit the construction, he slammed into a barrier - octagonal rings of orange light emanating out from the point he struck. The construction became active once again, this time arcs of electricity traveling down the edges.

Starr had slammed into the barrier with his feet, in which he somewhat squatted down onto the barrier, backflipping along it, gaining speed and momentum with his fist. He would watch the electricity."NOW XY'RIOS" The wings faded, and the light escaped down to his hand, which was fueled by Silent Power. Slamming his fist onto the barrier, it would shatter, and the Starr's wings would come back, sending him closer to the construction.

The lightning suddenly arced off of the construction, and direclty onto Starr - even his near-light-speed could not stop the literal-light-speed lightning striking him now. Xy'rios's power protected him from the worst of it, however, and he was merely let off with "horrific burns" for now - though there was no physical force, so Starr could continue if he so desired.

"Ecch." Starr moans out, as he holds his arm in pain, still flying."Xy'rios, I want you to get out of here. I need to try something." Starr summons a Chroniton Bow."Put all of the Silenced Power you can into this arrow, and I want you to escape with my secondary arrow. Once I shoot the first once, I'll shoot the second one, so you can find someone else to latch onto, and live your life. Do you understand me? I know I said I would use your power, and we would help each other, but I'm trying to help you!" He says, loading an arrow."It's funny....I almost died, trying to kill you...Now I'm going to die, trying to protect you..." Starr looks up, dodging electricity."Thank you, for helping me Xy'rios...If we make it out of here alive...We can stay together, my friend..."

"Death has no claim to me, Starr." Xy'rios replied, gathering up its' power and forcing it into the arrow, "Do not be so foolish as to presume otherwise." The assault from the construction continued, further wounding Starr.

"Oh." Starr is hit another time."Ecch!" He growls."Let's just end this!" He puts all of his power into the arrow as well."Firing now!" He releases the temporal thread, and the cyan glowing arrow spirals.

The arrow pierced the construction, going clean through the other side - and as the electricity died down, the construction fell out of the sky. Colour returned to the landscape moments before the construction crashed - although it could hardly be called a construction now, for there seemed to be blood leaking out from the entry and exit wound. Within it, however, a red sphere could be seen - cracked in two, the center appeared to be a curious distortion of space - a spherical portal, perhaps.

Starr hops down to the floor, a small pulse of white light streaming out. It was probably the Silent Energy somewhat pulsating from him. This pulse didn't stop, as a new ripped was made with each step."Xy'rios, thank you for being my friend, if I even am that to you." The bow fades in a flutter of pixels, and he steps up to the portal.

The portal required flight to access - it wasn't exactly on the ground, and the area within it was decidedly different - it looked like a vast web of black material within a white void. When Starr would step through it, he would find himself elsewhere [Change Section to Near the Center]

The bearer of the Potentia core

Bastion wakes up groggy, he is surrounded by wasteland it all looks familiar too him. Upon turning around he sees what looks to be something containing a powerful energy he cant make out. This was the point his life changed and he was somehow stood witnessing it again but nothing seemed to move even he himself had trouble "what is this place? whats going on?"

The sound of his voice appeared to be muted, with no discernable reason for doing so - perhaps the air itself was static as well?

For a few minutes Bastion tries to remain calm and rational but that soon faulters as the naturally panic of not being able to move and speak sets in his mind racing "why am i here? whats going on where is here? ok calm down Bastion just calm down. This seems to be the explosion that claimed my limbs but why isnt anything moving an why cant i move"

There was a 'pulse' of energy, a ripple in space that cut across the entire scene - seemingly being emitted by Bastion - after a moment, he realized that not only could he move again, but that the source of the ripple - which appeared to have caused the scene to jump ahead about half a second - seemed to be his silenced power.

From the skip that shine has started to create an explosion but its only its starting phase "huh i can move, but that wasn't me who did that" he thinks then it clicks "wait that fragment of power left in the aftermath of the shifters demise" he seems to be talking to nothing "i never learnt your name only your title as the silent shifter but if this was your doing then i guess i am thankfull" he tries testing how far he can move within the space

It seems that Bastion could move as far as he wished. After a moment, he came across writing in the ground - it appeared as if it were always there, but blatantly wasn't - it read "Xy'rios."

"Xy'rios? well thank you Xy'rios what is this place? I mean it is clearly a memory but it is more than that and also why am i here?" he notices things seems to be moving only extremely slowly "wait if this is the blast what happens if im not around to be hit?"

The writing shifted, forming more words. It read "The Web of Time." on the first line, and the following lines read as such: "Unknown." and "You attract the attention of the Watcher." 
-LadyRiven- Neon-Genesis-Evangelion Kaworu 5x4

"wait the web of time? damn it how did i get here i was told it should be impossible for me to do so.... but then again" he looks at the explosion site and where he knows he should be stood "so if i walked away from this i may never have got the potentia core? I could be free of my fear? But then i would never have met my friends i would never have had my family." his face drops a little "but then Azmo would still be alive but i would never be able to face her like this" he grabs his head "damn it damn it damn it i dnot want to attract the attention of the watcher" he seems lost in thought as the explosion slowly spreads after a minute he seems to have made a decision he stands in the point he would have been in "no if i turn away here then everything i have done will be meaningless" he looks into the source of the explosion "no it cant be?"

Out of the explosion, a figure stepped out - decidedly not a part of the scene. Curiously enough, after the explosion it had shifted to night. The figure spoke, "Bastion, correct? I've been waiting to meet you for quite some time." A slight distortion in space occured in the explosion - a message, it seems. It read 'Beware.'

Bastion walks towards him even though he shows no visable defence he seems to be prepared for an attack "hmm it's not normal that a mysterious figure in my memory wishes to meet me or knows my name, you obviously wont be anything normal so who are you?"

"I've never had a name, but I suppose you could call me..." He paused to consider, "...Tabris. As for your unspoken question as to what I am, I'm not too different from Xy'rios. I'd say he predates me, but the flow of time is confusing here, at best, even for us."

"hmm, perceptive or maybe its just blatantly obvious given the scenario. So i guess you as well are a servant of silence" he gets into his battle stance not drawing his weapon yet "i don't suppose i would be asking too much to hope that i could just proceed on to the heart of all this without a conflict" he smirks a little knowing what he asked was silly but thought why the hell not.

"Perhaps you will pass without a battle. While conflicts seem to be inevitable in many lives, there are many opportunities wasted to stop them. I suppose the Shifter has told you where you are, already?" Tabris asked.

"yeah the web of time i would assume im at a nexus point of my existance, i know where i am i do not know why care to elaborate? Hell i know that the source of this will be near the center of the web i recall it being told to me, so if i could be given passage their i would appreciate it as i would rather not fight in a distortion of my own time"

"We need not fight at all." Tabris replied, "This place works on choice. Choice is what causes the Web to split, what creates a new timeline." He continued, "I was created, perhaps accidentally, with the power of choice. The Silent Ones gave the Echoes it, but for what reason, I cannot say. I could choose to simply let you pass, or force you to fight. I'd ask you to make the choice, but you already have, it seems."

He speaks with conviction "I choose my friends and i choose my life, but i also choose to stand against the silence i wont be the only one dragged here it would never be a singular assualt if i dont make it there then how could i face them" the next bit seems to be directed at Xy'rios "do you beleive you would be able to guide me through the web or is that something even you servants have difficulty with?"

"We were created by the Watcher to stop any intrusions, and any we could not stop would be sent to the center of the Web for the Watcher to deal with personally. I do not wish to fight you. Instead, I choose to let you pass. No doubt the Watcher will erase me after this, but I believe that you Echoes, with your power of choice, deserve life, a view the Watcher does not share." With that, a portal opened beside Tabris. "Go, now. The Watcher awaits."

"Thank you Tabris, i wish we could have met under better circumstances, but there are no middle grounds here and i have a daughter waiting for me at home" he walks towards portal "i know the weight your choice carries i will be sure never to forget that" he gives Tabris a small gesture of goodbye as he steps through the portal.

"Goodbye, Bastion." Tabris said, smiling as he started to disintegrate. [Change Sections to Near the Center]

Where am i?

Exsu wakes up in what appears to be a long, neverending white flatland with no ending in sight, she eventually stands up and says "W-where am i?"

"Within yourself." A voice answered - sounding identically to Exsu's. It seemed to come from all around her.

"If this is myself then how come i don't know what i'll say to myself?" Exsu asked herself.

"We rarely know others. We rarely know ourselves." Exsu's voice replied.

"...Huh?" Exsu simply responded.

"How well do you think you know yourself?" The voice asked.

"Well enough to know that i should be able to control what you say..." Exsu responds.

"Then why can't you?" The voice responded. "I am you, and you are me, yet neither can control the other."

"Stop screwing with me." Exsu responds.

"Do you believe you truly have the freedom to choose your own actions?" The voice asked. "After all, you cannot choose to silence me."

"My system tells me that i choose my own actions. The only thing that means is that you aren't me, you're lying." Exsu says.

"I am you. Another possibility, nothing more. One who fell into this place long ago." The voice responded. "Everything around you is you, as well. Your timeline."

"How did i get here to begin with?" Exsu says, starting to ignore the voice.

"I fell through a hole in time, as did you. I was here longer than you, but we entered it at the same time." The voice nonetheless responded, "I couldn't find a way out."

"That means i'm stuck." Exsu says, and then begins walking off in a random direction. It was unknown if she was hiding some of her emotion or not, because well, if she was stuck there forever she wouldn't be able to see Moeru or Elphelt again, which was depressive to say the least.


It didn't seem to take long - but perhaps it could an eternity, as it was impossible to tell the passage of time in such a place - before Exsu came across what appeared to be a large pit in the ground, perfectly circular and roughly twenty meters across - within it was only the darkness above. "Like I said, a hole in time." The voice replied, "There are other versions of us here, too. I cannot tell how many..."

"I'm not going in there." Exsu said, she felt a strange feeling that something dangerous would happen if she jumped into the pit.

"Probably for the best." The voices - there were three, now - replied in unison. Exsu noticed a faint glow coming from above her - looking up, she saw a bizarre creation, seemingly made of light.

Exsu suddenly creates a nice little ball of pixelated fire in her hand as she begins to power up a little spell if the thing somehow attack her.

The strange helix slowly began to compress, starting to become a continuous circle - when the process completed, it split, becoming a long tendril of light - which shot towards Exsu at a frightening rate.

Exsu put the spell up and created a barrier made of the pixelated fire, she seemed quite confident that it would block the attack.

A shrieking sound was heard when the tendril struck the barrier - but it continued, without slowing down in the slightest, passing right through the barrier as if it weren't there. It was about to hit Exsu.

Exsu immediately jumps right out of the way of the tendril and then proceeds to quickly give herself a distance of one or two kilometers from the tendrils.

The tendril wrapped around, re-adjusting its' aim once more, crossing the distance within seconds.

Exsu continued to make several leaps that would allow her to cross several kilometers within seconds, although she was still slower then the tendril.

It didn't take long for the tendril to catch up - merely moments away from coming into contact with Exsu. It seemed to be smaller than it appeared to be earlier - extremely long, yes, but only half a foot across.

Exsu suddenly disappeared and reappeared a looooooong distance away from the tendril, roughly 100,000km away.

The tendril quickly adjusted, and sped up - now moving a significant fraction of the speed of light. Exsu noticed that the ground around here was filled with strange holes of various sizes - pits similar to the one she encountered earlier.

Exsu took a brief analyzation of her area and then simply decided to stay in place, creating a slight glow around her as she suddenly teleported a few hundred thousand light years away from her current position.

Two things were immediately different - one, Exsu was now in what appeared to be an endless black void. Two, she was at the center of the circular helix - the one that became the tendril. It started becoming a continuous circle once more. Exsu could hear a voice - it sounded familiar, but beyond that she could not identify it. "Why do you run?" It asked.

"To escape danger." Exsu responds followed by saying "Compressing mana reserves, booting up specialized combat system." in a very systematic voice.

"Why do you believe you are in danger?" The voice asked - the helix became a continuous circle once more, but did not split and become the tendril. No motion could be seen - but given that it was otherwise a featureless, perfect circle of light, it could simply be spinning rapidly.

Exsu's wings suddenly became clearly visible as then suddenly several pieces of unknown material magicked its way onto Exsu's body, increasing whatever physical prowess she had significantly. 

The ring began contracting, drawing closer and closer to Exsu.

All pieces had now magicked their way onto Exsu followed by the wings moving up to her hair, combining with it and causing her eyes and hair to glow, followed by Exsu then putting both her arms out to the side to suddenly create a field around herself, this field had no known effects as of yet.

The ring was now extremely close to coming into contact with Exsu - probably only a meter away from her body. "Why are you not escaping now, if you believed you were in danger before?" The voice asked.

"ˆ””Œ√‡◊ˆ‡˜ ◊ǢˆÉ«É∆, ◊LJˆ«◊‡ˆ“¯ ∆É∑‡√ÜLJŒ »◊√√ˆÉ√ ◊“∆ √É∫Ü∑ˆ“¯ ∆◊”◊¯É." Exsu suddenly says, how it sounded is up to you, but the field suddenly gain a cyan glow as the armor around Exsu gained a faint blue tint.

Upon contact with the field, the ring apparently ignored it, phasing through it completely as if it weren't there. It was now a moment away from coming into contact with Exsu.

Exsu still didn't do anything tho, she just stood there.

The ring finally made contact, and smaller tendrils seemingly broke off, piercing through and under Exsu's skin - as if the entity was trying to fuse with her. The voice returned, "Would you join with me?" It asked in a hopeful tone.

Exsu's "skin" was actually a lot of metal at the moment because she had literally change her form completely, and once the ring touched her it stopped moving in further for whatever reason, the barrier starting to shake a bit as the area where the ring started to pierce in started glowing a bright blue.

The tendrils had moved in regardless - starting to spread throughout her body from every point of contact.

The field remained and stopped shaking, Exsu still just standing there and taking it. "ɡ∏Éflflˆ“¯ ∫Œ√ÇÉ∑ ˆ“ ¡”¥¢‰¶\{}¡≠"

The tendrils continued spreading - visible even on the outside, now reaching her hands, legs, and neck.

"∏√É∏◊√ˆ“¯ ˆ””Œ√‡◊fl √É∫Œ√” ˆ∫ ˘Œ∑‡ ∆ˆÉ∑” Exsu said followed by simply moving her arms up as the blue aura around her continues to shine even brighter.

Her hands and feet were covered now, and the tendrils were starting to reach towards her head.

"√É∫Œ√”ˆ“ ¯»Œ∆˜„ flÉ◊«ˆ“¯É É”∏‡Ü ∑˘Éflfl" Exsu said, the glow disappearing all the sudden as she allowed the tendril to reach her head.

It did, and the voice asked once more, "Would you join with me?" It repeated, again and again as images began flashing through Exsu's mind - chaotic, half-formed images and memories and dreams.

And then suddenly whatever images the voice had sent to her were no longer being sent to the suit, rather the suit just collapsed and nothing was inside, nor was exsu there anymore, her original form started reforming all the sudden, elsewhere in the giant void.

Immediately, something was wrong - the tendrils were still present within her. The images returned, faster and faster until they were a blur, until Exsu found herself beginning to fade away... A faint little voice could be heard from Exsu before she finally died and that was "I'll miss you..." 

[Exsu has died. She awakens in Other World, as normal.]

The mask in front of the man

Zucana stands in a point frozen in time. He is in super Saiyan 2 form. To his left stands Alyra far behind him in a wall is tacoman. In front of him is a butterfly mask. "What...? How am I here? Wait how am I here? I thought Monarch was in control... Is vegeta back... am I back in time? Why is no one moving?" Zucana looks very perplexed and slightly scared

A Voice comes from the mask it's Monarchs "I have no idea how we're here fool but this appears to be the point in time where I was brought into being. So put on my face fool! You're DEAD remember?! You made that choice! SO PUT ME ON!" HE sounds violent and very angry that he hasn't got control.

The area around Zucana seemed to be filled with...something akin to glass shards, suspended in the air. They were nearly invisible, roughly a foot across, and apparently intangible - it's as if light was behaving incorrectly.

Zucana looks startled and picks up the mask. "What the hell is going on Monarch? Where in Vegetas name are we?" He says he sounds aggravated more than scared "Like hell if I know just put me on so I can take control. I can handle this! You did it before so why not now?! YOU NEED MY POWER TO SURVIVE WHATEVER THIS IS!" Monarch sounds extremely angry "Not yet" Zucana says quite strongly. "I am not giving you back control so soon. At least not until we know what this actually is." Zucana says. "You need me Zucana you can say you don't but then why did you just pick me up?" Monarch says slyly "...Nevermind that lets just see what's going on." Zucana retorts

Monarchs mask shouts at him "Mate nothing is fucking happening just put me on! I CAN GET US OUT OF THIS!" Zucana looks confused. "I don't think I want to anymore... It's been so long..." Monarchs mask laughs "Can you really live with the guilt of being the only surviving member of your race? Do you really think you can bring them back yourself? Do you honestly think you're strong enough to do it without me? I exist because you know you can't. Right?" Zucana looks pretty distraught. "... I... I suppose your right... but you better bring Vegeta back soon... I miss being alive... I miss Toko and I want to see our home planet in all it's glory" Monarch chuckles "I'll do what I can. Vegeta will live once more. I promise." Zucana sheds a tear. "Okay... I suppose I'll see everyone later. I need your strength Monarch this is the only reason why I'm doing this.... Sorry I wasn't strong enough." He puts on the mask and a huge burst of energy occurs as Monarchs wings grow back and his power bursts into Zucanas body "NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!" Monarch shouts. "Now lets see about where we are."

Arael by nikokapo edited

The area seemed to fade to nothingness when Zucana - now Monarch - made his choice. He found himself floating, seemingly in orbit around what appeared to be the Earth. Behind him, the "space" seemed to glow - and when he turned around, he could see what appeared to be an entity or construct made entirely out of light. It was uncertain as to how large or how far away it was. 

Monarch smirks "Well that certainly is impressive. Huh Zuzu? Oh I forgot you're locked away in my subconscious again. Ah well." He grins before shouting at the construct "What exactly is going on here?! What or who are you?! And what do you want with me?!" 

The "center" of the entity seemed to shine noticeably brighter, but beyond that it offered no response to Monarch.

Monarch flies closer to the entity. "OI I ASKED YOU SEVERAL QUESTIONS AND ALL YOU DID WAS TURN YOU HEADLIGHTS ON? You clearly have something to do with my presence here NOW TALK!" He says in an aggressive tone.

The entity responded, a beam of light enveloping Monarch. Almost immediately, he heard what appeared to Almost immediately after that, however, Monarch found the image of the entity replaced by flashes from his memories, forcibly being torn from his mind and displayed - causing, among other things, disorientation and extreme physical pain. There was a flash of a planet - perhaps Vegeta - exploding, curiously enough, alongside an image of Zucana's old family, an image of Toko and Dark Majin, among other things.

These memories being those of Zucanas because as Monarch felt his mind being invade he swapped places with the conciousness of Zucana. As the onslaught and music is still taking place Monarch looks up and smirks. "Good attempt. I mean honestly great try had I not two minds inside this body I would be out for the count. However I do." Meanwhile in Monarchs subconscious Zucana is in extreme amounts of pain as images of his past flash before his eyes. "Glad you were willing to take one for the team buddy... hehehe." He flies towards the being fully powered up firing ki blast after ki blast at the creature intending to damage it.

An octagonal barrier of energy flared into existence in front of the blasts, tanking each and every one without flinching. The light intensified, and the effect on Zucana's mind similarly intensified - the light was nearly blinding now.

Monarch visibly gets frustrated. He can feel a fraction of the pain going to Zucana and see some of the images. "FOR GOD SAKE! WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" He rushes straight at the being constantly firing ki at it until he hits it at which point he forms a field of butterflies around himself and attempts the ram through it with all his might "JUST DIE ALREADY!"

The barrier finally gave in, and Monarch could briefly see what appeared to be a red sphere - which was now cracked. The light flickered, but intensified further - the entity seemed to "shudder," perhaps in pain or panic.

"DID THAT HURT BIG GUY?! GOOD CAUSE I IMAGINE THIS WILL HURT A LOT MORE!" He flies at top speed right into the red sphere while still surrounded by a shield of butterflies being formed by his ki. "I KINDA NEED ZUCANA ALIVE SO YOUR MIND**** ENDS NOW!"

Again, the barrier flared up to resist Monarch, but it seemed to be slowly weakening - as Monarch slowly began to push through it.

Monarch visibly looks angry at this creatures refusal to die and the pain in his head is like a bad migraine now "I WILL NOT GIVE IN JUST DIE YOU STUPID EXCUSE FOR A LIFEFORM!" He continues to push against it "NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU RESIST I WILL WIN!"

The barrier shattered, and Monarch struck the red sphere shattering it as well. As he moved past the entity, he noticed it glowing considerably brighter as the psychic attack faded - before collapsing in on itself in a titanic whirlpool of energy.

When the pain faded, Monarch realized he was absolutely covered in what appeared to be blood.

Monarch looks down at himself "Heh just another friday night Eh? No worse than all that blood I spilt in north city." He grins "You okay back there Zuzu?" He asks to the back of his mind "I... I saw my parents... and my brothers and Vegeta... all of them dead... And toko. I haven't seen him in so long" Monarch smirks "Don't worry about it man you'll be back before you know it just be glad I killed that thing when I did or you'd probably be catatonic for life."

Meanwhile, beneath Monarch, the image of the Earth seemed to disappear - as did the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

Monarch smirks "Finally we're getting somewhere. Lets see what happens here then though I would like a bit of light." He summons a few butterflies to light up the area around him.

Around Monarch, he realized that he seemed to be surrounded by some form of spatial distortion - light being reflected and refracted by something that was not there. Upon closer inspection, he could see images - they seemed to be the same images Monarch and Zucana saw when attacked psychically. As the light continued, Monarch realized he was inside a large, cracked red sphere, probably a hundred meters across.

"Well this is interesting" He smirks "Yet we still have no idea where we are or how we got here." Zucanas voice rings in his head. "Yes I am aware but I got us a hell of a lot further than you did. Also since when can you communicate to me?!" He sounds agitated "God knows but it doesn't really matter. You may of got us further but you almost killed us in the process..." Zucana says in Monarchs head "Yeah whatever at least we aren't dead... I'm gonna try and get us out of here." Monarch moves to one side of the sphere and sends butterflies to the otherside where they land. After a few seconds they all cause small but powerful explosions attempting to smash the sphere.

The cracks widened - a glowing light visible through half of them - the lower half. The others had no such light, merely remaining dark.

After a moment, more cracks formed - and more, and more. The light slowly began rising, filling all the cracks, before it shattered - and Monarch found himself...elsewhere. [Switch Sections to "Near the Center"]

Dance with the Devil in the Moonlight young Toko

A boy stands staring down a long dark corridor, the small boy is Toko he is about six he looks at his hands, Toko is in his mind but he is not in control of his young body, it's like he is reliving old events Why am I here? This is back before I traveled back in time to where I am now? The boy looks down the corridor, its incredibly dark and in the deepest shadows Demons lurking. Classic looking skinny nasty looking creatures hanging around. They stare at the boy throwing objects at him and calling him a freak. Toko recognizes most of these residents, they all abused him.

Toko looks nothing like them, small, significantly beaten, normal human flesh, floppy read hair and a slight bump where a horn look to be growing, he stands scared and upset, his tail is holding a sword one later recognized as Shibo Tenshi, it is heavy and as he walks the tail drags it along the ground. (Drawing coming tomorrow)

Toko recognizes the corridor he is in the abandoned space station from his childhood at the end of this corridor is door leading to one of the observation decks, moonlight spills in from the huge moon the station circles. The young him, teary and scared begins walking down the corridor, determination in his eyes.

Please don't make me follow this path I want to wake up now

The moment Toko thought that, the area transformed - the walls changed to a pristine white, the corridor seemed to extend forever into infinity, and the windows showed only utter darkness. In the darkness, however, something seemed to be visible - a flat, gray landscape, contrasting the clean white of the interior. Toko also found himself in his "present" body - the one from before he woke up here. Outside the window, there was a figure, humanoid, and utterly massive. The area seemed to be shrouded by fog. 
Sachiel by viking heart-d5w8u27

Toko looks around uncomfortably, "This wasn't the wake up I had in mind" he states, he pats Shibo hanging at his waist then swings his arms causing Spirit and Bravo to appear in each hand, he grips them tightly, having them seems to comfort him, "Always with the darkness stuff..." he shakes his head and then aims his attention to the 'something' "Seriously if you're a demon I'mma gonna cut you for being so cliche" he then turns to the corridor and sprints down it for a while, getting nowhere he walks up to the window "I hope there is oxygen and I'm not still in space" he holds his breath and slashes a window to break it open.

he hops out, "You... Now You are cool I like you!" He shouts towards the figure, he looks rather excited.

The figure seemed to notice Toko, tilting its'..."head" before raising one arm, "pointing" it towards Toko - a glowing light visible.

"I feel like this is bad, if I win I want you! You will be mine! I shall name you squishy" Toko braces himself, the thinks is this really the Toko thing to do, he then runs at the giant and jumps onto him 'finger' "HI THERE!" he calls "I'm gonna run on you sorry if you don't like that" he begins running up his arm

Fortunately, toko managed to jump above the lance of energy the giant had fired at him, narrowly managing to get above it. Its' other arm moved towards him, attempting to brush him off.

"Ah so you do want to fight..." Toko shines a devilish grin "Good" About 20 black blades appear around the wrist of the Angel circling it then at once they all stab into it causing the hand coming at Toko to go limp, Toko performs what can only be considered a whirl of slashes as it approaches severly cutting the monsters palm and repelling the arm causing it to swing back, he then walks up the rest of the arm taking an almost prideful position on the shoulder.

The creature seemed to lock up briefly - suddenly falling backwards in an attempt to dislodge Toko upon impact with the ground. Briefly, however, Toko could see that the blades had fallen out of the creature's wrist - and it was regenerating.

The plan works, Toko seemingly forgetting he can fly is thrown off, he lands a short distance away on his feet "Now come on, fixing a ripped up wrist is cheating" Toko throws a sword into the regenerating wrist causing it to lodge in the top of it, "Well you suck" Toko stands still allowing the many blades floating around the air to converge near him there are about 100 all hanging still in the air around Toko, "Come on stand back up, I'll be nice and not hit you while you're down"

The entity, rather than standing back up immediately, began collecting energy once more - in both hands, perhaps charging the attack it first used again - before starting to stand back up, already aiming at Toko.

"You really trying that again, hah I'll-" Toko is cut off as his attention is caugth by an object plummiting down at atmospheric re-entry like speeds, It's Toko's Rock "How the hell?" Toko says as it plummets aimed at the Angel, It crashes with insane force into the monsters head causing it to crash back down to the ground, the Rock is somehow on the ground in the distance way behind where the fight is, as though it had been there the whole time.

Due to the sheer impact the giants' aim was off, twin lances of energy missing Toko once again. It slowly began to stand back up, already starting to regenerate.

"You get back up!" Toko says as though cheering the Angel on, "so what to hit you with next eh? A good ol rush!" Toko's blades start spinning around him very close, he becomes a sort of bladed ball, he then rushes at the angel with incredible velocity.

The creature, to be blunt, caught Toko in one of its' hands. Very quickly, Toko realized that there was a steadily-intensifying light seemingly all around him.

"I'm gonna go ahead and say No to this" The spinning blades, maintaining momentum all break the sphere and fire into the wrist area of the Angel, buying Toko a few moments to Back flip out of the hand, as he begins to descend to the ground, Toko braces himself behind a tight net of summoned blades.

There was yet another lance of light as it impacted the blades, but fortunately Toko was unharmed - until the giant apparently got tired of this. Without warning, its' arm stretched out and slammed down on Toko.

Toko raises out of the crater he was just smushed into "WOW we stepped it up a sec, that was fa-"

The creature had moved blindingly fast, slamming down its' other hand - and firing its' weapon, point-blank.

Toko is propelled miles by the Cross shaped explosion, when he regains his footing he watches the beast from a distance "How didn't I see that earlier, you basically have a big red button" Toko begins charging at the Angel but he is a fair distance away, he has a hand ready to draw Shibo Tenshi to end the monster.

This time, however, the cross-beam was fired from its' "eyes" - and was orders of magnitude more powerful and larger, reaching out to still attempt to hit Toko. In the aftermath of the blast, Toko realized two things: That the creature had vanished, and that he seemed to be standing in a shadow...

Toko has to admit to himself he's feeling the pressure, the blast was something that he hadn't felt before and he was feeling the pain, one thing he knew for sure though he wasn't missing, Toko looks up he draws Shibo Tenshi, The blade of Deaths black flame roars as it seeks out the best point to kill, Toko spots the Core He runs at it readying an intense slash to clear this thing from the land of the breathing.

When Toko got close enough to the core to strike at it, the blade struck - and fell short as an octagonal barrier flared into existence. The creature promptly slammed its' hands around Toko, attempting to crush him once more - charging the energy lances.


"Well that was new, Shibo is more for cutting living things.... Like fingers" Toko casually cuts a finger off and crawls out of the grip "So big red button it is then huh big guy, this is still exper...i... Experimental but I'm pretty sure it'll work" Toko swings Shibo out behind him, its black flame engulfs it, the swords in the sky all rush into the flame and vanish within it causing it to grow, the flame starts to take shape as a large scythe, it looks to be made from an aura not material and vibrates and fractures repeatedly, it looks incredibly unstable, but an intense amount of power is burning out of it Prepare to have you're life cut down The words echo they don't feel to leave Toko's mouth, more appear in the minds of those around, Even Angels fall to me eventually Toko runs forward and smashes the Scythe into the AT field lodging into it Toko begins to put his entire being into forcing the scythe to tear down the field, the more he pushes the greater the black flames explode around him.

Finally, the field was pierced - and the scythe struck the red sphere at the heart of the giant - which began to crack. The creature had fired off the energy lances - both missing horribly, of course, and then shifted its' form - starting to seemingly wrap around or attempt to engulf Toko - and it began glowing.

You choose to self destruct? Indeed I will leave you to perish, you poor being Toko's face shifts to a bit of panic as the unstable scythe begins to deconstruct, quite explosively, Toko swings it at the Angel one last time in an attempt to break out, while a hole is created it recovers before Toko can run out "Awww really? If I know anything about big red buttons this thing is about to explode" Toko resigns himself to an idea and sits cross legged inside the being, he focuses heavily, his aura becoming calm, pulsing around him. A Black Glass Rose appears in front of his face floating, "I really wanted you as a pet too" Toko sighs and waits for the explosion.

Fourth Angel Explosion

Everything went white around Toko as the giant indeed self-destructed, a massive cross-shaped explosion forming - it would stretch to the sky, if there were any.

Toko walks confidently out of the explosion, the burning aura of his power maxed out protecting him, for a brief few moments his demon parts look bone white and a piercing blue light shines from his eyes, black robes made from ki cover him and as he leaves the explosion fade away as do the other strange effects. "Welp... Now how do I get out of here?"

He found his question immediately answered - as he was elsewhere. [Change Sections to Near the Center]

The Soldier of Oblivion

Orcus opens his eyes finding himself enclosed in the empty space he was in before it shifts to Castle Exaron's training grounds.

The area seemed oddly static - the torches that were left there (Alyra thought that they made it have a more...authentic feel) didn't even flicker - even the flames weren't moving.

Orcus glanced around briefly before trying to move towards the door.

Orcus found that he could move normally - before a vibration, much like an earthquake, shook the ground, seemingly with no source. It slowly started to intensify, but the ground seemed to remain still, the vibrations possibly moving through space rather than objects. After a minute or so, they ceased entirely.

"Hmmm, wonder what's going on." He says rushing through the building searching for the source of the vibrations.

As Orcus moved throughout the building, he realized something extremely quickly - every door he opened seemed to lead to a new corridor or room at random - all of them looked like they would fit in the castle, but none of them belonged there. When he opened a door, closed it, and opened it again, the room changed.

"Have you ever had the feeling you're being watched? That feeling at the back of your neck, that at some point, you'll be attacked but when you turn around, nothing's there?" Orcus said out loud, not wasting his time with the doors and heads for the front door.

As Orcus moved towards the door, there was a sound behind him - and when he turned around, he found his path back blocked by a curious wall, seemingly metallic and biological at the same time.

"Just as I thought, I'm not in control here am I? Well do you mind answering a few questions while I'm here?" Orcus asked slowing to a stop.


The barrier began moving back up - seemingly impossibly thin, simply cutting through the wall as if it weren't there. It retracted fully, and there was a pause where nothing happened.

Orcus sighed, before he began to charge up energy. "Answer my questions please, I'm growing impatient." He said tapping his foot now.

The barrier reappeared - in front of Orcus, the edge facing him - and it began rapidly moving towards him, attempting to simply cut him in half.

Orcus fired off a wave of energy, not at the barrier, but instead at the ground, destroying the castle before simply dodging the barrier. "Come on. Tell me something, I know you're watching me!" Orcus begins yelling looking around and seeing...

Orcus's opponent was revealed - a titanic creature, with a curious mask - the "eyes" of which began glowing when it 'saw' Orcus.

"Finally, something I can blame for my being back in this boring place. May I have a name now, or will I have to beat that out of you?" Orcus said cracking his knuckles before his fists glowed purple.

A lance of energy projected from the eyesockets of the giant, impacting the ground beneath Orcus - and a massive, cross-shaped explosion erupted at the impact site.

Orcus seemed unscathed from the explosion, his void energy surrounding him. "Imo oblivio, et vis est, et ego mitto vos." He'd say before explosions erupt around his enemy. "Now if that's all you've got, I'll be worried I won't have any fun breaking you"

The explosions had precisely zero effect on the creature, and the flat "tentacles" shot toward Orcus, intent on cutting him in half - they were surprisingly dextrous now, and lightning-fast - after all, the giant could actually see him now.

Orcus just slices the tentacles apart, kicking his opponent in one "eye" before energy came out of his feet and knocked him back. "There's the fight I was hoping for, your face is harder than I thought." He said spinning his Kusarigama.

It became immediately apparent that his opponent was stronger than he realized - while Orcus's blade was unharmed from contact with the ribbon-like tentacles, it didn't seem to do any damage. Fortunately he wasn't hit - and upon contact, Orcus realized that the giant was unyielding - it didn't even move upon being kicked. Light began to shine from its' "eyes" once more.

"You know, instead of just being there, how's about we chat while we fight? No? Fine." He said thinking fast and sending out a flurry of his Great Voidal Flames, surrounding the opponent With them.

Once again, the giant was unfazed - and the energy lance fired once more, again enveloping Orcus in the cross-shaped explosion. The tentacles immediately closed in around him, in an attempt to slice him to pieces if he survived.

When the explosion subsided Orcus was gone, only a flame left in his place before the space around his enemy disrupts as everything went dark. Orcus' voice echoing all around. "Just try and touch me. I'll send you straight into the depths of Oblivion." The opponent getting swarmed with white light before he gets engulfed in an explosion.

This time, something different happened - an octagonal barrier of energy flaring up around the giant - and it emerged unscathed once again. It rotated in place, presumably searching for Orcus.

The space disrupted as chains erupted all around the giant, squeezing it to break the barriers as slices of Darkness cut across them.

This time, the barrier did not activate - the giant didn't seem to care about the chains, nor the dark slices - indeed, it seemed like the attacks were just bouncing off of it. It fired another cross-shaped blast, followed by another - clearly attempting to hit Orcus again and again, due to not being able to see him.

"There's my answer." Orcus thought as 5 different clones of him appeared and begin firing blasts of high concentrated energy that exploded on impact with the giant as the chains and blades detonated.

This time, the giant seemed to be injured - the barrier flared into existence once more, blocking the energy blasts - but the chains were inside the barrier, and the detonation caused the giant to be blasted back, a large chunk of its' ribbon-like tentacles missing. The remaining ones, however, shot towards the clones of Orcus and sliced them in half almost instantly.

The remains of the clones exploded leaving the area completely covered in the blast zone before 15 Drills came into existence and drilled towards the giant, attempting to drive right through it.

The ribbon-tentacles moved back towards the giant, wrapping around it and the barrier flared into existence, blocking the drills. The eye-sockets began glowing again as it charged its' energy attack.

The drills increased in speed and size, before an explosion erupted from inside one of its eyes as Orcus seemed to fly out of it.

The barrier still resisted, though the drills started breaking through. The giant seemed unconcerned, firing the lance of energy towards Orcus as if nothing had happened.

Orcus would fire a blast of voidal energy canceling the lance, before sending off wave after wave of energy slices at the giant, still being inside the barrier.

It almost seemed unconcerned for the damage it was sustaining - the drills were nearly through the barrier, and large chunks were being torn out of the giant. The red sphere in its' chest began glowing, and the giant visibly began regenerating, the barrier strengthening.

The drills continued accelerating at constant rate, the energy slices seemingly getting a little more frantic as they doubled in number.

Again, the giant seemed unphased, its' regeneration starting to overtake the damage. The red sphere glowed brighter, and the barrier began actively disintegrating the drills - and the ribbon-like tentacles began moving towards Orcus.

"Looks like this isn't working anymore." Orcus thinks slicing to get back inside the giant as the drills all exploded simultaneously.

Orcus was now within it - the giant was unharmed, and the area around him started compressing in an attempt to crush him.

He would fly through in a circle, spinning the insides while firing off large bursts of energy out of it.

A hole was blasted in the giant - immediately adjacent to the red sphere at its' hear, visible where Orcus was. Curiously enough, the hole didn't start healing, though the sphere was quickly covered. One of the ribbon-tentacles slid in, attempting to cut Orcus in half once more.

Orcus noticed that it didn't actually heal and avoided the tentacle, going straight for the red sphere, firing multiple blasts at it, before flying straight through it and blasting the giant innumerous times.

The first few hits cracked the sphere, and when Orcus flew through it, it broke - and the giant suddenly went still, before collapsing. Turning around, Orcus could see a spherical portal forming in the heart of the sphere.

"That wasted too much energy." He said walking towards the portal while eating Senzu beans.

[Change Section to Near the Center]

Near the Center

The first three to face their opponents had prevailed. Upon defeating them, they found themself on a strange platform, seemingly composed of a pitch-black material that, after a fair distance, started splitting into "branches" which continued to split at random, extending possibly infinitely into a blank, white void. The first three to arrive were Monarch, Starr, and then Toko.

"Well that's how.... But now where am I?" Toko questions, he re-wraps his blindfold, and lets his senses map the place "Absolutly nothing huh... Wait.. ZUZU! ZUCANA ARE YOU HERE!!" Toko flying glomps Monarch "ZUZ- Wha? Monarch... I could swear I can feel Zucana not you..." Toko stands "Well any idea whats going on? Also hi! names Toko" He smiles at Starr.

Monarch smirks "Hey Toko, that's Starr. As for what's going on here I have absolutely no clue me and..." He stops himself " have been trying to find out what's been going on here for a while we don't even know how or when we got here. I smashed some beings faces in and now I'm here I can only assume smashing more faces in will take us further." says Monarch. In the back of his Mind Zucana says to him "What? So you're no going to tell him?" Zucana says rather aggrivated "Of course not if I did that he'd try and get you out and then Vegeta would never come back remember. You're not strong enough." Monarch thinks.

Toko looks irk'd "I swear you're here, I can feel you" Toko mutters, after a few moments he smiles "Yeah I made this giant two faced thing explode like crazy it was awesome, I kinda hope smashing more things is the way to go!" Toko chuckles, "Getting to show off a little, and hi Starr, We haven't met but if you faced anything like me and Monarch and got here, well I assume you're a decent fighter, I wonder if Bastion is coming too?"

Shintaro found himself in the same place as Monarch, Toko, and Starr. The others did not notice him appear, and to Shintaro, it was if he simply woke up in this place.

Shintaro appears to have his eyes closed, floating in an upwards position with his arms crossed; he begins to slowly open his eyes, before slowly turning his head to look around. "What is this place?" Shintaro asks. "Where am I?" He didn't seem very surprised by the tone of his voice, as he was thinking about how he and the Yuji clan would be able to take down Akashirou, as well as the rigorous challenges he had to face along the way to reach Akashirou. He assumed that this place would be as similar as to one of those challenges.

Bastion suddenly appeared, stepping out of space. "huh so this is the centre of the web of time, i don't know what i expected to be honest but it wasn't this" he notices the others "aww man i'm fashionably late again well i suppose at least i wont be facing whatever is here alone"

Monarch notices Bastion appear "Oh hey Bastion, me and Toko were wondering when you'd arrive. Any idea where on Earth we are?" says Monarch. Internally Zucana says "Oh yeah Bastion... huh this is the first time I've consciously met him... Weird."

"heh i'm not surprised you two of all people are here, and this is the web of time Monarch i am unsure if you were around when Lucien mentioned it but it appears to be the starting point of time all these webs are choices and existances shaped from them. How and why we are here i honestly don't know i never actually thought to ask his guard that"

Orcus appears, much in the same way as Bastion, except he grows silent as he sees all the other people there.

Shintaro looks around and looks towards Bastion, believing that Shintaro hasn't been noticed at the moment. He listens to what he was saying, before mumbling "The starting point of Time and the webs representing choices and existances shaped from them?..." He thought thoroughly over Bastion's statement, that he started envisioning how Shintaro's, Akashirou's and the Yuji and Shinju clans' lives would be different if events were to differ in parallel universes. "This is really..." Shintaro mumbles, before he descends until he stops floating and lands on the 'ground'. He then finishes, "...intriguing...".

"so did you guys experience a memory or something of that ilk before coming here? As it appears that it was us making a choice that triggered defences, although i cant be too certian with this i only have what the guard told me. It was strange i honestly didn't expect him to be so civil. Yeah i would assume each branch is another reality and all of us have our own with any number of variables, what i dont understand is how we got here i recall Alyra saying without the knowledge to do so its nigh impossible to get here that must mean something bad has happened to make this so accessable."

Moeru appeared, stepping out from behind nothing - much like Orcus and Bastion. Hokus appeared, as if he were always there, much like Shintaro.

Hokus decided to remain silent like his son, sending out a few skits of flames, as they morphed into a scene of couples dancing at a masquerade ball.

At long last, the Seeker of Time arrived with Harmony.

Harmony was standing over Alyra's body, two knives embedded in the Seeker's neck.

"Oh, there you are you psycho bitch." Moeru said, tossing a giant ball of fire at Harmony

The ball struck Harmony, and she was blasted back to the edge of the platform. She didn't bother getting up, didn't appear to be injured, and merely had a mixed expression of confusion, shock, and horror on her face.

"Hey there. You should cheer up. C'mon, why so serious? Lets put a smile back on that face!" Moeru said, lifting her off the ground.

Hokus removed the knives from Alyra's neck calmly, leaving Harmony to Moeru.

The knives were definitely Harmony's Silenced Blades, to those who have seen them before, at least. Alyra herself wasn't moving, though she didn't appear dead either - that said, she didn't appear alive. It was as if she was in some form of stasis.

Harmony, on the other hand, didn't seem to respond to Moeru - he could hear her muttering "...I'm free?" under her breath.

Monarch smirks and stands inbetween Moeru and Harmony putting his arms out to both of them "Now, now Moeru. Let's at least hear what the crazy girl has to say. It's no mean feat to take down the seeker of time after all. Now put her down before you do something stupid. You're acting as crazy as her, or worse you're almost as bad as me. Heheeh." Monarch says in the back of his mind Zucana sounds agitated "YOU'RE MAKING A JOKE OUT OF THIS?! ALYRA COULD BE DEAD! AND YOU'RE LAUGHING?!" Monarch internally chuckles "Calm down I doubt it was her and even if it was it wasn't intentional. Just look at her."

"Huh...that's a thought." Moeru said, before kicking monarch away, but with a much weaker kick to show he just wanted him out of his way. "Ok then, Harmony. Apparently you crazy people stick together. Seeing as I'm not here to murder everyone, I guess I'll bite, just this once. What exactly are you free from? I'd find an answer while I still have the patience for talk."

After a moment, she finally focused on Moeru. "...Free from the to choose..." She said quietly.

Bastion walks up to the ensuing scene "ok i don't have a clue what just happened here, but i at least got some insight into the servants of silence they are created on whims and bound to a purpose rarely free to choose for themselves beyond what expands on their mission living all their life with no ability to deviate away from that purpose. I'm not defending her im just saying" he crouches down in front of Alyra "this has only ever worked once lets hope i can get a second piece of luck" he holds his hand out above her and attempts to resonate his core A to see if he can restore any semblance of life to her B try and access anything that would help shed light on the situation.

What Bastion found could potentially be interesting - she wasn't dead, she wasn't even badly injured, asleep, or unconscious - she was simply timelocked, much as the Paradox Blades had been. The Endbringer, formerly her father's weapon, was still with her - notably, it wasn't timelocked with her.

"she isn't dead she doesnt even appear to be injured that much" he seems to be pausing sporadically almost like he is compiling the imformation as he says it "she is timelocked whats curious is her blade isnt i can't seem to access any further information as the rest is beyond the surface and probably the stuff she doesnt want others to know" he turns to the others as the conduit severs "i would surmise that the blades abilities to break barriers are not restricted merely to the conventional perhaps there in lies the solution" this is aimed at Hokus and Moeru "you two know her and the capabilites of the items she weilds better than me so what do you think?"

"Well, Endbringer has abilities I'm not entirely sure of, but it broke her time locked blades. But I don't want to risk my theory with it on her." He says as Alyra is bathed in a bright light and casted Esuna on her before testing if she was able to move by stabbing her with a golden needle (Esuna, cures all status ailments, Golden needle cures paralysis/stone/etc)

Alyra let out a groan as the timelock dissipated, and slowly rolled onto her back before opening her eyes. She muttered a curse under her breath as she cast a healing spell on herself before standing up. "Where...are we?" She said, looking around. "The Web?"

Orcus just nodded helping Alyra up, and giving her fatigue shots.

The Seeker drank them immediately, offering a quick and simple "Thanks." in response. She looked around, spotting Moeru and Harmony, and immediately picked up the Endbringer. She hesitated, however, when she realized that Harmony wasn't attacking, and looked around instead. "This isn't right...the Web should be driving us mad with possible futures. Something's preventing that from happening..."

"Might it be because we were forced to witness a memory or memorable setting in order to subconsciously focus on the current time line which is most likely set to end with our imminent demise? Or because the silent watcher you told me about is actually watching right now, judging who And when he should attack to deal with and put us down?" Orcus asks sitting down before playing with his flames, except his seen was actually a battleground full of warriors fighting to the death without any sign of remorse or regret.

− "Well, What is this 'Watcher', exactly?" Moeru said, releasing his grip on Harmony, and brushing her off. His attitude seemed to have flipped quite fast from his previous state of anger.

"I'm just not gonna complain." Mirage says, as a reaction to 'something' and then taking out his staff, balancing on it. "1... 2... 3..." Mirage began saying all the sudden after balancing for a while, continuing his little count up.

"thats a distinct possibility Orcus, it would seem in my oppinion it intended to trap us within a memory or a point in our existance sort of getting us out of the way but our choices caused changes that caught the watchers attention and thats why he sent those guards. It would also appear some of us got help" he looked at Moeru and Starr when he said this "maybe we are in the centre but like orcus suggested we are anchored too our own timeline"

Monarch smirks "Eh when you're already mad what harm could this watcher do? Timelines aren't very clear cut there may be many other time lines nearly exactly like ours, maybe he's just waiting to throw the big ones at us." He grins "A grand finalé of sorts. If I were this great watcher man I'd surely want to add a bit of pizazz to it, leave the most shocking and mind shattering visions to those who make it this far."

"40... 41... 42..." Mirage continued counting as he balanced on his staff.

Hokus just continues playing with his flames, sending in a troop to battle with Orcus. "I'm not worried about it. As long as this guy has a distinct reason for doing all he's done, I might not beat him so badly."

"Implying that you can so easily beat a nigh-omnipotent being." Mirage responded to Hokus.

"as weird as i feel saying it i have to agree with mirage there, i don't think this is the time or place to be complacent especially when its power is unknowable" Bastion stated looking a little confused at having said that

"I might make this easier since we rely on roleplay powers here, which sort of allows me to... go all out, you can say." Mirage continues. "I'm also more serious then usual to sort of not get reset by that big pointy thing in the sky." Mirage says before conjuring what appears to be a tipless katana that was roughly 1.7 meters long, far from being long to mirage but probably being the length of the average person in the area  at least.

Monarch smirks "Hmm Hokus thinks he can beat the God easily. Well get to it big boy we'll come in behind you and clean up your corpse don't worry about it. This guy... thing clearly knows what he's doing. A villain after my own heart." He says Jokingly. Internally Zucana says "Hokus is getting a bit cocky isn't he... Don't let your guard down Monarch I'd rather not die here. It seems Hokus has other plans though." They both Chuckle.

"Defeating a nigh omnipotent being without a nigh omnipotent being backing you is kind of hard... per say." Mirage says.

"So, I'll just go out on a limb here, and assume that you were forced under the control of the Watcher in some tragic tale, yes?" Moeru said to Harmony.

"Moeru, i have something to spoil for you, but i'll just give Ty'nyx that chance since it might sort of break you and cause you to go all out during the fight." Mirage said as he turned his head to Moeru. "I feel like going into my true form... well, i'll wait before i do it." Mirage said to himself.

"i think in a way she may be similar to you Moeru though the circumstances are different, she was made to a purpose as were you however the forces that controlled her seem much more shall we say oppressive by comparison" Bastion shrugs "i could of course be totally wrong however its probably best to save that fire for the main course especially seeing as it is something both Lucien and Alyra expressed concern about, last thing we want is more people falling especially as we have people waiting for us back home" The sort of concern on his face is clear but it was obviously intended as a kind of pep talk.

"Fair enough...and what in the world are you talking about, Mirage?" Moeru said, turning away from Harmony.

"Just something that happened recently... well, to me it was a day ago, but for you it was a few minutes ago. It ends with E and starts with D, use those clues to figure it out or else Ty'nyx will tell you it later." Mirage says to Moeru, still balancing on his staff as well as spinning around the long ass sword he held in his hand, causing ripples to form in the air around him for some reason.

Monarch smirks "Oh don't ruin his surprise. Speaking from experience the dramatic reveal of the vicious master plan is the best part of being a villain. I think we'll let him have his fun." Monarch smirks "You seriously are taking this too lightly God knows how many of these peoples friends were dragged in here and how many of them are dead. It's not exactly a laughing matter." Zucana thinks seriously. "If they don't laugh they may end up as messed up as me. Right now is not the time to think about the potential lost." Monarch responds seriously "Plus lets be honest it's always tonnes of fun being involved in some supernatural plot. Who gives a shit at how many die in the process it's all part of the game." He internally laughs.

"I'm just teasing him because i'm waiting for ty'nyx to show up and he refuses to show up at the moment." Mirage responds to Monarch.

"Hold on." Shintaro approaches. "I was teleported here, with the reason being to defeat some nigh-omnipotent being known as Ty'nyx, after which we'll be transported back? What am I missing here?" He asks confused, though determined to actually fight.

"Personally i think you're missing calling him 'Ty'nyx-chan' but that's just a personal thing." Mirage responds to Shintaro.

"Adding the honorific 'chan' to what is presumed to be a nigh omnipotent being? You sure seem confident." Shintaro says, looking at Mirage.

"I just like to mess with stuff." Mirage says to Shintaro. "Eh, i'm bored, i have nothing to do." Mirage turned to Moeru and says "Exsu died... what was it? Twenty minutes ago?" in a nonchalant tone.

Hokus Just registered everything said to him, having been talking to Orcus telepathically before smirking. "I like a challenge, and if this guy knows what he's doing then I'll just do what my father does and enjoy myself."

At Mirage's words, Moeru charges forward silently, punching the mini giant in the face. The punch managed to break through all of mirages power of lolnope and retconning as if the two had entered a fight during their conversation, and knocking him to the ground. "I'm only going to let you explain yourself once. If I don't like what I hear, or you're just being a smartass, I'll burn every last inch of you. Now talk."

Monarch meanders on over "For god sake Moeru can't you refrain from punching someone for a minute. Firstly since when can we ever trust what this bastard says? Secondly if this guy we're going to fight is as strong as we believe we'll need him and Thirdly killing him is a waste of your efforts. Honestly learn some restraint this is hardly the time or place." Monarch smirks "Now if you think you're going to lose your temper again count to ten. For now though go have a time out. Cool off, kill him once we're out of here. Hell I'll even help you I enjoy a good killing." He girns.

Bastion tries to mitigate some of the hostility keeping himself calm and collected "ok all of you stop this hostility, what good is it going to do us if we are at each others throats? Right now if we stand divided we will fall" he turns to Moeru in particular "i don't know why he would tell you that true or not i honestly dont know what he hoped to achieve. If its true believe me i have been there, i can say he isnt worth it Moeru get angry get sad thats natural but this wont help anyone in the end"

"Yeah, calm down and think about it. There's no need to be killing off the fighters we need against this enemy." Hokus said, his face growing serious. "Believe me, I would've been the first to attack Harmony, or attempting to blow this place to Hell, but restraint is key to victory." He said, his flames flickering, "At least until the fight."

"I...don't remember much." Harmony said, "The last thing I remember is waking up here, with her." She pointed towards Alyra, "I couldn't control my body, and we fought...I apparently won..."

"Azar'zer speaks the truth. The one known as Exsu has died." A voice issued forth from yet another individual who had appeared out of nowhere - a humanoid figure, seemingly made of static and simplistic white lines, two circles and a line for eyes and a mouth. This figure had appeared without warning - simply blinking out of existence in the midst of all those present. The entity did not radiate any form of power, curiously enough - as if it weren't there.

Alyra turned to face it, "Another guardian?" She asked, finally recovered. "Does the Silent Watcher continue to hide from us?"

"Alyra this may go without saying but be cautious, whatever that thing is it doesn't seem to give off any power. This may be more than a mere guardian and the fact i cant sense a power implies it very well be comprised of something different something we dont experience in our world plus i doubt anything simple would exist this close to the centre" Bastion seems to be trying to analyse the situation as best he could to compensate for the fact he had no clue what was going on.

Moeru said nothing upon hearing what the figure said. He stood over Mirage in silence, but his shock and pain were both etched clearly onto his face.

Hokus stood up unfazed by the news before walking over to Moeru and lifting him up. "Hey, you can mourn later. Right now, we need the Red King, not the Red Baby. If you stay like this, I'll stick you one." He said setting him down.

Moeru had a haze in his eyes, and his expression remained the same..

When he didn't get a response, he punched him in the face full force, flames and magic coming from his fist as Moeru went soaring.

The entity spoke once more, "I shall allow the Red King to view the last moments of the one known as Exsu, if he so desires."

"S-...Show me..."Moeru whispered quietly. He now had a blank , emotionless expression on his face, his eyes still glazed over.

"It is done." With no indication, Moeru simply saw Exsu's last moments - the entirety of her stay within the Web of Time. From his perspective, he saw it as if he were simply a bystander. From everyone else's perspective, nothing had happened - it seemed to be instantaneous for them, but Moeru experienced it nonetheless.

Ty'nyx, the Silent Watcher.

Meanwhile, another individual appeared out of nowhere - the one known as Felinis.

"Ow." Mirage said as he was knocked several meters away, i think? Suddenly he flashed white, made a blackflip and landed on his feet before then suddenly entering an idle pose, as if he was unharmed even if it surpassed his lolnope somehow. "Oh hello Ty'nyx." Mirage said, turning his head to Ty'nyx as he balanced on his 3 meter tall staff once more.

Alyra's eyes widened, "Ty'nyx?!" She immediately readied the Endbringer, slipping into a combat stance.


Mirage's new, strange appearance.

"Azar'zer is once more correct. I am what you call Ty'nyx, the Silent Watcher. One of those who forged Time in the cataclysm that marked the beginning of the multiverse." The entity replied calmly, seemingly unconcerned.

"Yeah i'm gonna drop this form now, being restricted by robes and metal gets annoying." Mirage says before having his clothes suddenly collapse into the fire that Mirage is apparently made of, and then forms a sort of 'shell' around the fire, causing Azar'zer to look eerily similar to Ty'nyx. "There we go, now what to do? Oh yes.... Ty'nyx, why did you bring everyone to your giant dimension of bird shit? Except me of course, i went here because there's a saga going on... and stuff..." Azar'zer asked Ty'nyx.

"Now's not the time to fool around, Mirage. Break the fourth wall, and I'll break you - we're facing pseudo-omnipotent opponent here." Shintaro said towards Azar'zer.

Felinis looked around him, confused. "how did i land here for hell's sake, not even a minute ago I was living a fictive story of when I was 10, there wa that giant... Calm yourself, Felinis, and gather your thoughts..." he mumbled

"Shintaro, I can fool around, you see, i'm at the very least in Ty'nyx-chan's league." Mirage said nonchalantly.

Starr looks at Mirage, and frowns."No, you aren't." He says simply. He looks at Alyra, and nods."I see you are not cringing at the sight and existence of me in here....Also, I think you should see something." 4 light tentacles flick out of his back, and his eyes glow faintly."I presume you realize what is exactly is happening here."

"Figures as much." Alyra muttered, "Servants are hard enough to kill."

"No Servant has ever fallen in battle." Ty'nyx spoke, "When their purpose is fufilled, they are discarded, either absorbed by their creator or left within reality." It paused, turning to face Starr. "Your presence here will not harm the Seeker of Time, for I will not allow it."

"So what you're saying is that you have control over everything and everybody as long as they remain within your realm, correct?" Hokus asked just out of sheer curiosity.

"Yes. The Web of Time is my domain, and I command all that lies within it." Ty'nyx replied.

"So, does this include other planes of existence outside of your own, including other omniverses, or am I just being too specific?" Hokus asked actually enjoying the conversation.

"There is only one omniverse, as should be obvious from the name," the Watcher spoke, "The Web connects all universes within this multiverse, and all it touches is my domain."

"Sorry, I meant multiverse. Thanks for the correction. Are you enjoying our little chat?" Hokus asked in response.

"The Silent Ones do not have emotions, as the Echoes do." Ty'nyx stated.

"Good to know, good to know. Then I'm guessing there's no anger held within you, right?" Hokus asked looking at Moeru. "Unlike him."

"Precisely." Ty'nyx replied, "Emotions only serve to hold the Echoes back, a task they do with ease."

"Then you won't get mad at this!' Hokus says rushing rowards Ty'nyx and right before punching him, and drops a deck in front of him. "One round."

"A game of chance. Ultimately pointless, within the Web. I see all possible futures at once, and can command them as I require. Probability is merely another tool I can use." Ty'nyx replied.

Bastion looks perplexed "so you are the silent watcher, not exactly what i expected but thats hardly surprising at this point, I must ask what brought us here? And why were we brought here?" he looks at Alyra "any bright ideas as last i checked omnipotence and the ability to see each of times branches can be a bit of a bitch to get around"

Moeru rushes past Bastion before the android ever receives an answer, aiming a punch directly at the watcher's face. His eyes glowed bright red, and his hands were covered in flames.

The Watcher turned to face Moeru, and vanished - instantaneously being replaced with what appeared to be Exsu.

Moeru's fist stalled just before he made contact with the watcher. He knew that this wasn't truly Exsu, but that did little to strengthen his resolve.

"Since people are so inclined to underestimate me, i'm just gonna do this." Azar'zer says as his form suddenly cracks, and energy flies out, surrounding him in a sort of "fire" and then suddenly his energy was undetectable. "Anyways, Let's start." Azar'zer says as he raises his hand up, to anyone but Azar'zer and Ty'nyx, it would appear as Azar'zer was holding absolutely nothing, but he wasn't. What Azar'zer was holding was so unfathomably large that it would be hard for almost anybody to comprehend it, although he didn't do anything with the object.

"Moeru, don't be so weaaaak... Just hit her already, she's already dead." Azar'zer said in a taunting voice, his expression remaining the same as he held up the unfathomably large object.

Exsu suddenly said "H-huh!? Where a-!" before suddenly being cutoff as she was punched by Moeru.

It's not her...I cant let it be her now...Moeru thought, before hitting the figure that had become Exsu with a full power punch.

Felinis observed the situation in the background, remaining unnoticed, trying to comprehend what was happening. So, apparently that giant who attacked the Planet Trade Organisation ship was a sort of time being, and when I killed him, a portal opened to this place. That would explain how I got here. But there's still something that I don't understand: if that "watcher" has no feelings, then what would be the point in bringing us here in the first place just to kill us? If this is the truth, then it would mean that one of us or everyone as a whole is a menace to his dimension, that Web of Time. I already heard that that girl over there could travel through time as she wishes, that would seem a logical explanation. But then what use of the others? And I've got a bad feeling about that guy. He was watching Mirage. Need to keep an eye on him...

The figure was sent flying, as expected - crashing into the ground and skidding to a stop. It didn't get up, but the original figure - the silhouette with the simplistic face - reappeared. "An interesting choice, to kill one you were grieving for only a moment ago. I had brought her back, and yet you returned her to death." [Exsu has died. Again.]

Moeru didn't liisten to the Watcher's words, and proceeded to swing at it again.

This time, when the Watcher vanished, literal nanoseconds before Moeru struck it, it was replaced by Alyra. For the others, it was clear that the Seeker of Time was, in fact, teleported.

Moeru froze once again, Staring Alyra in the face with a blank expression on his face. Despite that, she could see the rage beneath the emotionless surface of his face.

Monarch smirks "That's more like it Moeru, get angry beat this guy into oblivion, try not to kill Alyra in the process but if she does sacrifices have to be made." he smirks "So you're the Watcher, we've heard so much about. Ty'nyx right? Big fan of your work, the entrance needed a bit of work though not nearly dramatic enough but I LOVE the emotional trauma with the memories and Exsu. Very well done, good execution. Obviously your big shiny friend wasn't prepared for me but few people ever are, had I not had two consciousnesses you would of had me there. But I must say with you being this big bad guy you're kinda stealing my thunder so I think I'll help you out with your dramatic exit." He grins powering up. "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRYING TO PISS OFF A GOD LIKE BEING?!" Zucanna shouts in his head "Why not? Either way he's gonna try and kill us, might as well have some fun while we're at it." Monarch thinks back "God sake you're reckless... but I suppose you have a point as demented as it is... can you at least try to not make us blatant targets until everyone is ready to fight this thing?" Zucanna asks "Bit late for that mate and if they're not ready now they'll be killed simple as, if they're not sorted yet they're not going to be."

Alyra didn't even flinch, merely stepping back, "Don't even bother attacking that thing." She said, indicating the entity, "I doubt it's anything more than a projection."

"Two conscious minds in one body. An unusual existence, but ultimately easy to correct." Ty'nyx said, turning to face Monarch. It raised one hand and pointed at him - there was a burst of light, and Monarch noticed someone standing next to him - Zucana.

Monarch looks dumbfound "WAIT! WHAT?! HOW DID YOU....? Finally I'm free from that aggravting voice in my head. I owe you one Ty'nyx." He says jokingly "No seriously I'm still gonna kick your ass." He smirks.

Zucanna is the spitting image of Monarch except he is wearing saiyan armour, his eyes are black instead of pink, he has no wings and is lacking Monarchs mask. Zucanna is stood there looking at his hands he's shaking a little bit "I... I'm alive... I'm back." He starts touching his face "My body... I can move... I can breathe. I can't believe it..." He begins tearing up a bit and turns to Toko "Hey man... it's uh... been a while." He then turns to Monarch "Let's kill him shall we? After all two heads are better than one." He grins.

Monarch grins in response "Definitely."

"TIME'S UP!" Mirage shouted as he was now behind Ty'nyx, he suddenly threw down the thing he was holding, onto Ty'nyx fast, he didn't bend or anything, it just happened instantly and would cause a large ass crater in the web of time most likely.

Toko doesn't move for a few seconds, he watches Zucana begin to move towards the enemy, Toko charges at him, throwing weapons aside and knocking Monarch out of the way "ZUZU! ZUCANA ITS YOU!" Toko barrels into him hugging him into the ground, he cries on Zucanas face "I missed you so much"

Zucana smiles "Hello Toko, how've you been? It certainly has been a while, I hope you didn't mind Monarchs company." He smirks

Monarch turns to them "What am I Toko? Chopped Liver. I've known you longer than you knew Zucana when he left, God you try and be nice to someone and all they do is throw themselves at your other personality. Ah well I have Bastion. Anyway. I think we have a God to kill." He smirks

Zucana looks serious "He's right Toko. It's lovely to see you again but there are much bigger things to deal with right now I refuse to let anymore innoccents like Exsu and those on planet Vegeta die. We need to stop this guy even if it kills us." He says in a very Zucana way, a tone of voice so calm and caring that it could never be emulated by Monarch.

Toko regains himself, he summons his weapons to himself, "It's more than great" He gets into a battle pose "I can't lie though Monarch and I made a lot of progress, you'll have to catch up" he winks at Monarch "Now you're not someone I have to save I can kick your ass any day... My friend" Toko joins the two ready for battle.

Azar'zer suddenly lifted up the universe that he had crushed Ty'nyx with, and threw it away as it was no longer of use to him, it flew away unimaginably fast as well. "I honestly didn't think you'd talk, you're supposed to be silent and all." Azar'zer  says to Ty'nyx, not caring if he had actually damaged Ty'nyx or not.

Tsurugi's half-body was visible coming out of some spiral-shaped portal, his voice would seem half-serious and half-annoyed though he didn't show it, "Mind if I join the fray?", he smirks. "What is this bullshit!? This crap can actually change the future and past."

Jellal suddenly blinks into existence and enters Web of Time, but it appeared as if he was there all along. He stood in the corner, with his eyes closed, levitating. He decided to stay silent on that matter, sensing Ty'nyx there. His personality and his power difference was highly visible, as if he is x100 times stronger than he was back on Earth.

"all these happy re-unions and tragic loses" Bastion blinks to Moeru's position moving him away "i don't think this is something you can fight directly like Alyra said its probably a projection" he puts his hand on Moeru's shoulder "we both have fragments of silenced power within us as an aftermath of our fight with the silent shifter please Moeru lend me your strength lets see if we can't find the real being to put the hurt too" he brings out his wings "Ty'rios i need to borrow on your power i dont think their is enough i can do on my own" his fingers start moving as if they were typing "i need any help anyone is willing to give i dont have the power to look through infinity alone, and mirage you just keep doing what your doing." his wings that are normally angelic in shape break into 10 think orange wings that jut outwards as the power of his core is increased by the prescence of Ty'rios "it may be unknowable but it is the least i can do" Bastions eyes go silver his voice become cold and robotic "i guess i have to think in a way closer to them"

Felinis stepped forward, revealing himself to the group. "I shall lend my power to you, unknown prisoner of time. I saw how much your power levels were high compared to mine, and you may prove useful in my quest later on. But for the time being, we need to locate that... thing and find out what it wants of us. I am pretty much familiar with near-unsensable auras, so I can lend a second pair of eyes to search."

"Silent now, are you?" Azar'zer says to Ty'nyx in an attempt to taunt him, even if it didn't work it's still fun to do.

Shintaro senses a sudden presence appearing at the web, it was rather recognizable, so he devices to run towards it and investigates the person that appeared - Jellal. It seemed Shintaro wasn't wearing his Mystral costume; he was instead wearing his Imperial Uniform, though still retaining the features on his face that are still currently present, such as the seal under his eye as well as his hairstyle. Shintaro looked at Jellal, before saying "So... You've appeared in the Web too, it seems... Jellal-san."

Jellal stops levitating and stands on his feet "Yes...", he says as he clearly knew that Shintaro is Mystral, but decided not to talk about it at the moment "Afterall, this is....", he says as his Thought Projection blinks into an existence and joins Jellal "Gold". He then looks through mask "What happened to Yuji-Shinju war?"

"We're... still planning on how to beat Akashirou. However... There has been some terrifying news that we've recently acquired... Recently, Raven reported that they have an... extremely dangerous individual under Akashirou's ranks..." Shintaro said, slightly gripping his hand a little tighter. "They have... My younger brother on their side... Fumetsuko Zeref Yuji." He frowns. "Even my younger brother... He was exposed to Akashirou's experiments, and became a weapon himself..."

"Ah, Zeref", Tsurugi joins the conversation "He's that void element user, if I'm not mistaken?", he asks 

"Yes, he's that guy. But this event can put a change in his powers, so we'll have to wait and see about it for now", Jellal continues. He then suddenly forms another separate dimension - unlinked to Web "This place is noisy, I'll be there for now".

Tsurugi follows his and teleports to that dimension through his teleportation abilities.

"H-how canI keep going? She's gone...I-I wasn't there...I didn't protect her..."Moeru said to no one in particular, clenching his fist hard enough to draw blood.

Exsu's body still remained in the distance, a trail of blood was leading up to her as she had rolled a few meters, what remained was nothing but a lifeless corpse lying in a pool of blood.

Bastion grabs Moeru by his collar "snap out of it Moeru if you give up here then you really will have failed her, fight on Moeru we will get through this and we will bring her back" there is a slight sound of emotion returning to his voice "i know what its like to lose someone especially when you couldnt do anything, but you cannot give up do you want to leave your daughter alone without a mother or a father? Stand up and fight stand up and win" he lets Moeru go he has a slight smile "thats why i fight as i have Annabelle waiting at home for me and i don't want her to experience any more loss" Bastions wing stretches out and connects with felinis's aura "thanks stranger that is most helpful" he turns back to Moeru "fight Moeru stand up and fight so that we can return to our lives and bring back those we have lost"

"S-stand up..." Moeru said, as he heard a voice from long ago in the back of his head.

What do we so when our hearts ache? You remember, don't you?

I...I do...

Then do it....Stand up, and... speak of your future...

Moeru's eyes became wet as he remembered that moment. As the tears began to fall, he spoke.

"I will live on, for my family, for my friends. I will become stronger. And I will burn Ty'Nix to ash!" He yells. with each word, his aura's strength increases, creating a torrent of fire around him.

That is right...let your future... become your reason to live...and know I was call son.

"Heh thanks mom..." He whispered.

"I thought I'd left that in the past. But you're annoying preaching got to me, as always." Moeru siad, glancing over at Bastion. He offered a hand to the android. "You want my power? You've got it. Let's find this bastard. I've got a future to look forward to..."

Moeru felt a strange force within him that empowered him even further, eventually he was surrounded by a cyan glow. If Moeru had any idea what power it felt like then he would know who it was from.

"Exsu...alright, let's do this together!" Moeru said, his will restored.

"Damn it, i need music... It Has To Be This Way? Sword of Doom? Nightmare Fiction? Endless Despair? I dunno." Azar'zer said to himself.

Felinis enters a meditative state, and opens his inner senses to scout through the web of time.

The Battle Begins

  •  Battle Theme

Ty'nyx finally reappeared - for it vanished after being 'crushed' by Azar'zer's weapon. "You still intend on fighting? Very well." Something changed about the projection - it seemed far more...solid. "Then let the battle begin." With that, the area changed - everyone present found themselves in what appeared to be intergalactic space - for the Milky Way Galaxy was in clear view. "My goals are now an inevitability, as is your destruction. Let us see how long you last."

"Ooopo, I'm so scared." Azar'zer said before telepathically grabbing two dwarf galaxies and smashing them together and then firing a beam of energy which would equal the energy output of the big bang right at Ty'nyx.

Bastion severs the energy link to Felinis but the wings stay up almost as a precaution "well that saves us the time i suppose" he draws his excalibur nodding at Moeru "sometimes my preaching is all that will get through your thick skull, lets see how salvation and destruction fare against the silent watcher" he stands in his battle pose after pulling Moeru up "Monarch, Toko, uh Zucana i think and you stranger who i havent quite got the name of yet you all ready for this?"

"I'll do whatever I can to assist you, but I cannot do much compared to you all. I'll stay in the back furling you in energy whenever you need it, that seems possible for me. But mark my words: this Ty'nyx does not want our death, I don't know what he wants from us, but he clearly does not want to kill us, that would not be logical." Following that speech, Felinis used his demon transformation, took the Lotus position and started charging his ki, ready to serve it to whoever in need.

Monarch smirks. "You two ready to kill this bastard?" He says to Toko and Zucana. He is clearly enjoying this far too much. "All this is so tacky I'll show him how a real villain works."

"Yeah let's take him on. But only to protect others from his wrath. No more will die due to him, even if it takes my last breath." Zucana says determined

Monarch spreads his arms and his wings grow a huge times their size as hundreds of thousands of butterflies are formed. They all rush right at Ty'nyx. Those that miss turn back around to hit him again all of them causing a gigantic explosion on collision. Zucana points both his hands at Ty'nyx as a white ball of energy forms in his hand he appears to charge it for a second before shouting "FINAL! FLASH!" A gigantic stream of bright energy streams directly at Ty'nyx hitting him straight on, hopefully doing extreme amounts of damage to him. "Wow. That's stronger than I remember" Zucana says to himself.

Starr's face would sulk down, hearing his Saiyan brethren scream the technique's name, and in a flash, Starr has teleported.b The final flash appeared to have hit Ty'nyx, but the impact was actually being absorbed by a shield created by Starr, and Xy'rios."I may not just be Xy'rios, but that half of me is a Silent Servant, and I cannot let Ty'nyx be harmed" He says as his voice booms with the help of Xy'rios, creating a bigger shield.

The Watcher raised one hand, pointing towards Azar'zer, and effortlessly firing a blast of equal power directly at him. The resulting blast created a gargantuan shockwave, moving at impossibly-fast speeds throughout the cosmos, literally splitting the universe in two. Ty'nyx allowed Starr's shield to tank the damage, seemingly uncaring as to its' fate.

Harmony vanished - reappearing next to Alyra, grabbing onto her, and both of them vanished an instant before the shockwave ripped through their space - reappearing a moment after. Alyra looked confused, "You...saved me?" She said. "It's the least I could do." Harmony replied. "Now, let's take this son of a bitch out."

Starr watches the chaos go on, watching Alyra being saved by Harmony. He would whistle a soft tune, that would wave throughout the area, going into everyone's minds."Sing to me songs of the darkness, farewell to heaven my friend...Come to me, bury your sorrow....Temptation away the condemned..." Starr's head would sling up, and he would ascend to a Super Saiyan 4, along with Xy'rios adding Silent Star. Starr's sad frown, would convert into a smile, as the shield began to pulsate, more and more silent power going into it."Xy'rios...You're a Silent Servant correct? Well...." The shield would become a glowing mass of energy of Starr, compacted and powerful, fueled by Ki, Temporal Energy, and Silent Power."Well serve me and let's tap into the Silence!" The orb would grow, and grow, putting more taxing stress on Starr's body."Xy'rios, I'm getting stressed under the weight of this energy, it's time to call upon HIM..." He would say, letting his body go limp, then flicking up with Temptor's glowing white irises and black backgrounds in his eyes smirking chaotically. Starr, Xy'rios, and Temptor's voices would yell together, the strength of the boom of noise could shatter almost anything."Everyone, GET DOWN." He would yell, quickly grabbing the massive sphere, bigger than Ty'nyx himself, and pushing it into him. No noise could be heard, except for the young Starr's voice, from Starr's awakening with Xy'rios."Why do I get hurt..? Why must you hurt me Starr...?" It sounded in pain, and about to cry."Because...." The orb exploded."Because I care"

Monarch shouts "SHIT!" Before rushing the Zucana and creating a barrier around the both of them out of millions of butterflies. "This should hold!" He shouts he clearly used a lot of energy forming the barrier and his is completely physically exhausted as cracks form. "MONARCH THIS WON'T HOLD!" Zucana shouts. "I... know..." Monarch says clearly in a lot of strain. "Damn it. I hate to go back... so soon after being revived but... Toko. I'll see you later." Zucana whispers before he seems to merge with Monarch giving him all his energy. Zucanas body fades into light and is absorbed by Monarch. "THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!" Monarch screams pumping energy into his barrier protecting himself from the blast.

"DAMN IT ZUCAAAANNAAAAAAA!!!!" Toko wails as he grabs his rock, which just sorta came while nobody was paying attention, it is propelled into insane speeds by the explosion Toko and the Rock blast of into destructive speeds, yet with a slight curve, as though it had entered an orbit. "Looks LIKE TOKO IS BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaain!"

After the light of Starr's explosion faded, a figure was revealed - Ty'nyx, completely unharmed. "A futile gesture, yet you continue to resist..." It almost seemed curious for a moment. "It matters not. Your powers are nothing in the face of utter oblivion, and I shall be the one to deliver you to Oblivion's gates." With that, the remains of the destroyed universe - alongside the energy from Starr's explosion, Monarch's attacks, and the collision of the Big Bangs, suddenly swirled together into a single, pure white sphere, not even a centimeter across. Around everyone, vast "bubbles" of space floated - entire separate realities, parallel universes and timelines - the one that the battle originated in was just one of many, and hopefully not the universe that everyone originated from. The sphere suddenly shot forward towards Monarch. "You believe yourself to be a god. Allow me to disprove your beliefs." Ty'nyx said calmly before the sphere exploded with all the power of its' components - the energy of three entire universes, as well as the power of Starr and Monarch's attacks.

Mirage suddenly bitch slaps the explosion away from monarch, somehow, before then walking up to ty'nyx slowly, mirage's height had apparently changed to equal Ty'nyx's. Mirage seemed to whistle the melody of a song as an invisible force struck Ty'nyx with no explosions or anything, said force was also 10^100 times more powerful then the white orb that exploded, it was completely visible That mirage wasn't even trying

Ty'nyx was not hit - quite literally. The explosion also ignored Mirage's attempt at defense. "Probability is within my domain." Ty'nyx said, turning to Mirage, "Even impossibilities become inevitabilities according to my will."

Monarch quickly forms a large butterfly shield that takes most of the blast the rest blowing him back. When the smoke clears Monarch is shown floating there a bright purple flame raging all around him, his eyes glowing fiercely and his wings a lot bigger than normal he looks significantly pissed off. "Yet I live. You like many others have underestimated me Ty'nyx and like so many others you will fall to your mistakes. You assume I have no backing to my large claims. I am the man with two souls, two spirits and two extremely pissed consciousnesses wanting you dead. We are beyond anything you could ever be and I MONARCH AM THE GOD OF KINGS! Now let me show you what a real God is." Milions of butterflies appear around monarch and rush right at Ty'nyx causign a gigantic explosion. Once the smoke clears Monarch teleports right in front of Ty'nyx and pushes his palm n Ty'nyx's face before he teleports away. Ty'nyx can see Monarch smirking as he notices a glowing crest on his face which explodes with an astounding level of power. "I AM MONARCH! THIS IS WHAT I AM!" He declares as chains of butterflies orbit around him acting like a shield.

When the explosion cleared, Ty'nyx could not be seen - but then its' voice spoke, "Is that all, God of Kings?" It said, and Monarch felt something touch the back of his neck - before the Silent Watcher fired its' previous attack, point-blank, and focusing all its' power directly into Monarch.

Starr appeared where the beam was striking, almost instantly, as it was about to hit Monarch. the beam pierced his heart, and blood spat out of his mouth."i.....I screwed up.....Monarch...." Starr would fall to his knees, blood pouring from his wound, and his mouth."I almost killed everyone....You wanted me dead, multiple times....Even though we are two of the last Saiyans....It's funny...Because I'm dying...Saving you" Starr would fall over, his face looking at peace, and tears streaming from his eyes in happiness, and he seemed calm."Next time....Trust me..." Starr would fall over on his back, limp, and blood pouring all over the ground. [Starr has died.]

"GET DOWN" Bastion swings Excalibur striking the watcher barely moving it an inch but he uses the opening to hook monarch and blink out of theremoving him out of the blast range though it wasnt perfect they both still took some damage from the initial firing Bastion keeps his defences raised prepared to react "you ok man?"

Monarch has a fierce air about him now, almost scary to those around him. Well it would be were Ty'nyx not there. He has taken some damage. Bastion saved him from most of it and his buttershield took some of it as well but even so he is pretty badly damaged. "Yes. We're better than okay. We're ready to murder that Bastard. Like hell are we losing now, not with our strengths once again combined. I am beyond Monarch and Zucana. Right now they are one and the same they are me and I am A GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The butterflies in his shield merge in his hand creating a large orb of ki which he pushes at extreme speed to the watcher backed with a huge energy wave causing an explosion beyond that of those caused by his butterflies in his previous assault "Though I must say Bastion I'm beginning to tire even with Zucannas energy supporting me."

"Didn't think Doritos could die, bu whatever." Azar'zer said. "Also thanks for the probability thing, you picked that riiiight out of ttgl didn't you?" Azar'zer said as he looked at Ty'nyx, for some reason Azar'zer was being surrounded by a black aura.

At the rear, Felinis was doing the best he could to provide the other fighters with some extra energy. God their energy consumption are gigantic!!! Good thing I had reserves, but I fear it,still won't be enough...

"Don't waste your power needlessly." Moeru said to Felinis. "We can do without it. Hey Bastion! Wanna learn a cool trick?" Moeru said, summoning Clarent. The blade began to glow with an ethereal red light as he held it.

Bastion moves back towards Moeru letting Monarch have some breathing room he looks to Felinis "Thanks for your help stranger but Moeru is right reserve your power to protect yourself should you need too" he holds Excalibur in the same stance as Moeru it glows too "wait these 2 want to work together for once huh now im really curious of this trick of yours"

"Why do you continue? Your power is finite and limited, whereas mine remains unchanged. You have yet to injure me, and I have yet to use what could truly be considered power in this place." Ty'nyx spoke, "The birth of universes pales in comparison to such strength, yet you believe you can match it..."

Moncana? (yeah Moncana) has a serious look as he stares down Ty'nyx. "No. We know we can surpass it. Because if we don't you'll be left to kill more people and destroy as you please. This I cannot allow so I HAVE to be able to surpass it. It's not a belief. It's not a choice. It's a promise. I know we can do it. If we can't no one else can."

"Well, Let's see what the armory has got for us...THIS BODY IS BORNE OF INFINITE SWORDS!" Moeru yelled, as him, Bastion, and their swords were enveloped in a light that mimicked a supernova. This energy then began to condense around them, taking the shape of a single being, standing as tall as Ty'nix . Once again, Moeru had taken the form of an armored machine, with waves of green electrifed flames emitting from his back The being had multiple heads on it's body, the two most human looking posted on the neck, the other in the center of the machine's torso. "So, what do ya think?" Moeru said from the top head.


"Being so big, aren't you afraid you're too big a target?" Hokus asked as 104 flaming cards flew at Ty'nyx that exploded upon contact, the explosions the size of large galaxies, as Orcus and Hokus were teleporting around him at a rapid speed, both with cards whipping around their bodies.

"i uh i don't know what i expected to be perfectly honest but it sure as hell wasn't this. Though i will say i like your style Moeru" Bastion responds from the lower head his demeanor goes instantly serious "we will be a bigger target like this so it goes without saying but hold nothing back"

Alyra finally stepped forward, having recovered. "Hokus! Moeru! We're not going to defeat him like this. Let the Trinity stand as one!" [Alyra begins activating Trinity of Flames] "Everyone, listen! We're still in the Web. Here, we've got access to all our power! Past, present, and future! Use it!"

Ty'nyx stood still as hundreds of apocalyptic explosions erupted around him, calmly replying, "Here, I hold power over creation and destruction. Do you believe such conventional methods could harm me?" Every time an explosion occured, an entire galaxy formed in between the Watcher and the blast, taking the hit. "The Seeker may speak the truth, but that merely means you have already reached your limit."

After a few more explosions, a few started hitting Ty'nyx as the galaxies he created vanished before they could take the hits. "Sorry, but if you can create and destroy, that makes me the eraser." Orcus said firing off more cards.

Hokus just grins as he switches tactics and many attacks just go past the galaxies to hit Ty'nyx. "No time line could possibly stop me in helping my friends, but I'm afraid I'd like my future power to stay a secret to me love." [Continues the Trinity of Flames]

For one, attacks actually began hitting Ty'nyx - its' body instantaneously vaporized, before reforming when the explosions died down. "What!? How did you bypass the manipulation of probability? It is impossible for any within the Web to defy its' creator's will!" It actually seemed shocked.

"The power of the past and future..." Alyra muttered to herself, "The power of the Phantom Queen, accessible in my current form..." With that, she became wreathed in an ethereal blue flame - which quickly began brightening and shifting until it was a brilliant white - augmented by the power of the Trinity. "Know the wrath of eternity!" She shouted, firing off a fully-charged Phantom Hammer with no prior preparation - the brilliant blue-white beam reaching out towards the Silent Watcher - who responded in kind, once more firing an identical attack, cancelling it out.

"It matters not! Even if you can defy this trivial manipulation of probability, you cannot hope to stand against such power. What do you know of eternity, Seeker? Nothing is eternal! Not you, not your allies, not your worlds nor stars nor universes, not even Time itself!" Ty'nyx shouted, "I am tied to the Web of Time. If you were to defeat me, time itself would collapse, and bring down your multiverse with it!"

Bastion projects himself as a seperate entity from the being him and Moeru created he stands with Excalibur drawn and his wings out still broken into the 10 segments "nothing is eternal? then maybe thats why we fight our time is precious our lives are precious, i have people waiting for me to return home" as he says this people he has made friends with trained loved and formed relationships appear behind him "i do not stand alone i have to meet my future head on" Finally Bastions from various points of his life appear from the timid boy to the man standing here before finally annabelle appears hugging his leg with daddy faintly echoing as she does. "lets go Cally lets fight for our future" with a defiant yell he charges the silent watcher spurred on and powered up by the belief of those he cared for. His blade shining a brilliant white he struck at the watcher rapidly and repeatedly blinking in persuit of his movements not relenting for an instant.

Meanwhile, Harmony had been focusing on her power - weaving time and space together in a unique form before infusing it with incredibly-powerful magic - magic she obtained from the future. The construct she created was given life once more - shaped by the magic into Starr's form.

[Starr has been revived!]

Starr's energy began to seep back into himself, and he landed on the ground, with a swift tap. He would look at Harmony, and his eyes would swell with tears. He hadn't seen his beautiful girl for so long, and they were both on the verge of dying, and madness thanks to the Web. He would run to her, and pull her into a hug."Har-Harmony..." He would choke out."I, I see you've met my mother....Thank you for saving her by the way." He brushes her silvery hair out of her eyes."You're beautiful, you know that? On the brink of chaos, and your eyes still shimmer in the glowing light." He looks at Moncana."Next time you won't be so lucky to have me as a 'friend' ya speccy bitch!" He yells in frustration. He helps Harmony up, before running towards Ty'nyx along with Alyra nearby."Hmm..." Starr reads her power, then at Hokus."This, is gonna sting if it goes wrong." His power explodes as he becomes the Silent Star after Xy'rios merged with him again."I am the son of The Trinity of Flames! I am The Shining Wisp in the Darkness! The Trinity Stands as One!" Starr becomes engulfed in pure white flames, crackling with black electricity. There were pulses along the ground, where Xy'rios had joined in."Mother, Father, Moeru, I give you the Seeker of Paradoxes Power!" He yells. The flames dies down, as he gets to one knee."Wait...Past, Present, and Future...." His head slings up."Brothers, I call upon you!" 4 orbs of energy come out of Starr, one teal, one orange, one black, and one yellow."Sun, Cosmos, Nova, and Moon!" They each charge up together, each going max."Let us become ONE" Cosmos and Nova fuse, Moon and Sun fuse, and they are both powerful. The fusions fuse, and then Starr nods."Fu....SION HA!" He screams as the being fuses with him, to become a powerful warrior."I am the Seeker of Paradoxes, the Silent Shifter, and the one who will be your demise. I am Infinite Abraxis, of House Noveria! I will being your End!" He yells, a shield begins to pulsate around him, calling forth the spirit energy of everyone fighting Ty'nyx."Alyra, Hokus, Harmony, Moncana, Moeru, Bastion , and everyone!" The shield becomes an orb again, similar to the one earlier, but 100X bigger. Lifting it with one finger, Infinite flicks it gently, but sends it at great speed."This will be your demis Ty'nyx! Oblivion of Silence!" The noise dies out, as the attack shrinks down quicker than it was made, and after a couple seconds of frozen status, the energy implodes.

After the implosion faded, once more there was nothing. Infinite noticed something was off - Harmony was gone. Ty'nyx reappeared, directly in front of him. "The Servants of Silence are my tools, nothing more. When I have no more need of them, they are discarded. Xy'rios became an Echo, curiously enough..." It said, almost to itself at the end, "It matters not. Your foolishness has doomed not just yourself, but the one you call Harmony. Would you dare attempt to slay me again?" It asked.

[Harmony is dead.]

Starr's power would begin to fade, as he sulked to the ground. Tears began streaming from his eyes, as his heart would burn. Harmony's face appeared in his mind, her cute smile, and one of their first meetings played in his mind."Hai Starr!" She would cheerfully say, appearing in front of him, with him showing panic."Harmony Nyx......My.....My beautiful...." His eyes would glow, not in anger, or frustration, but sadness."It....It's not fair...Harmony..." his eys would stream more and mroe."I loved her...Truly....and you took her from all of us...." He would stand, and look to Ty'nyx."Why must you take everything I care about!?" His anger then, explodes, but more sad then ever."First you make it to where im a paradox, and I have no family, you take my friend Xy'rios! One of the people who never left! THEN YOU KILL MY GIRL FRIEND AND SHE AS MY BEST FRIEND! ILL FUCKING MURDER YOU YOU PIECE OF TEMPORAL SHIT" He would fire many Chroniton Supernovas, fueled by rage, launching each one, no matter how taxing."I DONT CARE WHO I TAKE WITH ME AS LONG AS TOYU DONT LIVE ANOTHER SECOND! YOURE A WASTE OF SPACE A WASTE OF POWER

"Let's crank this up to elven." Azar'zer says before he quite simply raised an arm and suddenly starts charging something with it.

Tchh we're getting nowhere with all this. I still think his main goal is not to kill us, we just forced him to battle. I'll try to communicate telepathically with him to know his real intentions. And such, he extended his mind towards Ty'nyx with Pacific connotations to his mind waves.

"You know, i can hear everything you say, like, ever." Azar'zer said to Felinis. Azar'zer continued charging whatever he had in his hand before saying "Also i surrounded myself in a bubble made of void so i'm separate from your web too." to Ty'nyx and then stopped charging, pointed at Ty'nyx and fired off a beam that took the form of a spiral, this beam had enough power output to easily destroy maybe... 2 googol universes? "Hmm... I feel like adding 'It has to be this way' now." Azar'zer said to himself and continued with "Ty'nyx, even if it were to collapse, i could just take on the task of keeping it up because we're more or less the same type of being." in a nonchalant tone.

Shins new Dojutsu
Shintaro finally decides to step in and mutters quietly to himself "Past... Present... Future." He closes his eyes momentarily before upon opening them, a pattern appears on his eyes as his optical powers have been activated. "Kurogan... activate..." The seal under his eye breaks, letting him fully control his eyes. He then activates his Avatar, Incarnation of the White Dragon, it roars so loudly it literally splits open portal to an unknown dimension inside the Web itself. "I have the power of the past, present and future here. So I'm making full use of it and evolving my Kurogan so I would have full control over it..." Out of the portals that were created by Shin's Avatar, multiple copies of him emerge from said portals, ranging from Shintaro as a kid pre-experimented by Akashirou, post-experiment kid Shintaro, Teen Shintaro after arriving on Earth, Shintaro as Mystral, and even him after defeating Akashirou, from the future. However, they weren't physical bodies of Shin himself, but ethereal ghosts containing the same amount of power of each of the Shintaros. "Let me borrow your power... My own power from each timeline... So that I become a Spatial Divine Beast... Shintaro Mystral, of the Shinju and Yuji clans!!" All the auras ofthe ethereal shades of Shintaro combine with the original. Shin's aura alone become intense to even kill Tsurugi from the pressure alone. His Avatar roars at Ty'nyx before blasting him with incredible force, created from space itself. Were Ty'nyx to redirect the blast sent from the Avatar, it would be nullified, and reset its course back to Ty'nyx, seeming the blast would warp past his defense through manipulation of space.

Mirage suddenly starts messing with something invisible before music starts playing.

  • It Has to Be This Way (Instrumental) - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Music Extended

    It Has to Be This Way (Instrumental) - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Music Extended

     Alt Battle Theme

The machine that Moeru and Bastion merged into disappeared. It showed up directly in front of the watcher, as he pierced through it with a simple silver light in the shape of the blade. Apparently they had fused multiple galaxies together into a solid blade of energy. "You don't get it? We don't care about time, space, or any of your stupid concepts. We don't give a damn about any of it. We force our way down the path we choose to take, and do it all by ourselves!" Moeru and Bastion said in unison [Moeru completes Trinity of Flames]. As they finished speaking, the mech punched Ty'Nix directly in the face with a fist enveloped by glittering red and green miniature galaxies. Each of them burning and exploding as they hit the watcher, piercing all forms of defense it could conceive.

Moncana scowls at the Watcher "You're right nothing is eternal. Not I, not the worlds I've lived on or the people I knew." He pauses before looking straight at the watcher. "And neither are you. It's time you disappeared Watched just like everything eventually does, you die the web collapses we'll find someone to keep it up. All I know is you can not be allowed to carry on, so for you my friend it appears that eternity is up." He grins before shouting "SPIRITS OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN ALL THE UNIVERSES GIVE YOUR KING YOUR ENERGY!" Moncana raises his hands in the air and begins charging a spirit bomb fed by the energy in every being in every universe. "THIS IS THE POWER OF ALL THOSE WHO WOULD SEE YOU GONE WATCHER! WE ALONE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SURPASS YOUR STRENGTH BUT WITH THE SUPPORT OF EVERY BEING IN EVERY WORLD WE CAN CRUSH YOU!" The spirit ball now the size of a large star with near infinite power within it is thrown towards the watcher at ridiculous speeds.

Moeru and Bastion would feel that their energy suddenly increased by a lot as the cyan glow returned.

"C'mon, Ty'nyx-chan, just who the hell do you think we are?" Mirage said in a suprisingly cocky and taunting tone to Ty'nyx as he continued to fire his extremely powerful blast with relative ease, there was no exact spread of the blast, rather it focused at Ty'nyx and didn't fly past him.

Toko comes flying out of nowhere, the rock still orbiting at stupid speeds. he flies down towards the enemy, a black rose forms in front of him, "Guess you really can never be a memory, I need to borrow your power" Toko rips off the blindfold and closes his eyes, the rose shatters in front of him, a wild grin spreads across his face, his aura rages in reds and blacks and his horn grows, when his eyes open they are both solid lack with a red glow "AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA, GUESS WHO'S BACK!" Psycho looks around spawning sword after sword after sword letting them fill the air, "TINMAN!? AND BUTTERFLY, TWO OF YOU!?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS WILL BE FUN!" Psycho turns from his target and charges at Bastion "HELLO TIN MAN!" Psycho screams "Back it up you our target is the big guy" Toko interrupts "SHUT UP!"

I SAID WE ARE ATTACKING THE WATCHER SHIBO! The echoing voice from Toko barks in a commanding tone, Psycho turns around and repurposes at the Watcher "I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU TINMAN!" he screams as he brings the blades cascading around him, Toko shoots like a rocket to the ground howling, he hits the ground and thousands of blades burst out of it and fill the sky "STAGE 1 RAIN!" the blades begin falling from the sky targeting Watcher in what looks like a storm of black rain "STAGE 2 INFECTION!" Toko moves around the battlefield grabbing swords that missed as they touch they change into glass roses, he spins throwing thousands of them in "AND FINALLY STAGE 3 EPIDEMIC " The remaining blades submerge into the ground littering the area with small roses acting like mines including standing on the watcher himself, "NOW FINALLY THE HIDDEN STAGE 4!!!!! WHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Toko glances "What I never had that?" Psycho spins in hysterics "FUTURE BABY!!!!!!!" Millions of blades come towards Toko, Breaking in from tears in the fabric of reality "STAGE 4 HARVEST!" the blades begin flooding around Toko, the scattered Roses blazing with power, A single pure black glittering Scythe is held in Pscho's hands, a glittering beam connecting it and all the roses, Each of them explode in giant planetery size explosions, then Toko thrusts the Scythe forward causing it to Explode into a huge beam of black energy sparking and raging drawing the roses explosions into it and bouncing off the areas they were, when Finally the concentrated beam fires at The Watcher, millions of Black swords fly with it.


a few of the bastions sigh though the timid one looks kind of unaware "of course he had to come back" the 10 wings all shine and disperse 2 going to toko forming a what appears to be a hybrid of a blade and a lance "here toko a little assistance and if you call it a tomahawk i will murderise you with it" the second set go to monarch forming 2 emerald butterflies on his wrists "sorry its not your style but that was a damn good idea with the spirit bomb use these to push it further as between you two in the ego off im weighing up my options" the final pieces and around Moeru and Bastion "I leave this to you big guy take my power see what it can do" he takes the final fragment to Starr seeing him in his broken state he punches him in the face hard to knock some sense into him "you aren't to blame here Starr he is the one who toyed with her life you loved her despite her quirks you gave her a life" he lifts him up by his collar when he doesnt respond "so you are just going to give up you are going to throw away all chances to bring her back? Man up Starr we are here to fight and win so we can bring back those taken from us, if we fall here then so does everything so stand up Starr show that determination when you promised to protect the universe and fight so we can return to our lives an bring them all back"

Alyra finally stepped up - surrounded by Phantom Spheres - hundreds, if not thousands of them. All of them flew towards a single point, growing in size and intensity, before suddenly imploding into a single, brilliant blue point. Augmented by the Trinity, Alyra spoke. "I used to think the Silent Ones were invincible. That they were gods, ruling over space and time. Well...let's disprove those beliefs." With that, the phantom energy was released - a Phantom Hammer, focused into a single, thin beam, piercing through the Watcher's defenses as if they weren't there.

The entire battlefield - space itself - was shaking, distorting, and in some areas even being torn apart by the intensity of the attacks. Ty'nyx was fighting back - equally matching many attacks. Azar'zer's beam once more struck a beam of equal strength, the resulting shockwave being the end of countless realities - not that there was any limit to them, in the infinite space of the multiverse. Shintaro's attacks simply blinked out of existence, being swallowed up into rips in not just space, not just time, but existence itself, simply ceasing to be. The mech, powered by Moeru and Bastion, was hit as well - the Watcher counterattacking, fusing the scraps of the universe around them into a blade to strike at their own - before it simply teleported out of the way of Moncana's Spirit Bomb. "This will not end here, not for me! Not for the Silent Ones!" It declared, when Toko slammed into it - out of absolutely nowhere.

"Try harder." Mirage said, and simply continued to fire his blast.

While the Watcher was recovering - after all, the sheer number and intensity of attacks were beginning to get out of control, even for it - the Phantom Hammer struck it - and the resulting blast of energy caused a gargantuan explosion in Time - damaging even the Web. Once more, reality shook - and a horrific screech could be heard as time began to break down in the area. The Watcher slowly reformed, somewhat distant.

"Enough of this!" Uncountable universes began swirling around it - slamming together, merging, compressing into a single point, which glowed a brilliant white - outshining every other reality out there. "I grow tired of your pathetic existence! This ends now!" The energy contained within was, to be blunt, immeasurable - outshining even the Multiversal Spirit Bomb - and it fired. "Burn in the everlasting hellfire of creation! Be utterly annihilated, down to the last scrap of D.N.A.!" The resulting energy wave was all-encompassing, targeting each and every fighter.

"Try harder." Mirage said, and simply continued to fire his blast before suddenly fading out of existence completely until the giant energy wave dissipated and then he reappeared.

After barreling into The Watcher Toko springs back, just in time for the Rock to come back around on its orbit, he latches on and blasts away again, "WOOP WOOP WOOP" Screams Psycho Toko as he flies away.

Starr had stopped attacking quickly enough to review some magic from his future, which was also the resurrection technique used by Harmony. He would concentrate, on bring Harmony back to life, as a swirling mass of energy manifested. Looking up to see the attack from Ty'nyx coming, Starr began to use instant transmission as Harmony came back to life. Grabbing her arm, he would resume the teleport, but then, he would see someone about to be destroyed. He would gasp, and instantly send out a tentacle to pull Felenis in. Starr, Harmony and Felenis would escape the blast.

[Harmony has been revived!]

"What...?" Harmony said - having been both revived and teleported to safety. "Starr...? When could you revive people?" She said, before vanishing - reappearing shortly thereafter with Alyra, who was saved from the blast.

Oddly enough once the blast has finished the only person in the vicinity is Monarch... and he appears unscratched. In fact he looks in better condition then when the blasts were fired. "Honestly Ty'nyx. That's all you could muster. It didn't even hit me, and you claim to be a better God than I? The great Monarch, what a pathetic waste of flesh you turned out to be. I expected at least a slight challenge and this is all you can muster? Pathetic." Meanwhile behind the multiversal spirit bomb is a much more damaged Monarch charging a Final Flash aiming it at the Spirit bomb in such a way that it would hit Ty'nyx

(WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Monarch teleported behind the spirit bomb to avoid the blast then created a clone using his cloud ring. The clone teleported back in once the blast was nearly over and began slagging off Ty'nyx while the real Monarch charges a final flash.)

Bastion in both his singular and his mech form use all there power to rapidly move out of the vacinity of the blast as bastion re-appears he staggers his core sparking violently "w-w-what is..... this" a fragment of the power being unleashed by the watcher is pilfered by the core it merges with it and Bastion body is slowly enveloped in a bright glow and green electricity he is screaming in pain as his body undergoes rapid sudden evolution his body begins losing parts of its features but still enough remain to tell it was him his wings remain and regroup as the aura breaks and reality shakes further his voice appears hollow with only a fraction of Bastions voice ringing through "the core sensed it and told me one thing power..... i need more POWER" in his new state he draws upon universal energies similar to what the watcher and mirage where doing but he doesnt destroy them he merely replicates the power "even if it costs me my life my individuality, my identity i cannot allow my friends to fall here" he charges at the watcher moving at a pace even he cant comprehend striking the watcher breaking through his manipulation of probability and time countering it with his own. The same power the watcher launched into the blast is now concentrated in the punch bastion delivered leaving the watcher exposed "NOW EVERYONE DO IT NOW"

Felinis, after thanking Starr for saving him, resumed to what he was doing with his past and future selves: they were collecting energy and focusing it in a single mental wave, ready for use if a final distraction is needed. To his own astonishment, that wave was of astronomical power, thanks to his future selves who have gained much experience and would easily range on par with at least half of the group individually. "Guys, if you ever need my intervention just say it, I will be too much occupied focusing my psychic ki to pay attention to another thing that a signal."

Ty'nyx didn't even notice the others, noticing someone - apparently Monarch - completely unharmed. It focused its' power once more, causing space to collapse around the copy. Meanwhile, Alyra began conjuring forth even more Phantom Spheres - and sending them around her allies - after all, they augmented the power of whoever they were orbiting. Then, the Watcher was struck by Bastion - once again disintegrating and reforming - considerably slower than normal, however. "Silenced power!? Used by an Echo?" It actually paused - providing an opening for others, notably Monarch - and the Spirit Bomb struck. In the aftermath of the blast, Ty'nyx had vanished.

"He's still around." Alyra warned, "Let's use this opportunity to get us all at full power." Monarch smirks "As I said before Ty'nyx. I, Monarch, am the God of Kings. Soon even the silent ones will kneel before me." he then flies up to Bastion and begins recharging his energy. "Damn it didn't kill him. But I am impressed my distraction actually worked, it's every Gods weakness is their ego... Thanks for the assist by the way I think he must be severely damaged by now... we just have to finish him before he gets a chance to heal..." he looks very serious and pretty damn tired.

Bastion points to the butterflies on his wrists and looks to be struggling just to make a sound "" his voice sounding less and less like Bastion slowly little bits of his features dissapear his eyes start darting around "infinate..... movement......he is..... confused" he starts moving his finger as certian sections of the web are blocked off forcing the watcher on a different route "prepare..... not over......yet"

Monarch breaks one of the butterflies and his energy is fully replished "WOW Where did you get these from they're fantatic." He offers the other one to him "You aren't soundng too hot mate take it. I'm prepared for him, he won't be easy but now's our chance I am not letting it slip away. I am beyond him and his silent one status and refuse to lose to him so you charge back up so you don't lose to him either."

Although Toko isn't present, who knows where in the strange Orbit he is, or maybe he's going so fast by now he's always there, anyway. Huge Black blades every few seconds join the fight and spin in swarms of hundreds into The Watcher, keeping a consistent barrage to keep him off balance.

" energy....use other.....too.....charge......up.....powers" he seems frustrated with the losing of his voice he conjours his words they appear in the air it reads "I don't know what this power is but i see the powers and limits the watcher possesses, we caught him by surprise that time he didnt expect us to match and even exceed him so he may throw everything he has at us so keep up with the bright ideas. The butterfly is a portion of my energy feel free to use it too supliment your ki or let yourself fight a bit further"

"If he's got a limit, what is it?" Alyra said, moving amongst everyone and casting ungodly-powerful restoration spells to heal everyone up. "I'm particularly worried about the fact that, one way or another, he's still got control over time, for obvious reasons...and he hasn't once used that power yet. Something tells me that the real fight's about to start."

"We need to stop standing around and find that thing! We have no idea where it went, or what it might be doing, and there is absolutely nothing good about that." Moeru said, his mechanized body losing its glow slightly, as his emotions leveled out.

"Reading... Reading..." Azar'zer said as he kept looking at the position the watcher was at before and stopped any other action. "Oh, i messed up." Azar'zer says as he crosses his arms and returns to normal size for the moment.

"I haven't been contributing enough to the fight." Shintaro says. "My optical ability, Kurogan, is able to manipulate space and physically tear the subspace around my opponents at will... I'm not sure about what my power is limited to, as it was too unstable for common use until my different timeline selves helped me powered up. However, I believe I can access an ability which can let me create portals. Perhaps I could create one to get to the Silent Watcher?"

"Restriction 0 Released." Azar'zer says, if his power could even be sensed it suddenly jumped by 10^100^100 digits and he was no longer glowing purple, rather he was glowing green, his mouth remained the same color though. 

Restriction 0 Released

"its infinate power only exists under his own rules, if he were to leave the web he would become bound by the very laws he transcends" Bastions writing proclaims "i do agree about time manipulation Alyra even, if he was underestimating us it seems strange almost like something is preventing it I'm sorry i can't say more its difficult to concentrate with silence trying to claim my emotions" there is a faint hint of a smirk on his now almost featureless face as the glow is suddenly blocked off and rerouted "the best i can do is try to route him away from existances that favor him, he is fast and more used to this ability blind luck is all i have to assist you with right now"

"Ty'nyx, i ask you again. Who the hell do you think we are?" Azar'zer says in a cocky tone to his surroundings, since Ty'nyx was no longer present in a physical state there. Azar'zer's voice seemed to have changed as well, still keeping the same reverb-ish effect as his former voice but sounding a lot different.

"Then we need to get him out of the Web. The Watcher's not kidding about our defeat being inevitable, but only if we stay here." Alyra concluded. "The problem is anywhere we take the fight to will be linked with the Web, unless it's beyond the multiverse..."

Starr looks to Harmony, and embraces her in a hug."Just now I'm pretty sure." He says, as he begins to kiss her passionately. Looking to Alyra, he knows he can't hurt her, so he walks over to her, and hugs her, his eyes almost crying."It's been over a year since I've done that..." He says. As he pulls away, he watches Mirage's true form surface."Azar'zer..." He would say, frowning."I always thought you are a clown, that would never be taken seriously....Weak...But , you're strong." He says, releasing Alyra, and walking over to him."Both of us of us are very powerful, powerful enough to bend time." Starr's eyes glow a bright white, and as does his mouth."Silent Watcher, I will not watch you torment my friends any longer. Mother, my Saiyan father, watch as I show the the true power of Starr Abraxis!" Starr's skin peels away in a flurry of of fiery burning ashes. Starr's form becomes similar to Ty'nyx, but his body was the darkest of black, and slender, with 8 light tentacles pushing from his back. His power also increased drastically."This is the Power of the Seeker of Silence....This is my true form Ty'nyx!" He would say, as his voice bounced similar to Azar'zer's."Azar'zer, what say we take back the Web for the forces of good? The Continuum Subspace on Mundus Inferius is outside of the multiverse, but I do not know if I have enough of my temporal energy on standby to make the rift." He says, his tentacles flipping violently around him, his eyes and mouth merely holes with a glowing light permeating from the inside of his soul.

Ty'nyx reappeared - merely blinking into existence once more, rather than slowly regenerating. A tangible aura could be seen around it - the Web actively being repelled by its' power - though not enough that it could be considered outside the Web. "Do you believe that your plan will work, Echoes? Anywhere you draw me to will become a part of the Web! I have witnessed all possible futures, and the probability of your success is as it always was: Zero!"

"Yeah yeah." Mirage said before everbody in the team suddenly learned a plan from Azar'zer. Azar'zer suddenly reappears in front of Ty'nyx and instantly pushed him to the invisible ground before shouting "OROCHI BURENSEN!!!! BAAAAKAAA GAAAAA!" and kicked Ty'nyx countless amounts of times with incomprihensible amounts of force before then kicking him up and away so hard that a hole in the multiverse and web of time formed slightly behind Ty'nyx, Ty'nyx was now surrounded by the same bubble as Azar'zer and it seemed to mess with his web of time control thing as well as probability a little bit.

Monarch appears in front of Ty'nyx with a ridiculously strong big bang attack in his hand which he pushes to Ty'nyx's chest pushing him through the portal. "I AM BEYOND ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER BE! SILENT ONE! BY THE END OF THIS YOU WILL FEAR THE NAME MONARCH AND COWER IN THE PRESENCE OF A TRUE GOD!" He follows Ty'nyx through the portal and starts barraging him with ki attacks giving the others time to follow him in. "YOU FEEL THAT TY'NYX THAT'S WHAT FEAR FEELS LIKE! TIME TO DIE!"


  •  BGM Change

Outside the Web was, quite simply, an endless black void - after all, there was no light. The portal itself was plainly visible, however - no visible edges beyond where the image of the Web itself was.

Ty'nyx actually seemed visibly injured from the initial blast - and now that it was outside the Web, he wasn't regenerating. That said, an octagonal barrier of energy - orange in color - flared up around it, effortlessly tanking the ki attacks. "A true god, you say? As I said before, allow me to disprove your beliefs." It said, raising a single finger - a brilliant white beam of light instantaneously forming, shooting out towards Monarch - and striking him in the forehead. There was no injury, yet the effect was obvious. [Monarch is dead.]

Feeling it would be enough to hold Ty'nyx occupied for several seconds, Felinis screamed: " Take your chance while you still can!" On this, he unleashed all the mental energy he and his selves had been gathering, focusing all of it on Ty'nyx's mind.

Once again, the octagonal barrier flared up - notably, however, Ty'nyx wasn't attacking or moving, possibly concentrating on repelling this particular attack.

Bastion Blinks behind Ty'nyx although he no longer holds infinate power the silent energy is still giving him a significant boost he draws excalibur and channels his energy into it slashing Ty'nix with great ferocity. He Channels all of his energy into the slash as it impacts causing a great increase in power. He prepares for retaliation

Toko crashes through the portal at sonic speeds riding his rock, which then moves into a new orbit as Toko jumps at stupid speeds rocketing at the Watcher and barrelling into him, as he is knocked back Toko draws Bravo Sword and Spirit Blade, and begins an onslaught of slashes backed up with the hundreds of large flying swords slashing with him, "HELLO TINMAN! YOU NEEDED SOME BACK UP HAHAHAHAHA" Toko intervenes "I'm not fond of having Psycho around, but I have control, figured I should attack" Toko ends a combo with a huge mass stabbing of blades, a torrent of swords crushing into The Watcher then Toko continues slashing.

The watcher suddenly feels a great force hit his barrier an infinite amount of times with unspeakable force as green snake formed energy went through the portal, some of the snakes even ignored the shield. Suddenly a great beam of energy so unspeakably powerful it isn't even worth mentioning, hit his chin and face so hard that it would send him flying into oblivion most likely, Azar'zer suddenly stood in in front of Ty'nyx's former position and sang "Bizzare it's, from start to end, placed side by side anguish and torment and -exquisite pain-~"

Shintaro moves in closer to Ty'nyx, just at the correct range to be able to use one of his Kurogan's attacks - Shin stretches his palm out and seemingly lets out a tiny gust of wind as it approached Ty'nyx; though, after it floats closer to him, Shin grasps his palm into a knuckle, and his eye glows. It appears that Shintaro had created a rip in the void leading to a dimension unlinked to the Web of Time - it was small enough that you could only fit something like a human's arm inside it, but everything inside it gets permanently dissipated in the process. This "distortion" that Shintaro had create slowly drains the Watcher's energy emitted from his aura, 0.1% of his full power per second. It can be classified as a 'pseudo-black hole', as it can only selectively leech Ty'nyx's power. After it had finished forming, Shintaro quickly dashes backwards away from it, and his eye stop glowing. "So, this is what my Kurogan is capable of now... I could create multiple copies of these pseudo-black holes - but I don't have enough time to make that many..."

Hokus just appeared behind Ty'Nyx, and quite simply, punched him. Right before the attack hit, Orcus made his barrier blink out of existence, allowing the attack through. When it hit, a black flame engulfed him before it exploded, the resulting energy imploding in on him.

To be blunt, literally nothing ignored the shield outright - and even Orcus's attempt to erase it from existence failed. However, the strongest attacks seemed to actually extend partially into the barrier, rather than being stopped by it. Shintaro's attempt to drain the Watcher's power also failed - the instant it got pulled away, it was re-absorbed by Ty'nyx - as if Ty'nyx was nothing but its' own, unfathomable power. The 'wound' it had from Monarch's attack seemed to vanish, but it appeared to be a purely visual distinction - and then the Watcher counterattacked, a massive shockwave extending out in all directions. "Your defeat has truly become an inevitability, then. Even if you were to defeat me, you have removed me from the Web, and I am the only thing keeping it stable. Thanks to your actions, everything in your reality will cease to be." It calmly spoke.

"I left the chronomanipulator there." Alyra spoke up, "At the very least, it'll delay the collapse until a solution is found. So, everyone? Don't hold back." Her power manifested - her incredible mastery of magic becoming apparent as she began strengthening every single one of her allies. Harmony appeared next to her, acting to further augment this attempt - the power of all those fighting the Watcher suddenly skyrocketing.

Immediately after, Alyra reached out, using the last of her temporal power - after all, she left the chronomanipulator behind - to literally grab onto Monarch's timeline. "Yes, you'll die. But not today." She spoke, literally pulling him back into reality. [Monarch has been revived!]

Shintaro's eye glows as he sends another pseudo-black hole, but instead of letting it sap onto his energy passively, this one instantly imploded once close enough to Ty'nyx, possibly taking 5% of the watcher's energy and letting it disintegrate in the pseudo-black hole's dimension. "Not enough effort..." Shin grunts to himself.

Mirage snaps his fingers sometime during the mean time and changes the song to Endless Despair. Followed by rushing forward and quickly singing "Bizzare it's, running through me! Bleeding fool, i'm your killer! You're my victim, offered to me!" and then suddenly fading out of existence and reappearing slightly later, behind Ty'nyx as an X shaped slash of green and black energy forms behind him, compirsed of -infinite- energy stored into infinite space which would most likely deal inhuman amounts of damage to Ty'nyx, Mirage then turns around before going "OROCHI BURENSEN! BAKAAAAA GAAAA!" and pushing him down to the ground and kicking him over and over again, this time the infinite energy-fininte space thing was still active, making it especially dangerous.

Endless Despair Dual Mix

Moeru stepped through the portal, before constructing a large black rectangular case apparently out of nothing."Hey Bastion! I got one more trick for ya, and I think you'll like this one even more than the last!" he said as he opened the case. From within flew thousands of blades, or more accurately, thousands of copies of the same two blades.

"A gift from all the infinite universes!" He said, as the various Clarents and Excaliburs flew around Moeru's mechanical body, lining up above him, before taking on their respective red and golden glows. Oddly enough, their shapes began to morph, causing the blades and hand guards of the swords to corkscrew into a drill-like form.

"Man, I really don't know what will happen if I let loose all this power...Ah, well. We're in a void anyway."Moeru said as the blades began to fly at Ty'Nyx. It was true that he and Bastion had never fused the power of their strongest attacks before, let alone on such a large scale. The fact that Moerus ki could no longer be sensed aside, It was quite obvious that there was alot of energy about to be let loose.

Azar'zer suddenly stops kicking before disappearing from his current location, letting the drills fly at Ty'nyx. He suddenly reappeared not far away from his former position and continued to sing "What a shame... no escape, even if you cry out there's no one. Nothing but violence can save the world!", there would be no way to define if Mirage was actually using the song to represent Ty'nyx or the heroes.

Monarch smirks watching the swords fly towards Ty'nyx "THIS IS MY SECOND COMING TY'NYX AND WITH IT I WILL TEAR YOU APART! I AM THE GOD OF KINGS! BEHOLD MY FLUTTERING KINGDOM!" With his revitalised enegry he forms millions of butterflies all ready to explode they all begin to cornscrew around the flying blade at highspeeds keeping up with it adding a huge amount of power to the damage the blade is about to do. "FEEL MY WRATH!" He forms a gigantic butterfly beneath his feet which fires a gigantic energy beam at Tynyx in an attempt to weaken his defences. Being closer to Tynyx this hits before the sword and explosive butterflies.

Starr watches the butterflies, and then hears a message from someone in Heaven."I know what to do, father." He opens a small rift, and Aaron steps through.

Aaron watches the chaos."Starr....What are you?" He asks, in awe of Starr's form.

Starr looks at True."Don't question it."

Aaron."Who are you talking to?"

Starr wraps all of the tentacles around Aaron, lifting him."Just take this." Starr uses some life magic to bring Aaron back to life.

[Aaron has been...Revived? o_o ]

"Well, there goes that strategy. I guess we do have to go all out Orcus." Hokus says releasing loads of magical energy as everyone is surrounded by a red barrier and Ty'nyx gets covered in red orange flames. Orcus dissapears again as everyone gets a boost in power, obviously holding back in the lines to keep this boost up.

"Wailing wailing! a loud cry! of pain or rage or sorrow!" Mirage continued to sing before suddenly closing the hole to their multiverse temporarily and then continuing with "And with a wonderful singing voice UNBRIDLED!" followed by being even more enshrouded by his own green aura.

"Enough! No matter what power you wield, there shall be silence!" Ty'nyx declared - however, the attacks were, in fact, a moment away from breaching his barrier.

"Then what about your own power?" Alyra calmly spoke, teleporting right in front of the Watcher's barrier - and striking it exactly once with the Endbringer. The weapon's unique abilities instantly broke the shield, and Alyra teleported back - with the assistance of Harmony - a moment before the area lit up like a supernova from the resulting explosion from all the attacks connecting. Once again, Ty'nyx reappeared in the aftermath - starting to reform.

"Wailing wailing! a loud cry! of pain or rage or sorrow! and with a wonderful singing voice! I was beside myself, myself!" Mirage says right after appearing almost a nanometer from Ty'nyx's face before suddenly shouting "JAYOKU HOUTENJIN!" and literally kicked infinite energy confined to finite space and formed it into a snake that would bite his throat, followed by saying "Orochizanto...!" then sighing a little bit as he was surrounded by even more energy followed by shouting "REPPUGA!" and then suddenly several hundreds of copies of the snake flew towards Ty'nyx as he was most likely launched into the air, wether it damaged him or not, and would if successful, bite ty'nyx.

Monarch appears in front of Ty'nyx "Looks like you're not as invincble as you thought... now let me show you the power of a true God. You will never harm anyone again Tynyx I will make sure of that, this is the end. I have surpassed the power of even a silent one and ascended beyond. This is what I am. Monarch the man who's about to kill you." He hits him several times in quick succesion each leaving a black and red butterfly mark, he then quickly flies back sending in thousands of butterflies to land on the reforming Tynyx and drain his energy, suddenly the black and red marks create a supernove like explosion with all the energy sapped by the blue butterflies adding onto it sending the power into gigantic proportions, in an attempt to slay the false idol known as Tynyx.

The silenced Bastion watches as he slowly regains his voice and some of his emotions "all of this pride to beat him i couldn't stand in the way here but i suppose it always was my place to be in the background" he smiles as his wings slowly emerge unfurling they appear like large crystaline versions of themselves "silent potentia" his wings fragment into a crystal that bonds with each of the fighters giving them a significant power boost and attunes their energy to oppose Ty'nyx so it does more damage and is harder to regenerate "i hope my power is helpful to you all" he stays back slightly seemingly split between helping and supporting the Chronmanipulator with supporting the web.

Felinis, while regaining his Strengh in the background in the Web, watched as the fighters chained attacks."Gosh, we might actually see the end of this fight... On the good side as a bonus!!"

Mirage in his armor with the sword.

Azar'zer was suddenly covered by what appears to be black and green armor as he summons a giant sword made of the same thing, raising it into the air and shouting "I will show you the true hand of god!" as the sword was promptly being surrounded with the energy from before, slowly forming a large drill with the face of a snake just sort of imprinted on it. "Giga orochi...-" Azar'zer started chanting.

  • BlazBlue Alter Memory ブレイブルー オルターメモリー Opening (FULL)

    BlazBlue Alter Memory ブレイブルー オルターメモリー Opening (FULL)

"-DRILL BREAKER!" Azar'zer shouts before forming a drill around the sword he held upwards, followed by charging at Ty'nyx with the giant green-black glowing drill, making it spin almost infinitely fast as he was suddenly a few centimeters away from Ty'nyx with the drill, then he shoves it forward as he flies at Ty'nyx in an attempt to pierce through him with it and then drill him apart. For your information, this drill is 10^100 times larger then Azar'zer and Azar'zer is as tall as Ty'nyx right now. P.S This attack has the ability to actually destroy ones very being.

Shintaro holds in place waiting to attack Ty'nyx as Azar'zer finishes his attack. He then discards his polearm as he opens a portal large enough to fit the polearm, and simply throws it in. He smirks as he thinks "Interdimensional Storage... That's gonna come in handy in the future." He smirks, before putting his arm in front, with his palm fully open, and places his other hand, in a closed fist, on his palm. A white light emerges from the gap between his hands, before black crackling sparks follow up. Shin decides to take his closed fist away from his palm, before it appears he has formed a weapon - most like a sword judging from how he's wielding it - made of pure white flames and pitch black lightning sparks. He then swipes the sword through the air/void, which produces several projectile-like slashes which distort space and cuts through any matter, they all travel scattered towards Ty'nyx, hitting him in various areas of his 'body', before Shin places his hand together in a prayer-like position, which in turns dispells his new sword and travels into his palms, before he separates his hands once more, this time forming a giant round ball of energy that is purely black, and with a mysterious white aura around it, which seemingly doesn't obscure the black color of the ball, no matter from which direction you look at the ball. "Mugen Kudoudama (Infinite Void Sphere)... Kiero! (Vanish!)" He launches it at Ty'nyx that appeared to have the equivalent power of Phantom Hammer, with similar properties as Shintaro's Ocular Powers, Kurogan, possess - it was able to destroy any type of space or matter. As he launches it, it was much smaller and condense into a small area; nonetheless, it was large enough to be 7/8th the size of Ty'nyx's abdominal area.

Starr looks at Aaron."Do you have all of the power from your previous versions and future versions of yourself?" He asks, a pure white shield forming.

Aaron blinks."Uhhh"

"Release it all at once into a beam."

Aaron does so, and the shield glows. The fusion splits, and Aaron watches Moon,Sun,Nova,and Cosmos give their energy to Starr's shield. It concentrates into a ball in Starr's hand, growing once more bigger than Ty'nyx once more."Oblivion Of Silence!" Starr yells, sending this ball onto Ty'nyx.

Starr pushes Aaron through a rift, sending him back to Earth.

Alyra and Harmony stepped up - surrounded by, of course, the Phantom Spheres generated earlier while in the Web. Curiously enough, they were a blinding white rather than blue. All the spheres simply merged into one, with no particular special effects - the only visible effect being that one sphere seemed to get brighter as it absorbed the others - not larger. Alyra turned to Harmony, and nodded - and the sphere converted itself into a beam, similar to Phantom Hammer, only focused - striking the point in Oblivion where Ty'nyx was.

Hokus finished charging his energy, fusing Magic and Ki into himself before it just vanished. Hokus got up slowly and pointed his fingers in a gun shape towards Ty'nyx before all the energy burst forward, ripping through through time so it hit him an infinite number of times.

In the aftermath, Ty'nyx was gone once more - but something remained in its' place. A sphere, roughly a foot across, pitch black yet with a uniform white glow outlining it. Alyra spoke up, "So...who wants the final blow? Might want to finish him off before he regenerates."

Monarch smirks "I will destroy this so called deity myself." He flies up to the orb "Are you afraid yet? For the first time in your pitiful existence do you feel fear? Suddenly everything that you are is going to be removed from existence in every universe. How does thta feel Ty'nyx? To be destroyed by a self proclaimed God from one of the pitiful universes you created? You new all the odds and probabilities didn't you. Never underestimate a proud man Ty'nyx, pride gives a man the ability to break though all possibilities, and I've just done it. The mad butterfly God brings down the creator of the universe, I have ascended beyond the silent ones now and truely am a God. So I suppose it's time to remove the competition." He simply places his hand on the orb and creates a huge energy wave wiping the orb from existence. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top. He simply destroyed the orb.

"Blablabla, you're a god, who the fuck cares, boom, endless despair." Mirage says as the ball that was wiped from existence was suddenly replaced by a green and black glow that slowly became smaller as Mirage had literally trapped Ty'nyx in Endless Despair, or well, what remained of him. Mirage turned his head to Moeru/Bastion/Something and saying "Moeru, you should focus on collecting those dragonballs-oranges-whatever to revive your wife, because chances are you need to deal with Elphelt crying a loooooooooooooooooot." 

Mirage suddenly turns his head to the side and summons the sword he had before and then shouted "Kokujin Ogi: Akumetsu!" before suddenly slashing an infinite amount of times into thin air, green string of energy appearing as he did so, before suddenly cutting a hole into their multiverse once more. Then his armor quickly disappeared as he had his green-ty'nyx like appearance once more, and proceeded to step into the multiverse and the web of time.

The Boundary

Starr thinks."Um, Mirage. May I speak with you for a moment?" He asks, stepping through the rift Mirage made, and walked over to him. He then would place his ethereal hand on Mirage's forehead, sending him a memory in a future soon to come."Help me make this a realty Mirage of Void." He asks, smiling.

"You know, you don't need to send me memories because i already sort of know everything that i'm told outside of oblivion which means i'm sort of in direct contact with you so bleh. Anyways, let's do it." Mirage says and raises his hand into the air and pointed at the blank sky, his grin still remaining.

"That is true. Never mind the memory then, let's just make this a reality already." Starr raises his hand into the sky as well, his glowing eyes amplifying.

"Dai roku roku roku kōsoku kikan kaihō... Wait, no, that's the wrong one." Mirage says and then cleared his throat and saying "I hereby lay claim to this place." and started forming a mass of green and black energy above him and Starr.

Starr amplifies his voice."I hereby lay claim to this place as well, to protect and educate existence" He says, as white energy begins pouring into the mass, and crackling cyan streaks form throughout it.

"I acknowledge the existence of this place, beginning observation." Mirage says to himself as the mass of energy suddenly spreads out across the WoT evenly before saying "Phenomena intervention." and suddenly altered the properties of the place slightly.

Starr says "Phenomena Intervention" in sync with Mirage, and the mass began to change."Starr Abraxis of House Noveria and Mirage of Void claim this place as our own, to protect the timelines falling into turmoil, and to keep peace throughout existence, this we promise."

"There, it should be done." Mirage says and then crosses his arms. "Anybody want an aftermath RP?" Mirage suddenly asks, it could easily be heard through the hole in the multiverse.

Starr chuckles."That could be fun, but now. When shall we open it up?" He asks, looking up at the mass.

The mass melted into the background as the area suddenly began to change, what it looked like would be up to interpretation but it certainly wasn't as boring as the web of time. "Let's call this 'The Boundary'" Mirage says to himself before responding to Starr with "When more people are here perhaps?" 

Felinis thought to himself: Hell these fighters are amazing. That power... It goes beyond imagination. He then looked to a few of his future selves. Heh, at least I'm sure to be able to access to that kind of power later. After that, he discreetly exited the Web to try and go back to his planet, not seeing or remembering the little girl who has been traveling with him who follows him.

"Hmm...The boundary...I like it" Starr says smiling."So, where shall we store this?" He asks, looking up at it.

"We can just have it link with other universes below it as if it were some sort of heaven." Mirage responds.

"Hmm. That could work." Starr's ethereal skin would crack, and light would shine from it. Floating up, his skin would burst open, as it would glow brightly, and then his human body would lightly float down, fully clothed and well."Ah, that's better." He smiles at Mirage."Let's go to the Boundary"

"Aren't we already there?" Mirage asks.

Rebuilding the web

The web of time may have taken some serious damage in the process of the battle and was naturally faring the worst as a result. The Chronomanipulator was doing a good job of stabalising time however it was not a fixer Silent Bastion watches through the rift as the watcher falls "hey guys if you could all be lambs and just uh casually return to existance we can fix the tiny little cataclysmic problem of the foundation of time taking so much damage" he seems to have regained most of his voice although Bastions features are still in a state of nonexistance.