This is the site of the Grand Inter-Dimensional World Martial Arts tournament.


Current rewards (may change):

  1. 1,000,000 Zeni
  2. 750,000 zeni
  3. 500,000 Zeni
  4. 250,000 Zeni
  5. 125,000 Zeni


The rules are as follows.

  1. You can only have 5 characters max enter the tournament under your control.
  2. First one to get their opponents character to 1 health wins. You may not use any healing items.
  3. Majins may transform for their racial transformation stat bonuses, but any regeneration effects gained from Base Form, Super Form, and Pure Form are negated. This rule does not apply to the majin's racial skill.
  4. Once your match is selected you will be notified via Message Walls. Each competitor has 3 days to enter their name in their slot below. If your name is not in the slot by the end of 3 days, you're disqualified. If neither player shows up, both are disqualified.
  5. You are not allowed to poke in the eyes, or hitting them in the groin. If you do this, you will be disqualified.
  6. No signatures or ultimates are allowed to be used in fights that participate in this tournament.
  7. You are allowed to install parts, chips, and frames, but they will not be applied to your characters stats until the entire round is over. The same applies to any speed, damage, etc. boosting items.
  8. Weapons, including Android-only weapons such as rail gun and rapier, and magic scepters, are no longer allowed in the tournament. Any attack done with a weapon will be instantly banned, and the user will be disqualified.


Returning Characters, place your names here

Characters who are no longer in the tournament may not put their names in these slots. Characters who place themselves here can also not contact characters outside of GIDWMAT by any means, unless they are present in the GIDWMAT dimension. You have 72 hours to place your characters here, or they will be eliminated from the tournament without any xp gained.

  1. Alyra Noveria
  2. Aaron Xorous
  3. Starr Xorous
  4. Ultimate Tre
  5. Rin
  6. Jeff
  7. Silver
  8. Haruki
  9. Android 47
  10. Tsurugi Kyousuke Yuji

Training Dimension

This is were people in the tournament can train, due to other locations being locked out. One can choose from x50 gravity to x1000 gravity to train under. If your character reaches 1 hp here, your character automatically gets kicked out of the tournament and automaticly forfits their match.

  1. Training Slot 1
  2. Training Slot 2
  3. Training Slot 3
  4. Training Slot 4
  5. Training Slot 5
  6. Training Slot 6
  7. Training Slot 7
  8. Training Slot 8
  9. Training Slot 9
  10. Training Slot 10
  11. Training Slot 11
  12. Training Slot 12
  13. Training Slot 13
  14. Training slot 14
  15. Training slot 15
  16. Training slot 16

Magic Reading Dimension

This location is for the people who wish to read up on their magical skills before their fights, since other locations for reading can not be reached.

  1. Reading Slot 1
  2. Reading Slot 2
  3. Reading Slot 3
  4. Reading slot 4
  5. Reading slot 5
  6. Reading slot 6
  7. Reading slot 7
  8. Reading slot 8
  9. Reading slot 9
  10. Reading slot 10
  11. Reading slot 11
  12. Reading slot 12
  13. Reading slot 13
  14. Reading slot 14
  15. Reading slot 15
  16. Reading slot 16

Healing Dimension

This is the area where you can heal after fighting your opponent. It only takes 2 hours in order to fully recover from all of your health.

  1. Healing Slot 1
  2. Healing Slot 2
  3. Healing Slot 3
  4. Healing slot 4
  5. Healing slot 5
  6. Healing slot 6
  7. Healing slot 7
  8. Healing slot 8

Operation Dimension

This dimension is mainly for androids who want to install parts or upgrades. Any normal character who installs parts/chips and/or a frame, runs the risk of their counterpart getting stronger as well if they are still in battle. 1 part takes 12 hours to install, while a frame or any other kind of installment takes 20 hours to install.

  1. Alyra Noveria
  2. Android 47
  3. Operation Slot 3
  4. Operation Slot 4
  5. Operation Slot 5
  6. Operation Slot 6
  7. Operation Slot 7
  8. Operation Slot 8
  9. Operation Slot 9
  10. Operation slot 10

Roleplay Area

Somewhere in the Void

Without much warning, every combatant signed up for the tournament would be pulled into a powerful black hole, and finally lowered down here into what looked like a pitch black room large enough to fit 100 fighters and then some.*

As Ultimate and Rin were dropped into the room, both of which landing on their feet, the looked around, curious as to where they were.*

"I can't see anything in here. Can you Rin?" Ultimate asked, Transforming into his Ultimate Rage Super Saiyan form in order to give off some light.

"Not really, I can't feel anyone elses energy besides yours Dad." Rin responded, wondering where they were since this certainly wasn't Earth or Planet Ultimate.

"Sure is some some advanced technology, to make use appear here out of nowhere..." Kenmei says, looking around.

47 appears, having been dragged here while he was in the middle of a conversation with one of his men on H.E.X-47. "What in oblivion...?"

Soon after, Jeff, Dendsho, and Blakuul would also land near Ultimate and Rin, confused.

"Very strange.....this doesn't look likemy room." Blakuul said, closing the book he was reading before looking over at Ultimate, Rin, and the two namekians.

"Jeff, do you know where we are?" Dendsho asked, seeming cal and serious about the situation.

"No Dad, I can't feel any of the other namekians energies." Jeff said, confused as to why he couldn't sense any other namekians besides Dendsho and himself.

Zane looks around. "If this is hell a lot more people were killed" 

Silver surprised looks around. "Where are we!?" Silver looks at his Dad. So dead people are here too. What is this?

47 created a ball of ki in his hands to serve as a flashlight of sorts. He felt around himself, noticing he still had his revolver, machine gun, rail-gun, and sword on him, so if anything threatened to attack them, he'd be prepared. He was surprised to see that there were several other men and women in the room as well, all possessing a higher than average power-level.

Hokus would walk out the black hole and look around. "Well I wasn't expecting to come back for at least a week. Oh well."

Yugana would fall from the black hole and roll back up when she hit the ground and searches the crowd. When she sees Hokus she would run towards him and hug him tightly. "Brother! You're here too! Ummm, where is here?"

Hilary would fall from a black hole but she somehow manages to land on her feet. She seearches the crowd, "Where am i?". She'd then create a ki ball in her hand to use it as a flashlight.

Tsurugi would walk out of the black hole "Not this again...", he says remembering what happened on Realms of Holly "That damn portal. I'm not wasting my time here" he says as he makes that hand seal which he used to get out of Realm of Holly but stops by sensing Hilary's energy "Hilary...?" he says as he immediately rushes towards her "You're really here..."."This must mean Yugana too..." he'd then think "If my assumptions are correct, Thax is here too." he'd then immediately cover Hilary in a strong barrier "You, don't ever try to break through it unless permitted by me. Have i made myself clear?"

"Crystal" she says knowing what the situation is. She'd the follow Tsurugi with barrier surrounding her. "Where the hell are we anyways?", she asks not yet being answered by Tsurugi since he don't know answer of it.

47 flashed the light around, he looked terrifying in the low light, with the little light that was there reflecting off his mask, he looked as if he was some sort of demon, or spectre. He saw Tsurugi and Hokus here as well. What the hell is happening...?

Alyra Noveria lazily timelocked the portal - recognizing it not as a black hole, for it was too large and had no gravity - as she finished things on Glanzende Zeit, before simply stepping in, entering this void. "The tournament, then?" The Paradox Blades had an almost ethereal glow around them, giving her some light in the void.

"I'm glad you ask!" A loud, overpowering voice shouted down at the group of people. "The rest of the people participating will arrive shortly. For now, all of you must follow the large arrow appearing" With the loud slap of what seemed to be fingers, a large arrow appeared infront of them, glowing bright enough to show off the hall ahead of them. 

"Hmmm, I guess it's better than being here. I say that we go and follow it and see if it leads to the guy who was just talking." Ultimate suggested, before he began to walk towards the arrow and down the hall that was loud enough to fet a 90 feet tall giants. 

Rin followed after Ultimate, and Jeff, Dendsho, and Blakuul did as well, finding no reason not to since this was the best bet to figure out where they were and who the guy talking was.

47 shrugged, whether it was a trap or not wasn't certain, but he followed anyways.

Kenmei did the same.

"I don't want to win any crappy awards here but..." he looks at others "Guess i can gain some experience. You in Hilary?", he asks.

"Sure i am. Let's do this!" She says following them.

"Well then...", he's say doing the same.

Alyra also follows, seeing nothing else to do.

Snoring loudly as the portal spit him out of the portal, Moeru sits up suddenly to the sound of footsteps echoing around him."Where the heck is this place? Noticing the procession of warriors walking in the direction of a giant neon arrow, Moeru called out,"Hey!Guys! what the heck is going on here?!

Yamisei gets teleported to the area, seemingly separated from the rest of the group. "Huh?" He looks around. "Well, seems like I'll have to cut the bounty hunting short." He notices the arrow, starts walking towards it while staying "I should still stay alert, maybe I'll find other people here."

Shintaro gets teleported as well, following him is Frost. Shintaro looks around. "Did we just?..."

"What is this place?" Frost asks. He notices Yamisei not so far from them. "Hey, you!" He runs towards him. "We just got teleported here. Do you know where we are?"

"Nope. I just got teleported as well." Yamisei says. "Who are you two?"

"I'm Shintaro, of the Yuji clan." Shintaro replies.

"I'm Frost Blizzard. And you are?" Frost asks.

Yamisei says "My name would be Yamisei Furuteshimo. But I prefer being called Forte."

As the group continued walking through the dark hallway, they would soon stumble apon a open space battle callosum which looked like it could hold Earths entire population and still have room for more. It seemed empty though, almost barron as if noo one had ever been here before.

"Wow, this must be were we'll end up fighting huh?" Ultimate said, yawning and rubbing his eyes

"Ya don't say dad. Where's that guy who was talking before go? And why does this place look like its outside?" Rin asked.

"Maybe that voice was a figment of our imaginations!" Jeff said, looking all around the battle arena.

"Focus Jeff, I have a bad feeling about this place." Dendsho responded.

"Maybe it's not the place, but the people here." Blakuul said, still reading his book in peace. 

A sudden surge of space magic, Whatever that is, flies forward and stops infront of alyra, the space infront of her twists into an image of Mirage that simply says "Did you throw yourself into some sort of time-void or inter-dimensional space with Exsu? Or did somebody decide to throw you across space or something? I'm having sort of a hard time figuring out what exactly happened as you were consumed by a light-bending object with a ridiculous amount of gravity, Obviously a black hole, That conveniently didn't rip apart the station because i don't know."

Yamisei notices Mirage and walks towards him. "Creator? You got teleported here as well, or?..."

"I use the term 'Space Magic' to explain what the pointy white or black thing outside of this realm that controls everything does that i don't feel like explaining, to put it simple, It allows me to project a simple illusion of me and nothing more." Mirage said.

47 was less than pleased with the current situation. He'd been pulled here without warning, and now some voice was ordering him around? He could've been up in H.E.X-47 right now, sipping tea or working on the healing chambers that had a tendency to kill whatever went inside of them.

"Hey, cheer up robo-boy," Moeru said as he placed an arm on the android's shoulder." You might just enjoy yourself here. Just go with the flow... and the general procession of the line."

Alyra lazily responds to Mirage, "Not a black hole, a portal with the appearance of one. I signed up for an inter-dimensional tournament, as the rewards were...fairly high, and could be useful. Not sure why Exsu or my...future family were pulled here, however."

"A tournament, huh? I'll be looking forward to this." Yamisei smirks.

Mirage says "Alyra, Would it be possible to send Exsu back soon? I was gonna modify her somewhat."

Tsurugi was somewhat pissed at the situation, As he wasn't informed before being pulled here. Furthermore, his sister, the one he wants the extreme security of was pulled here too. He'd then notice that Thax was nowhere to be seen. "I can let her move around freely", he thinks before removing the barrier off of Hilary.

"Umm, not to intterupt, everybody, but..." Moeru said, loooking around the room "Who was cra-I mean...okay, yeah. CRAZY enough to bring together so many of the world's fighters in one place?"

Alyra responds to Mirage, "Not a clue when, but presumably when she's done in the tournament. I'll send her back then, if it's not automatic."

"Alright then." Mirage's projection waves and disappears.

"Glad to see most of you made it to the arena. Now I can finally stop talking over this microphone" the person told the group, before appearing out of thin air, sitting at the highest spot in the area. "I'm glad you all made it to the battle grounds. Do any of you have questions you wish to ask me?" He was large, proably around 8 feet tall and looked almost like a giant compared to the people there. He looked down at all of them, a large smile across his face. 

"Questions? Yes. Questions to you? No." Yamisei says, then turns his attention to Alyra. "Ms. Noveria, is this 'Exsu' person you talked about the new android you and Mirage were developing?"

Alyra nods, gesturing to Exsu, who is nearby. "Complete, though currently..." She trails off, unsure of what to say next, before shaking her head slightly. "Nevermind."

Ultimate watched as alyra and Mirage talked, saying nothing and just watching as the projection disappeared. When the Man asked if they had any questions, he looked directly at him. "Where are we?"

"You're in a Dimension of my own domain. I created this place myself not to long ago to hold tournaments. After some minor tweaks, I managed to push this dimesion alone outside of time and space. It should be nearly impossible for people in your dimension to reach this place, but I guess I was wrong." The man said, looking directly at Alyra with a blank stare.

"Who are you?" Rin asked next, curious as to who this man was. 

"Me...I'm the creator of this realm. You could also say I'm the Super Champion, since I already went through this tournament myself to test my own abilities. You can call me SC" He said to Rin, a proud smile running along his face.

"What can we do here besides the tournament?" Dendsho asked, hoping to get in at least some training in before his match?

"Well....I guess just waiting around for your match would be a bit boring. Hold on..." SC resounded, snapping his fingers and creating 4 different locations at once "There, a area for healing up after battles, training under x50 to x1000 gravity, reading up on your magic, and....a special location, one were you could learn those school attacks you guys were learning  in your dimension. You're welcome." He said with a smile.

"When do the battles start! I want to beat up some people already!" Jeff shouted, looking at everyone there who could probably beat the tar out of him no sweat.

"Oh, well now that all 64 competitors are now here, we'll begin in 1 hour from now. It allows all of you to meet up and gt to know one another before you all beat the tar out of each other."

"Wait wait wait 64 competitors? Only 32 people signed up." Ultimate remarked in confusion.

"Oh....I haven't told you yet. This tournament ins't going to work like a normal tournament. Though 32 people signed up....there also another creation." SC snapped his fingers, and out of nowhere, 32 other fighters appeared parallel to the group from Earth. One wouldn't have to look too close to realize....that these 32 other people looked alot like them, except more mechanical.

Alyra did not respond to the figure's accusatory stare (though it would appear blank to others), instead choosing to observe her other self. "I assume these are designed specifically to be superior to us in every way, given that you've likely had as much time as you need to build them. Am I wrong?"

"Explain more about your 'creation'", Tsurugi would ask with a dark stare.

Silver looks at Tsu. "and how will this work?"

"Oh joy." 47 states sarcastically. "Well 'Mr. Super Champion'." He said without much conviction, "Are there any rewards for playing your little game?"

SC's stare turned into a glare, whispering something to  one of the alternate versions, who then walked off to go do something. "Yes, they are superior to you in nearly every way. They are called Mechas, and their stats are about 25% higher than yours. If you manage to beat a mecha, you gain 10% of their stats. However, if you actually manage to beat your own mecha, which isn't very likely, than you get 20% of their stats. They were created by me after you entered your name in the tournament. Each of you have a mecha version, and they know all of your moves, abilities, and have your memories as well. 

Mecha Ultimate Tre would walk up to Ultimate Tre himself, before transforming into an Machine based version Ultimate Rage Super Saiyan, angering Ultimate.

"Hey! You can't transform into that form! Its my transformation!"

"No. it. is. not. I am. the real. Ultimate Tre." Mecha Ultimate said, pointing at Ultimate.

"You aren't the real Ultimate Tre! I'm the real Ultimate Tre" He argued back.

"At least. I do not. suck my thumb. when I sleep. Like you." Mecha Ultimate Tre said.

"YOU SON OF A! YOU DIE!!" Ultimate ascended to Ultimate Super Saiyan 2, and grabbed Mecha Ultimate by the throat, strangling him as if he were real. He continued to do so till Rin pulled him off, while Ultimate clawed and tried getting away so that he could continue trying to destroy his mecha counterpart.

"Isn't that interesting?" He said, examining his counterpart. "Do they know everything we know?"

Tsurugi would shrug his counterpark away "Sure, you know all of my ability. But you do not know how to make them to a use and...", he says trying to activate his Susano'o only to realize that he can't "How to devlop strategies. I will crush you, dust you and throw you into the wind, my counterpark. It'd be fun showing you the place you belong..." he says while walking towards him "Dumpster. Dumpster that is!"

Hilary would actually poke her counterpark in the head, arm and then eyes "A counterpark of me which is actually a machine. THAT'S AMAZING! I can't wait to fight you", she says excitedly.

Walking up to his counterpart, Moeru put a hand out, which his counterpart took with a smirk. "Even my copy looks amazing."

"You know it! May the best man win?"

"(laughs)Of course I will! See ya on the other side."

"Yes 47, they know nearly everything you know." SC  responded, before responding to Tsu. "I'd love to see you try and beat your mecha, just to watch you fail." He laughed and threw his hand. "I'm only kidding. Your mecha is quite intelligent, Tsu, don't underestimate him." He then looked over at Ultimate, Rin, Dendsho, Jeff, and Blakuul, smiling a bit. "Anything else you guys wanna ask. I control the mechas, so if you wanna talk to yours, then tell me now."

"Tell me." 47 began. "How did you gather enough data on us to make better replicas?"

Alyra idly observes her mecha, seeing how accurate it was in appearance to herself - body shape? Clothing? How mechanical did it look? "You know nearly every combat technique I do, hm? Presumably not the time control, as that can't be replicated, but...perhaps..." Alyra's hand appeared to burst into blue flame as she muttered an incantation, "What of sorcery, then?"

Sc looked at his watch, and realized that it was finally time for the fight to begin. "Alright it's 10:42. It's time to begin. JEFF, HOPE! COME TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"I know everything you know." Mecha Alyra resounded, talking differently than Mecha Ultimate Tre did. She almost sounded human. "I do know...some time control. But not much." She raised her hand and blue flame came from it, much like Alyra's hand. "Yes. I know sorcery. like you."

Alyra raised an eyebrow in response, "Fascinating...I do wonder how your creator replicated most of my...unusual abilities, but I suppose we'll see how good you are on the field of battle, assuming we do meet on it." She glanced at the tournament bracket momentarily, before looking back up.

"A mechanized version of a mechanized being? Cute." Yamisei says, inspecting his own counterpart. "Does he even have the ability to control 'those two'?"

"Faltzer and Greiga, right?" Mecha-Yamisei responds.

Yamisei raises an eyebrow. "Do you?"

"You'll find out... When I'll be fighting." Mecha-Yamisei responds, walking away.

"That's even if you get a chance to fight. You cheap knock-off." Yamisei says, walking towards the Training Area.

Frost looks at his Mechanical Counterpart, as his counterpart looked back at him, Frost looked away. He then hears a voice in his head. "Frost! Finally, I can contact you!" Frost gets a shocked expression on his face, then thinks......

"I have my ways of gathering information on all of you. Your skills in battle, your thoughts, your actions, your memories. Everything that most of you have done in your time I have stored in my memory.  Some more than others." SC told 47, before looking at Frost, cutting off his connection with Glacier. "Hey you! No contacting Glacier from here! if you want to talk with him, do it after the tournament!"

"Why? Just when we got to talk to each other after 3 months, and-!" Frost says, and stops, with an angered expression.

Watching the conclusion of the first match, Moeru and Mech Moeru flinches at the sight of Hope's defeat. "That...that definitely had to hurt."

"Without a doubt. I hope our matches aren't that bad."

"Are you kidding? We've got round one in the bag! How the heck could someone with a name like Ace beat me? Jokers always beat Aces!" 

"You're right. And hey, if you look carefully at him, he kinda looks like a walking chessboard." 

"...Okay, leave the jokes to the Genuine Article from now on."

One after another,Tenchi Miname,and Natch are dropped into the void along with Ace who had dropped a little while before them and was getting ready for battle.Miname and Nmath landed on top of Tenchi,crushing him."Ow...." He groaned as they began to get up and go to talk to the?others."Sorry Dad." Misnamed would apologize helping a weakened Tenchi up.A fight with Like and then splitting of personas did a number on him.

Pto is dropped into the room. "Hm, nice room you guys got here." Looks at nearly 100 fighters. "I swear I think I have seen about 20 of you guys before. So what are we doing here?"

Hokus would walk over to his Mecha version with a book." So, you know everything about me huh?" he'd say with a bored tone in his voice.

Mecha Hokus stared at Hokus and cleared his mechanical throat, before speaking similar to how Mecha Ultimate spoke.. "Yes...I know everything about you my memory banks."

"Obviously not my grammar. Well, I'll be giving you a three question quiz. First question: What was the most embarrassing moment of my life?" Hokus would say finishing his book and pulling out another one.

"The day when you openly admitted you were of lower class and power.....than the Demon Queen known as Rin....after she beat you into the ground over...and over.....and over....and over again until you admitted defeat." Mecha Hokus said, pausing every now and then as he over explained when Rin beat Hokus.

Hokus would twitch hearing the details again. "Okay. So you got question one right. Number two: Who do I hate the most in all of creation and why?"

"Simple, that is Thax. The reason is because he stole your "sister" Yuaguna, took her to planet Z......began to turn her evil.......and......"  He cut off there, saying nothing more on the matter even though he obviously could have.

"Alright. Last question. This one's a tough one though. Three: How old was I when I learned to ride a bike?" Hokus said continuing to read.

"Ha...ha...ha. You never learned how. All you did....was fall on your face....and cry....then do it over...and over again. Just like....when you got beat up by Rin....ha..ha...ha....ha." Mecha Hokus said, laughing at Hokus.

Hokus would close his book, deck his Mecha in the face, and then walk away.

The mecha, being faster than Hokus, would catch his fist, spin him around, and kick him away in the process, before walking away laughing like a mecha would.

Watching the results of Hilary vs Haruki, Tsurugi would say in a bored tone "That wasn't unexpected..." he says as he looks straight at his counterpart then at SC, "He may be quite intelligent but..." he says before looking at his counterpart again "Try and see if you can have control over those powers." a bright smirk woud appear across his face as he mutters something before saying "Go forward. Try if you can activate.... Susano'o!", he'd then think "I'm certain if he's intelligent, he would not take risk of activating it. Only Yuji body can handle it. Ultimately, only Yuji body can activate and maintain... Mangekyo for long enough. I'll see him die in his first try" he thinks before laughing.

"Is that so?" Sc said with a bright smile on his face. "Unlike you, Mecha-Tsurugi doesn't need to copy ideas from other...places. But just to prove you wrong, show him Mecha-Tsurugi." He ordered, snapping his fingers

Mecha Tsurugi stood in front of Tsu, and just like that, activated his own version of Mangekyo, his eyes transforming and soon he was consumed by a large aura like substance. This aura took the form of the Tsu's own Susano'o, except a bit more advanced. The Mecha's Susano'o, despite being only aura based, was almost entirely developed, only missing the feet. Mecha-Tsu stared at Tsu, before pointing and deactivating his Susano'o. "Ha...ha...ha....ha." 

"I told you already, these mechas know everything you do combat wise. That includes knowledge on your Mangekyo Tsu. I told you not to underestimate him." Sc said. before continuing "To a normal body like yours, it would do quite a bit of harm. However, for a mecha like him, it does no damage that he couldn't heal from. Not to mention, his susano'o is that much stronger that yours as he is stronger than you." 

Hokus would begin to laugh maniaclly as Limbo's Demonic Savior activated, only to stop and revert before he did anything and went back to his book. "You pass. next test will be in battle." He'd say turning to SC. "You really know how to make weak hitters don't you?"

"It was strong enough to leave a mark, wasn't it?" Sc said, pointing to Hokus' back, which still had a foot mark on it despite the use limbo's demonic savior.

"You will get to me"  Mecha Hokus said, before walking off to watch the fight with the rest of the mechas on the other side of the arena

Tsurugi would use his susano'o to look through that Mecha "Good. He can't have final susano'o yet. Which is what will be my advantage. However...", he thinks looking at his mecha "I'll use it as my trump card. As much as i hate acting weaker, i'll have to act that way. So that i can crush him and throw him in the wind in the end" he thinks before making voice "Grrr...". He then glares SC for hinting his clan but stops himself. He'd then grab his book "Yeah, right", Tsurugi says being unable to act inferior "I'll see you at battlefield" he says with a bright evil grin coming up his face "If you make it though" he says as he reads the book and waits for his turn.

"I love how even now, you still continue to underestimate Mecha Tsu. How foolish." Sc said, shaking his head since he thought more of Tsu.

"Whats wrong..?...mad that you can't do anything your clan....Tsurugi?" Mecha Tsu began, before laughing.

"You're the ones who is underestimating the real ones, SC", he says before glaring at MTsurugi with red eyes EMC activvated "I'll give you a piece of advice. Don't you dare insult my clan. If you know what's better for you.", he says being nearly possessed by curse of hatred.

Hokus would continue to walk around reading his book, when he bumps into a Alyra and drops it. "Sorry Miss. I wasn't watching where I was going." Hokus would say apologetically as he picked up his book.

Alyra takes a step back, putting some distance between herself and Hokus so he can pick up the book, "No problem. You're one of the competitors, right?"

"Yeah. Not sure how long I'll last though. I have to fight 47 again." Hokus says stretching his hand out. "I'm Hokus."

Alyra shakes his hand, "Alyra Noveria." She looks at the book he dropped, "Learning some sorcery?"

"Yeah. I need to be able to win at least the first round." Hokus says grinning before looking at the book then Alyra. "You're Alyra Noveria? This is the book you wrote." Hokus says surprised.

"Really, now?" She looks at the cover, "It seems I did." she mutters, looking at the title. "Rune Structures and Arcane Matrices, huh? Not the easiest subject out there, I might be able to help you out."

"That would be wonderful. I'm on chapter 3 right now, but have a little trouble understanding the meaning of the rune structures." Hokus would say looking back at the book.

"Magic must be channeled in some way," she began. "You can either do this through an arcane matrix, which is within your body, or a rune structure, which is outside. Without channeling the magic in the correct way, your spells will be much weaker, less focused and such. Of course, these are only two ways to do so...rune structures can be formed physically, with a drawing, or mentally." A rune flares up behind her, about the same size as her, made of glowing blue lines, before a faint red aura surrounds her. "For example, enhanced strength. Don't try it without focusing it, or it won't do anything meaningful."

"Oh, so," Hokus would then form an identical rune to Alyra's as a faint red aura surrounds him. "like this?"

She nods, "That's perfect. I'd demonstrate a matrix, but those can't be seen." She shrugs, the aura disappearing. "And to dispel them, just release your hold on the magic."

As Hokus' red aura fades he smiles and turns to Alyra. "That was amazing. Do you think, maybe, I could be your apprentice? It'd be fantastic to learn from the best."

"I don't understand your hostility towards them." 47 said, still examining his mecha. "I think they're fairly impressive, and this SC fellow has to be quite brilliant to be able to make better replicas of all 32 of us..." He stood up so he could look his mecha in the eye. "I presume you can speak like the others?"

Alyra responded to Hokus, "That's certainly possible. After the tournament, though. My home on Glanzende Zeit has one of the largest libraries out there, and would be the perfect place to learn."

"Thank you. I'll be talking my leave now, but I'll see you around." Hokus says as he opens his book enthusiastically.

Alyra nods, and turns to leave before stopping, "Oh...uh, have this, it might help." She passes Hokus a small pocket notebook. "Just some notes I've been writing down, got them stored in my memory banks. They might help."

"Thank you." Hokus would then continue back to the reading area to continue his studies.

Yamisei looks at SC and says "Hey, 'SC', would there happen to be a hospital here to install parts? Surely you'd have one, looking at all the mechas, it's more than likely that you had to install parts into them." Yamisei thinks "Besides, I'm facing the leader of the Yuji clan, I'll accept the fact that I can't beat him at my current state..."

"Actually, I made the Mecha's by hand, but thats not the point. It doesn't really seem fair if you can just increase your stats by having an operation done just before your fight with a stronger opponent, now would it? If you're gonna lose, you should take it like a man, not a machine." He said, getting a few looks from the mecha's "No offense of course. You can install parts, but they don't apply to your stats until after the entire round, including your fight, is over." Sc said, snapping his fingers as another dimensional portal opened up, and a new rule appeared.

Ultimate, still reading, walked over to Alyra after the Hope vs Jeff fight. "Was that your child who battled Jeff earlier?"

Alyra looked up, "Hm? Hope Xorous? ...Yes, and no. Time travel can complicate things. I don't believe we met...?" She trailed off, awaiting a response.

"No, we haven't. The name is Ultimate Tre, people call me Ultimate or Tre." He told her, curious as she talked about time travel. "Time travel? I only thought that was possible via machine." He asked.

"Normally it is, but chronitons can bind to DNA in the right circumstances, letting people...pass on the ability genetically, if they can do so. I have to use technology, they can do it biologically." She explained, "Alyra Noveria, Seeker of Time, at your service."

"Seeker of Time...." Tre said, clenching his head "That part sounds familar, don't know why. Either way, pleasure to meet you. Though the ability to time travel does sound like a dangerous one. How could you have gained the equipment to jump through time?" He asked, fascinated by the thought of time travel.

"Invented it myself, with help. I'm...not from around here." If that understatement were liquid, it'd probably rival every ocean on the Earth combined. "I' expert in chronodynamics, or in layman's terms, the study of changes in time."

"Again, that sounds oddly familar. Whatever, I'm pretty sure no one is from around here."Ultimate responded, clearly refering to the dimension they were in right now. "The study of time is an interesting field. But haven't you thought about what your children coming back in time could do to the fabric of space AND time?" He asked, remembering how she said her children could actually go back in time like she can with the tech.

"Yes, I have. In fact, I'm quite worried about it...though, not because of it's effect on space-time. Just a little quirk about this kind of paradox, they tend to be stable. They are also extremely visible." She paused, "And there are certain people I'd rather not be found by."

"I'm guessing that its proably people from your home world, seeing as no one with similar aura signature matches yours as people from your home world might." He said, before also thinking of something. "And what if those children of yours have kids with present people?" He asked, curious of how that might work as a result of the paradox.

"You'd be right on the first point. As for these...paradox children having kids? It wouldn't cause any further paradox, if that's what you mean. Those children could conceivably have temporal manipulation, however, and could cause their own paradoxes." She thought for a moment, "Though I'm taking pains to prevent that."

"I see. Well I wish you the best of luck with them. Hows Hope doing after her fight with jeff?" He asked, having watched Jeff beat the tar out of Hope in his Super Namekian form.

"She wasn't permanently injured, and thankfully that healing area is of...rather high quality, if I say so myself. To my knowledge, there were over forty broken bones, and all of them were set in seconds, healing completely over a mere two hour time period..." She paused, "If I had access to my home civilization's technology, I could do better, yes, but that's quite the impossibility now, given that they're chasing after me and I'm hardly a medical expert...though I do know my way around cybernetics."

"You do have a point. If I could...well...if I still had my home world, the healing would have gone better. Hope seems to be a very skilled fighter, I wish her the best of luck."  He said, before looking over towards the training dimension were he could feel Hope and Jeff at. "Just hope Jeff doesn't kill Hope if they're training togeather."

"Something tells me he won't be able to." She responds, her eyes darting around the training dimensions' sides. "There's some form of protective field, from what I can tell. Something reducing the strength of potentially-lethal blows."

"I've noticed that. SC, is something stopping us from dying here?" He asked, looking towards SC

"Yes actually. In this realm, when you would normally die here, since you are form another dimension, all it would do is knock you back. This applies to training. However, if you are beaten to near death like Hope was, you remain in this dimension until the entire round is over, OR you are sent back to your dimension. Its all up to you." He responded.

"Curious. Is this the same device or spell that brought us here, and if it magic or technology?" Alyra asked. "If you would permit me to study it, and the protective field in more detail..." She trailed off.

"It was no magic or technology that brought you here. I was the one who did it. If this helps you understand better, you are all in a universe and realm of my own creation, with the help of 2 others who can't be here right now." Sc began. "studying it isn't really impossible, but very unlikely since explaining it would be difficult. I created this place orginally, and apon request, I made a dimension for your nessasary requirements such as training, healing, battle, reading, and various other things if you request it. There's nothing I can't do in here within reason of course." Sc finished, taking a deep breath.

"Universal-scale control, hm...perhaps..." Alyra trailed off, lost in thought for a moment. "No, that can't be true. Can it?" She then asked, "Either this will make perfect sense, or none whatsoever. Are you a Silent One?"

Sc pondered the idea of being a silent one, getting word of what she meant by it. "Sorry, but I'm not a "Silent One" like you might expect me to be. Though I did create this universe/dimension, and have nearly absoute power here, I do not fall under that category."

"I see..." Alyra opted not to continue questioning him, instead preferring to observe the inner workings of the dimension with her equipment, drawing her own conclusions through simple observation, nothing more.

Sc seemed curious as to why Alyra thought of him as one of these Silent ones, expecting her to ask him more questions. Sc sighed and continued watching the fight, making sure to keep an eye on Alyra so that she didn't end up slightly messing with the time stream.

Hokus walks over to Alyra after she finished healing. "That, was a quick fight. You did well out there."

"Thanks, I suppose the fight gave you some ideas on how to improve your own sorcery?" She replied, thinking of any visible rune circles that may have formed. "Of course, your own runes will work better for you, when you develop them."

"Yeah, you also taught me how to really make my spells flow together better." Hokus says letting his excitement show. "That was really amazing how you handled him." I wonder how I would fare in a fight against such a strong magic user.

"Perhaps some hands-on experience might help you with your studies, then?" Alyra responded, thinking Curious, he seems to be one of the stronger fighters here. Perhaps I should test his skills, see what he's best at, in a trial by combat...

"Well being part Majin helps me learn better by combat." Hokus says smirking. "If you can keep up." Of course, he s just kidding, knowing she was one of the stronger mid level fighters around here, most likely the strongest. I wonder what she can really do.

A rare sight flashed across her face - a competitive grin - when she responded. "Keep up? As a time traveler, I think I can keep up quite well. The question is, can you?" She wasn't quite sure what she was getting into, but she knew she was outclassed. But perhaps if she could at the very least injure him, it might help her out in the future as she learns from the experience.

"Time travel huh? So that's why your aura is different from everyone else's huh? Well, I guess I'll show you the power of a ruler of Hell later won't I?" Hokus says egging her on to seal the fight.

"And then you'll know the power of a Scion of Toliman!" Alyra shoots back, definitively sealing the fight. "Name a time and place, and you'll find out just how good of a sorceress I am."

"Great. It's a date then." Hokus says walking away smirking before turning around. "Meet me later and I'll give you a time and place. Hell, maybe I'll cook too to calm you down then."

She nods, the agreement sealed, "I'd imagine I'd need to be the one cooking, given that when I'm through with you, I don't think you'll be capable of doing so."

Yugana walks over out from the training center wiping herself down with a towel. "Ah that was fun."

As she walked out of from the training center, a boy with white hair looked up at her, before looking back and reading his book.

Yugana would catch the eye of boy and smirk as she walked over him and sqatted down. "Hey kid, whatcha reading?"

"A book about majins and demons in the universe. And I'm not a kid, girl." Blakuul responded, before standing up and handing her the book. "Want to look it over? It has history on some of the first orginal Majins that ever existed, even before the great majin buu."

"No thank you, if I wanted to read I'd have brother read it to me." Yugana would say before catching the word girl. "Hey! I'm not a girl! I sir, am a lady."

"And I am a man, not a boy." He told her, before nodding a little. "My name is Blakuul, whats yours?" He asked her, reading his book again and only looking up from it when he had to speak.

"My name is Yugana Shinkai, not that you seem interested anyway." She says looking away from him.

"Its not that, really." He said, closing the book and looking at her. "Its just that besides my family, you're the first person I've talked to.  You seem really interesting." He said, before looking at the fight going on. "Who do you think is gonna win the fight?"

Aaron appears back in the void after finishing his match in the tournament. He looks around, then notices her got some of Mecha-Hope's oil on his clothes and hands. He spots Starr, a little bit older among the crowd. He walks over to him. "Starr, I won my match!" He tells him

Starr sees his father."Oh good! My match hasn't happened yet, but I'm waiting!" He says

Aaron feels an energy and looks to find Alyra standing near them. He looks at her with a smile.

Alyra was currently writing something down in a book - one that she apparently pulled from nowhere, and wasn't paying much attention to anything else.

Starr sends Alyra a telepathic message. "Fancy seeing you here Mother, Im presuming that you have already faced someone, and won" Starr thinks.

"You would be correct. Sorcery has its' uses." Alyra responds, curiously enough also with telepathy, though it seemed to be extremely emotionless - though not monotone.

Starr walks over to Alyra as Aaron follows. "Its better talking face to face, dont you think"

She looks up from her work, "Very well. What would you look to discuss?" She asks, before looking down and continuing writing.

Aaron looks at Alyra."Well i was wondering if you could train me in Magic" He asks

"I wish to learn more about time, and maybe look into myself" Starr says

"I already have an apprentice, Aaron, and the last time I tried training you in time control, you almost killed yourself, Starr." She replies bluntly.

Starr blushes."Okay, if I can get past my first opponent in this tournament, then will you train me with Time Control" He asks

"Maybe, maybe not. I have several other issues to deal with." Alyra responds.

Starr nods."May I help you with anything"

Aaron looks at Alyra with a smile. "I could help too, I am your baby father after all" He says flirting

"No, you can't, unless you suddenly developed time control." She closes the book she was writing in.

Aaron frowns. "Time control isnt my schtick, thats you and Starr's thing." He ruffles his sons hair in pride.

Starr thinks to Alyra. "He isnt very helpful at times, but I love him. If you need anything, I can help. How is your group doing, and I heard about Exsu. In my time, you built a different robot, and he was male."

"The Scions? They should be doing well, right now, given what Mirage told me. Can you tell me about this other robot?"

"His name is Infinity, he is AI similar to Arc, and yes, I know of Arc. He was in our time, the CI were there when the great evil killed you, but anyways. He is the same AI as Arc, created by you. Infinity's programming wasn't for chaos and death, but for protecting me and my siblings. He didn't follow me to the void, but he is at the manor in hiding. I told him to lay low." Starr tells Alyra.

"They have an Arc AI?!" She drops the book, openly startled. "Oh, no...that means the leader of the fleet..." She trails off, before suddenly snapping out of it without warning. "Nevermind. How long did it take for the Imperium to show up? Something tells me that they were more than a match for this...great evil."

"Well, The Centauri Imperium arrived the year after this tournament, in my time. So It was a couple years  before I was born. They stayed for a while, trying to find you, but they failed. You kept me safe, along with Infinity. Arc came when I was 11. The great evil arrived on May 20th of the year before I left." He grimaces." This great evil teamed up with the CI. You got some of the Arc AI by doing something of which I dont know. You left one day, and were gone for months. You came back to give us the time machine and to build Infinity."

"I'm surprised we lasted so long, then..." Alyra muttered under her breath. "Hopefully this time around I'll be more successful in defeating them."

Starr smiles."With me here, there's no way we can lose! I have the knowledge needed to defeatn them, and Arc! You told me how to beat them before you, well yah told me how to beat the Ci and Arc. The great evil, I have know idea..."

"The Imperium...take out their command, the fleet becomes useless. Take over the command ship, the fleet will be defeated. If the admiral is who I think it is, we might have a chance. The Arc unit, on the other hand, will be the hard part." She considers for a moment, "But we have far more allies now, don't we? After the tournament, I'll be gauging my new apprentice's strengths and weaknesses in a spar. Perhaps you know of him?" She motions to Hokus.

Aaron nods. "Yea I know him, he got me back to Earth for some time a couple of weeks ago."

Starr shakes his head. "There is actually no trace of him in my time"

"He seems more than capable of aiding us, and it's mutually beneficial. I don't know how skilled he is, yet, but that will change. I doubt he'll be able to defeat me with magic alone, at least, given that he's still learning." was the response.

Starr thinks. "So do you think I have a chance of helping when the Centauri Imperium arrives" He asks

"Absolutely. It's also my understanding that he has some problems of his own, though what they are I'm uncertain, so I shall help him in turn."

Starr is confused. "No no, I meant me. Do you think /I/ Have a chance of helping wwhen the Centauri Imperium arrives"

She looks up, blinking, "...Oh. Yes, your future knowledge, however distorted it may be, will be of great use, as will your combat abilities..." She trails off, returning to her books.

Starr frowns then looks at Aaron. "Does everyone think im completely useless..." He asks

Aaron looks at him. "But she just said that yo-"

"Have you seen the Worlds Strongest List" Starr asks

"The what" Aaron asks

Starr facepalms." I guess the Fourth wall is there for a reason..."

"Breaking the fourth wall is highly visible. Don't do it, or the Centauri Imperium can lock onto it." Alyra warned.

Starr nods. "I didn't think anyone else knew about it" Starr says

"Who do you think told you about it?" Alyra snarked.

"Oh right" Starr says sheepishly

Aaron thinks for a moment. "Alyra, if ive done my calculations correctly, I believe that we are facing each other in the next round."

"Your calculations are correct." She looks up, directly into Aaron's eyes, "And you will lose."

Starr looks at them. "Oooooooh! She choosing!"

Aaron looks at Starr. "Since when have you learned gangsta talk" He asks

Starr shrugs

Aaron grins. "Alyra, we shall see who wins when its time."

"You seem to think I'm boasting." She returns to her book. "That was fact."

Aaron grins even more stupidly at he future love.

Starr hits him in the ribs and tells him to stahp.

"Perhaps you'd be up for a spar, before the fight, then?" Alyra asks.

Aaron grins like a fool and nods. "Yea that would, that would be great!"

Starr looks at him evilly. Starrs pupils become black, as do the whites of his eyes. His iris' become white. "If you do not get ahold of yourself, Ill burn off your testicles, then feed them to you while slicing you in half. Then Ill make you watch me drink your spilled blood." Starr blinks a couple a times, and his eyes become normal. "Sure! Sparring sounds fun!"

Aaron would then stand there confused. "What. The. Hell."

Alyra vanished for an instant. Starr found himself suddenly slamming against the wall, hearing a number of bones break, and Alyra seemed to be sitting down again.

Starr falls to the floor breathless. "What-Did-I-DO!" He would say as he fell to the ground.

Aaron would stand there with his jaw slung wide open. "Maybe we should save our strength for the Tournament..heh.."

"Perhaps." Alyra responds, hair somewhat messed up, but otherwise appearing no different, as she turns a page and continues writing.

Starr gets up. "Maybe I should go train until my match...."

"You should get medical attention." Alyra replies.

"Noted, Ill do that, then go train." Starr begins to float. "Ta"" He says as he leaves.

Aaron begins to meditate.

47 continues to read his book while sipping iced tea. 

Shintaro is seen spectating the match between Forte and Tsurugi. "Huh, this person seems to be causing Tsurugi some trouble..." Shintaro cheers on Tsurugi. "Do your best, Tsurugi-dono!" Shintaro then looks around and notices Haruki. "She's in the tournament too..." Shintaro smiles and decides to walk over to Haruki. "Hello, Haruki-dono. How have you been faring since I've died? How's Miri and Shuu?"

After hearing Shintaro's voice, she'd walk towards him only to punch him in the face and yelling "You Baka... Why did you leave me alone for over a year?!" before thinking "The end of this match is already decided"

Shintaro slightly blushes, covering his cheek from the slap and says "Haruki... I didn't know you missed me so much..." Shintaro stops, then thinks about the match "Do you think it'll be Yamisei-kun? You want Tsurugi to win, but at the odds he's in right now, you realize..." He looks at Haruki eyes "But Tsurugi is really close to us, he is a good friend of mine and he is your father, we should continue to cheer him on. Who knows, maybe luck will shine upon him and he'll win." Shintaro looks at Miri and Shuu from the other end of the crowd. "Oh, and how are Shuu and Miri holding up?"

Shuu would walk away as if he hates his father for not being with him.

Haruki would then shrug "Yamisei. He'll win. He's been suffering from... pain in his eyes. Because of overusing his susano'o since years. I'd be surprised if he makes it through considering all the side-effects. Not to mention... He has turned evil. I don't know why yet, though. I'm no match for him." she'd then look at Miri and Shuu "Miri has been going through bounty missions, she's doing well. While Shuu, on the otherhand, has been in depression state since you were gone"

"I see. While the Tempestuous Spirit of Valor is a great power, it has life-threatening side effects... And if he's getting succumbed to the Curse of Hatred, then I think I should talk to him; after this match." Shintaro says, he looks at Shuu walking away, and says "Say, Haruki-dono, you should stay here. I'll go talk with Shuu."

"It's too late... He's been... swallowed by Curse of Hatred." Haruki would say "No, you will not talk to him; i won't let you. Talking to him in this state would be terrible idea. Perhaps..." she says before remembering of Reppes "Perhaps we have to find a way to bring Reppes, his brother, back to life and..." she says while looking at Tsurugi "Have him talk to Tsurugi. At current state, none of us is any match to him. But, we can have Madara Yuji revive Reppes?" she says while looking at Madara who's been hiding from human eyes "If you haven't noticed, these sharingans can see chakra. There's no use hiding, Madara-dono" she says.

"Interesting." Madara says, explaining "I was simply clairvoyance magic through my Rinnegan to see into the tournament while spectating from Hell, and yet you seemed to indentify me spectating without finding a physical projection of my body inside the arena. Your Sharingan has matured thoroughly, granddaughter." Madara says, as a projection of his body appears inside the dimension. "I'm using clairvoyance magic through my Sharingan to project myself and to physically feel everything in this dimension."

"What? Madara was here?" Shintaro says, thinking "Haruki-dono's Sharingan has really improved over the past year, I couldn't even locate the ki signal emitted from Madara's Rinnegan..." Shintaro stops and starts thinking back to what Haruki said. "And what do you mean by 'brother', this 'Reppes' person?"

"Ryouta Kamiyama, commonly known by his experimental name, "Reppes". He is from a clan known as the Falling Leaf Clan from a planet of a neighboring star that you were born on, Shintaro-san." Madara says. "Reppes is an experiment to replicate a copy of the Yuji's clan's Tsurugi Kyousuke, which was imperfect. You can call him a clone of Tsurugi-kun."

"Have the two ever heard of each other?" Shintaro asked, with serious eyes at Madara.

Madara sighs. "I'll leave it secret, for now. But Reppes is required to compel the power of the Curse of Hatred. He can find a way into Tsurugi's heart. Shintaro-kun, when you made your first movements on Earth, you've witnessed how Frost managed to calm Naosho down, right? That's how Reppes will calm Tsurugi down."

"Wha-... How did you know about Frost-san confronting Gen-dono?" Shintaro asks in shock.

"I've been watching everything the Yuji clan has been doing, from my own hidden location." Madara says.

Haruki would then mutter "Funny, he's been watching every Yuji, he's stronger than all of us, yet he's doing nothing but watch", she glares at Madara.

"It is not my fate to accomplish any of that. I have already fallen from grace and cursed my own fate by being able to jump between Earth and Hell, and even to awaken the Heavenly Eye of Samsaara, the Rinnegan." Madara explains. "On top of all of that, I can see into other people's fates... I am basically a half-fallen deity."

"A deity, you say..." Shintaro dozes off, but returns to the topic they were on. "Well, back to the matter at hands. You can bring Ryouta-dono back using Edo Tensei, right?"

"Yes, I can. But Edo Tensei means cursing your fate. It means Reppes must choose a different path than he was supposed to walk. Unless he's fallen from grace already, I can't use Edo Tensei on him. It would corrupt him. And that's the hard part about bringing him back." Madara explains. "Well, I'll dispel my clairvoyance magic soon, we will continue this after the tournament."

As the smoke clears, it is seen that Tsurugi has beaten Yamisei "See, Haruki-dono? There was nothing to worry about. Tsurugi-dono defeated him." Shintaro says smiling, looking at Haruki. "Though, it's surprising, having to fight an opponent that seemed to stay on Tsurugi's level for quite a while."

Tsurugi walks past them without them realizing of his presense somehow.

As the smoke clears, Haruki says "He's able to inflict that much damage... while having trouble with his mangekyou? Fukano!" she says in shocked tone. "It's not something to cheer about. This defines he's even stronger than i expected... Which means we'll have trouble up ahead. Though, to think someone would actually be a match to him while he's in weak state, he was strong, too." Haruki would then feel something strange, evil, walk through.

Madara's Rinnegan glows as he says "Stop right there, son." He catches onto the sight of him. "Tell me. What is causing that dark aura of yours to appear?"

Tsurugi would give a dark glare at Madara "Tosan, If you're going to block my path, know this: I won't hesitate to kill you!" he says before trying to activate Susano'o but only ends up accomplishing nothing but coughing up a lot of blood.

Haruki telepathically talks to Shintaro "Madara-dono can use wood release, right? Why don't we ask him to bind him through his wood element?"

"I can hear you telepathically. There's no need for me to use it yet." Madara says.

Shintaro runs up to him "Tsurugi! We need to get you to the Healing Quarters!"

"Wha-... Shintaro?! What are you doing?!" Madara says, actually reacting to Shintaro's rash actions.

While grabbing his chest, Tsurugi eats senzu bean before looking at Shintaro "I don't need your help." Tsurugi says losening less dark aura then before

Haruki quickly mind controls Shintaro to bind him from getting near Tsurugi.

"This is bad. Tsurugi's soul has almost fallen from grace. He's nearly consumed by darkness." Madara thinks. "Just tell us, Tsurugi-kun, what is wrong with your aura?"

"And why do you want to know that?", he says totally not wanting to tell Madara.

Shintaro says in his mind "Mind Control... Dispel!" Before releasing a flow of mana to break free of Haruki's control. "Tsurugi-dono, we can help you through your grief. Just tell us what exactly your grief is!"

"Grief?", Tsurugi asks sarcastically before laughing maniacally.

"Exactly! We're friends, aren't we?! We'll guide each other, even through grief!" Shintaro shouts.

He'd then stop laughing before asking in serious tone "Friends?". 

"Yes. Friends." Madara steps in. "And you are both of the same family, you have the blood of the Yuji clan flowing through your veins."

"Stay. Back!" he says as he activates his mangekyo "You don't have any rights to say anything on this matter. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN YUJI CLAN GOT SLAUGHTERED, HAH!?" he'd then calm himself down "You have no right to call yourself a yuji, so-called founding father." he says as he glares through his soul by his mangekyo "You're a traitor"

"A traitor, huh?" Madara says, before closing his eyes and continuing talking in a calm tone. "It seems you've indeed been influenced by the Curse of Hatred."

Shintaro steps forward and says "Tsurugi-dono. What was done in the past stays in the past. That's why we must rely on our strength united to build a bright future!"

Tsurugi would then look down "So...." he says as he shows off dark aura which gave Haruki shivers "You are speechless after all, huh, you traitor?" he says "Explains why you've been hiding in the shadows. You're nothing but a pathetic shell of your former self, Madara" he says with a disrespectful tone before looking at Shintaro and trapping him in his Tsukuyomi and showing everything which happened during that fateful day, shows him how alone he was that day before stopping the Genjutsu "I can't just ignore all that and move on, and...." he says as he suddenly appears beside him with his sword impaling through him "What was done in the past stays in the past, huh?" he says.

Shintaro looks at all the memories Tsurugi projected via Tsukuyomi. "No... The clan... The people..." Shintaro says, with his arm on his chest; where the heart is. "But, haven't you killed the person involved in that incident? Trogeveta?!"

Madara says "This is bad..." He then sends a telepathic link to Haruki and Shintaro "Please, get to work on trying to bring Tsurugi back to the light! Shintaro, after the tournament, I need you to return to Hell and search for Ryouta!" As Madara was only a projection via clairvoyance magic, he couldn't use any combat abilities to calm Tsurugi down.

"This place isn't safe, Haruki-dono." Shintaro says. "Please, run with the kids."

Madara thinks "If my theory is correct, SC will interfere and disrupt every's power flow so they won't do any damage to the terrain... My projection will also disappear..."

"Yes, yes i did" Tsurugi says as he immediately creates firewall among Madara, Haruki, Shintaro and himself "Huh? Weren't you the one who wanted to waste my time, traitor?" he says as he empowers firewall being impossible for living beings to break free "I did. But, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN HE KILLED ALL OF THEM!? And ultimately" he glares at Madara "Why were you hiding in the shadows, you freak!" he says activating his Rinnegan for the first time; since he possess Shinju blood. "And... Where was that general, Reppes!" he says talking about him after nearly 16 years. 

Haruki would try and escape but gets blocked by firewall, "I can't get outta here!" she says.

"Ryouta-kun was only a kid when that accident happened, Tsurugi." Madara says with closed eyes. "Supposedly, I should be long dead as of the event 16 years ago. I awakened the Rinnegan just before death, which lets me travel around Hell and Earth freely... But I couldn't interfere with the events, otherwise I would have fallen from grace. As much as I hate to say it..." Madara says, looking straight at Tsurugi with his Rinnegan glowing "That was the Yuji Clan's fate."

Tsurugi closes eyes "There's no use lying, Madara" he says revealing scrolls he found from Naka Shrine "THAT WAS NO FATE! You died 5 years later to that incident." he says glaring at him with his glowing Mangekyo "You were hiding in your cave, the day Yuji clan got slaughtered." he says while activating his own rinnegan in the left eye "You see, these rinnegan of mine can see chakra. They cover the whole Earth, so does my sharingans. And i knew exactly where you were hiding."

"It was to protect you, Tsurugi-kun." Madara says as one of his eyes begin to leak out mana in smoke form. Madara thinks "The clairvoyance magic is decaying..." He says "If you detest me so much, then you can kill me at this spot.", he then thinks "Besides, he's already fallen from grace, I can see all the negative energy around him..." Madara repeats a transmission to Haruki's and Shintaro's minds "You two, you must get away from Tsurugi as far as possible. Avoid him for as long as the tournament goes on." He dispels the Firewall casted upon himself, Haruki and Shintaro. "Tsurugi-kun, your the one you're after right now is me. Leave the other two alone."

Shintaro grabs Haruki's arm and shouts "Hayaku! We need to start running." and begins to run away from the stands where Shintaro are, noticing Shuu. "Shuu, it's not safe here; we need to get away from your grandfather!"

Tsurugi would roll his eyes to look at them "Perhaps..." he says dispelling his secondary firewall "I'll finish them off after i'm done with you". He says as he glares through him to trap him in his Legendary Possession Genjutsu where he impales his sword at his back "This is the end. Lastly, Madara, i want to ask you something" he says remembering a ghost from the past "Before hiding in the shadows, you told me that there are 3 others who helped Trogeveta slaughter Yuji clan. One of them was your wooden clone. Who were the others, Madara!".

Shuu, having been grown up a lot since he last met his father, almost surpassed his father exists the Healing chamber in an instant while reminding Shintaro of Miri.

Madara starts leaking out ki from where Tsurugi stabbed him, he closes his eyes before saying "Very well. Though, I'm afraid you won't be able to hurt the others." He says "One of the people who slaughtered the clan was a person named Kazuki. He's not of our clan, nor the Shinjus. He's a perfect replication on you, Tsurugi. An alien. Now, I'll warn you - stay away from the other clan members." Madara's projection shatters into bits of ki that scatter in the air, which all fall onto Tsurugi's body, seemingly getting absorbed by Tsurugi.

"Screw your warning... and you!" he says before moving his sword in air and finally sheathing it. The air around Tsurugi finally gets back to normal. He'd then proceeds on killing Haruki off, but the cursed seal Madara gave Tsurugi binds Tsurugi from moving him "... Curse your cursed seal!" he says as he uses his massive powerlevel to overpower that seal. "I'd let you live on a whim" he says to Haruki before disappearing off to nowhere.

Haruki would breathe heavily yet not saying anything

Shintaro says "Are you guys okay?"

Hokus walks over to Alyra again and taps her on the shoulder. "How's it going Ms.Noveria?" He'd say with a smile on his face.

Alyra glanced up, surprised, "Oh, fine." She indicates the book she's currently writing in, "Just recording my observations on this place. Interesting stuff, really..." She trailed off, glancing back down at the page - covered in equations. "Trying to figure out how it all works."

"Oh, the dimension and how he created it?" Hokus says looking around at the sky. "Seems like an easy things for my portals to create."

"Yes, but I'm trying to figure out how to replicate it myself, without a Rift Device." Alyra responded, "Oh, a Rift Device essentially creates a bubble of...'realspace' or reality for you to travel around in. The equations for this are...similar, but subtly different..." She trailed off, thinking.

"It's not as simple as your portal that rips into otherworld or earth if thats were you are." Sc said, butting in on their conversation. "This is on a higher scale than that, based on the fact I'm not opening portals to a different space, I'm creating the areas as you guys go into them. For example, you're reading in the libary, and the more you explore it, the more rapidly it expands and becomes larger." He said, before adressing Alyra. "i'm glad to see your interested, but one can not simply replicate the complexity of his dimension, even with a rift device. Creating a bubble of 'realspace' as you call it is just that, a bubble. Even with time travel, unless someone is born with the ablity to do stuff like this, just like I and 2 other friends can, replicating or even attempting it is downright impossible, especially for mortals." He said, sounding quite serious. 

"In my opinion, this is weak work. There are several places where if I were to open a portal, I could leave fairly easily. I've seen more complexity of design during my time with my Dad, and he wasn't even trying. How long did it take you to make this anyways? I'm pretty sure I could design 15 better dimensions with less flaws than this one in the time it'll take you to make a new one." Hokus says looking at him with a disappointed look.

"Rift Space. The space between universes. A bubble of realspace is synonymous with a universe." Alyra quietly responded. "This dimension is nothing compared to things I have seen, forged by the hands of the Silent Ones. The Crucible, the Shattered Realm, the Web of Time...and that which lies beyond...while Rift Devices create universes, they cannot alter them, only maintain them, but that is simply due to a lack of power. Even the Silent Ones, above even you, I'd imagine, would acknowledge the potential of any 'mortal,' as you put it. This place would be trivial to make. I am simply trying to figure out the method." 

"Well good for you and those Silent ones you speak of, whoever they are." Sc said, seemingly half listening to her while his attention was on hokus. "Is that so? Then do it, you won't be able to return to this dimension after." He told Hokus, before adding. "It took me 1 minute total to create the dimension, build the mechas, finish the rules, design the dimension outline, and finally bring you all here. Thats why you began in the dark room rather than the arena itself. Your ablity to make portals is something, but portals is it." He then realized something, smiling. "Tell me, does your name stand for anything special?"

Hokus laughs at the question. "Oh I'd tell you, but then I'd be giving away my biggest secret out, and that's not happening. As for the portal, I wouldn't leave, I'd just open one so I can actually speak to my henchmen a couple minutes, nobody steps through." Hokus says grabbing Alyra's swords before being unable to lift them for a second before smiling. "Oh these swords are really unique." Hokus would then lift them above his head with little effort before looking around him and slashing three portals open out of the dimension. "Catch my drift SC?"

A small thunk was heard as Alyra dropped her book, surprised that Hokus could move the Paradox Blades.

Sc, from the looks of it, seemed to be asleep, his head tilted down and slitting with his hands on his knees  at a highest platform in the arena. His eyes sharpening when he felt 3 portals open, he lifted his open hand and balled it into a fist, effortlessly shutting the 3 portals with so much force the space they disrupted remained cracked for a few seconds, before fading away. "Is your secret that your name stands for Hippy Odders Know Underhanded Slaps?" He asked

"Funny. Does SC actually stand for Super Chump?" Hokus says setting Alyra's swords down.

"Very orginal." Sc said sarcasticly, shaking his head and sighing. "Your jokes aren't very amusing, four out of ten so far." He said, holding up four fingers.

"And yours are a rating 1 out of 100. You want to try something funny, why don't you go hurt yourself or something. Maybe you'll get a higher rating you narcissistic sociopath." Hokus says starting to lay down. "Super Chump you bore me."

"We'll see who the Chump is soon enough."  He replied, yawning before replying to Hokus. "Why not go and talk to the mecha you. You two seemed to get along quite well last time." He mentioned, yawning again as he seemed very tired.

"I would, but I'd only give him a harder test. I want to save that for if I make it to him in the tournament." I'd say standing back up and slashing another 5 portals and walking back to the reading area in the dimension.

When Hokus went back to the reading area, he saw Alyra writing something down in a notebook. Seemingly no longer surprised at his actions earlier, she waved lazily at him before closing the book.

Hokus walks back over and sits next to Alyra. "Yes?"

"You can move the Paradox Blades." She responded simply. "Not many can do that. Consider me impressed."

"Well yeah, they aren't that heavy..." Hokus says confused looking for explanation

"They're locked in time." Alyra explains, "Immovable. Indestructible." Lifting one up, she let go - and it did not fall. "The two blades are the same. One weapon existing in two places. Only those who can control time can move them."

"Well, I guess the combination of gravity and dimensional manipulation allowed me to lift them." Hokus says unsurprised by his own revelation. "I should've guessed."

She considered what you said for a moment, "...Moving the reference frame, not the item..." She muttered. "Clever. How go your other studies?"

"Ah, I'm learning different techniques and ways of casting the spells." Hokus says sticking out his arm as symbols fly around them and a seal appears above it.

"Oh, seals? Useful, though it takes some time before a battle to prepare them. I prefer the runes and matrices, but then again, I can construct them on the fly with ease..." Alyra trails off, then pulls another book out of seemingly nowhere, "This should help." It seemed to be a book entirely on preparing such seals.

"Thanks. The seals do take a bit of time to create. I'm just trying to find something that fits my style." I say making seals around his body.

She passes the book, and nods, "Yeah, they can be tricky. Even I still need to take ten minutes or so to make seals...then again, ten minutes for me is an instant for anyone else..."

"I've memorized the enhancements and process for one, then I changed it up and made it my own. These next few will be made on the fly." Hokus says flipping as a seal appears behind him and fires off a fire ball, while another forms and passes through him, leaving behind a wind trail while one last one covers him with lightning as he lands, all in under a few seconds.

Alyra offers a thumbs up, "Well, I hope you can use those effectively in battle, too, you're going to need it." She said, fully aware of how powerful Hokus's first opponent is, "Could give you the edge you need."

"Yeah. I've fought him a couple times, but we never really finished when he was at this strength." Hokus says as the effects begin to fade

"It should be a fight to behold, at least, unlike most of these ones." Alyra replied, referring to how one-sided the matches were, She glanced at his hands, "Strange...what's with the rings?" She closed her right eye as she looked at it - the left still covered by the eyepatch she wore.

"Oh. They help to focus my power kind of." Hokus says holding his hand up as all three rings begin to emit a different color flame each.

"Fascinating...perhaps I could..." She re-opens her eye, concentrating, before a flame formed in her hand as well - a pale, orange one, with a deeper hue in its' edge. "Somehwat unconventional..." Alyra muttered, opening her other hand and immediately forming a blazing white flame - though it was conventional magic, and began comparing the two.

Hokus stared astonished at Alyra's orange flame before fishing around and finding another ring. "You really are remarkable. You've got a genuine Sky Flame." He says handing her the ring.

"Sky Flame?" She says, looking up and dispelling the flames, before examining the ring and trying it on. "First time I've heard of it, actually."

"Not many people have. It's extremely rare and is almost never seen." Hokus says, watching Alyra's face.

She conjures it again, quietly observing it. Her right eye closed again, the other one remaining hidden. With a few movements of her fingers, it flickered and smoothly split into two, one now in each hand. "This is fundamentally different from the other pyromancies I know...perhaps while you learn conventional magic from me, I'll learn how to use this from you."

"Sure. In the meantime, use this to learn." Hokus says handing her a notebook.

Dispelling the flames, she accepted the book, "Thanks. This will definitely help." She then opened it and started reading.

"Alright, I'll be back after my match to help you learn some more." Hokus says before kissing Alyra on the cheek and walking away.

Alyra froze up, and when Hokus walked away she touched her cheek, staring at her hand in disbelief. " straightforward..." She mutttered when Hokus was out of earshot.

Aaron would stand off to the side and watch this happen.Aaron would begin to run towards Alyra with his heart set on love. Running smoothly in the wind, and preparing to jump for his true love."ALYRA!" he would say as he tackles her.

Alyra was just standing up, and hears Aaron, looking towards him. When Aaron was three feet away, she stepped to the side, watching him fall flat on his face.

Aaron would then fall flat on his face. He would get up, holding a rose and gives it to Alyra. He spots Hokus walking away, and growls. He then fires an energy ball at him fueled by rage.

Hokus would sigh, making an energy barrier, flipping over it and firing off a few fire balls at Aaron before landing on his feet, turning around and starting to read the book Alyra gave him. "Sorry man, I don't like being attacked from behind."

Aaron would then deflect the balls, then he would begins charging waves of energy. He then fires them at Hokus. "Alyra and I were meant to be together! If we dont end up together, Starr and Hope wont exist!"

Starr's usually spiked hair would fall down over his eye. "Hope and I will exist either way...We arent just from a different time, but a different universe. We dont exist here, this place is different all together. Aaron, you have NO change with Alyra here, so i just suggest you forget about it, because clearly, SHE DOESNT LOVE YOU." Starr would say with a slightly deeper voice.

Aaron would stop and look at Starr. His anger, turned into sadness. He releases the rest of his energy, and he would then look at Alyra. "Alyra....Im guessing thats true...." He says lower than he was before. Tears then began to swell up in his eyes. "I need a moment..." He would then would walk away quickly.

Alyra seemed to glow for thirty seconds or so, deep in thought, the golden light of her chronomanipulator enveloping her. Abruptly, it cut out, and Alyra promptly collapsed, gasping for air.

Aaron would turn around just before Alyra would fall, and catches her. "Alyra!" Aaron would thenkiss her, hoping to give her air, and to spark a bit of affection. He would lean out and look at her face, glowing in sheer beauty. "My here for you" He would then hug her.

The first sign of Alyra recovering, as far as Aaron could see, was her seeming to speed away from hi-wait, no, Aaron was simply punched across the room, quite literally. "That's quite enough of that." She replied, dusting herself off. "And here I was going to give you a gift."

Hokus sighs again as the attacks don't get through the barrier and walks over to help Aaron up. "Look man, I'm sorry if I upset you or anything. I don't plan in marrying anybody unless they know my real name. Flirting however, is different." Hokus says winking at Alyra and heading back to the reading area.

The golden glow flared up around Alyra once more, as she reached up to her eyepatch, removing it - but covering it with her hand instead. Closing her other eye, she crouched to the ground and concentrated once more, not moving or even breathing, before the glow faded and she replaced the eyepatch. This time her breathing was normal, and she looked at Aaron, "A gift from the future past." Alyra tossed him a small data storage device, not unlike a USB. "Use it to remember what never was." She said, before walking over to Hokus.

Hokus would notice Alyra walking over and watch curious to what might happen. "Yes beautiful?"

A small blush finally crossed her features, barely noticeable before it vanished. "I was wondering...was what you said true? About those who know your name?"

"About marrying me? Then yes. I need to trust someone completely to let them know my name." Hokus says the last sentence almost inaudible, but loud enough for only Alyra to hear.

Alyra leaned in close, and whispered something in his ear, the golden light of the chronomanipulator preventing the sound from reaching anyone else - even SC.

Hokus' eyes would widen in surprise as he looks at Alyra. "How..." the question falls from his lips before he can even finish, but the point still getting across.

"You told me." She replied, "Two days from now." Indicating her covered eye, "Time isn't just a straight line of cause and effect, after all. I know one of your deepest secrets. Perhaps it's only fair I tell you one of mine."

Hokus just stares dumbfounded that he actually told her and nods his response.

"Something is telling me that I can trust you with this, so I will." Alyra began, placing a hand to her chest above her heart. A number of cracking noises could be heard, and a small sphere, approx. two inches across and uniformly gray, was now held. "The chronomanipulator. The source of my power. With it, I exist within and beyond time." She sighed, "I studied temporal mechanics for centuries. The technology to invent this device didn't even exist. For hundreds of years I was on the edge of a massive discovery, but it was always beyond my grasp. I traveled the galaxy, searching for clues, until I came across something. A Silent One, one of those who came...before. The ones who forged the Web of Time, tying existence itself to it, inventing the concept of causality. It was there I learned the truth of existence, and built this...device." A pause. "The Silent One took a piece from the Web of Time and placed it in here. Tied to time itself, I integrated it into myself."

"Normally, time can be rewritten with ease. Nothing is fixed outside of the Web of Time, but now I carry a piece within me. The Silent One omitted information. Were I to destroy the chronomanipulator, or cause it to cease, so to would that branch on the Web. It would be the end of the Centauri Imperium, my home. We were on the brink of war, on two fronts, both with the Seekers of Twilight, a powerful alien civilizaiton, and the Silent Ones themselves seemed to be ready for war. So I fled. I stole a ship and left. The Imperium wants the chronomanipulator back, but they don't know what's actually going on. I've been to several universes, spending no more than ten, fifteen years in each one. Perhaps it's time I made a stand."

Hokus would snap out of his stare at the start of her story before standing up and hugging her. "Since you know my name, I must trust you completely. I promise to protect you the best I can, even if I lose my life." Hokus says holding onto Alyra.

Yugana comes by and sees Hokus hug Alyra, before pulling out a camera and starting to record it from his promise.

Alyra was too focused on Hokus to see Yugana, hugging him tightly, "Then I shall stay by your side, protecting you as you protect me. As I once sought time, so have I sought another, and I have found dark prince."

Hokus smiles as he kisses Alyra and a barrier shoots up around them, keeping things private.

Yugana manages to slip in before it closes completely and continues to record.

Shortly thereafter, Yugana emerged from the barrier. Airborne, and moving rather rapidly towards the nearest wall or equivalent. Alyra's face was beet-red, one arm still wrapped around Hokus.

Hokus would sense someone entering the barrier and break the kiss. "Did you see who got in?"

"H-her." She actually stuttered for a moment, then shook her head slightly, blinking, seemingly instantly snapping out of it. "Yugana." Alyra said, pointing at her.

Hokus would turn around sharply and sigh, feeling her change in personality, before waving his hand and forcing Yugana to get sent flying out of the barrier at tremendous speeds. "I didn't even notice her watching."

As she flew out and crashed through a bookcase, she would hold up the disk in victory, storing it away and waiting to able to leave.

The golden light of the chronomanipulator surrounded both Alyra and Hokus this time, separating them from the rest of the world for now, giving them some privacy again.

"Well this seems more, relaxing than I thought. Sorry for not paying more attention." Hokus says, a little disappointment can be heard in his voice.

"Tell me about it, even I barely noticed." Alyra responds, "But now we're separated from the world. Look." Whereas everyone else would only see the glow of the chronomanipulator, Alyra and Hokus saw something else - time outside her influence had stopped.

"This is astonishing Alyra. So this is what you see while looking through time?" Hokus said, still holding onto Alyra.

"...When Time holds still, we can both see. This is a picture, a single frame. When I look through time in motion, it's..." She paused, searching for words. " all honesty, it's a bit terrifying. The future holds many possibilities, and seeing them all at once can be...difficult."

"Must be taxing on the body huh?" Hokus says holding her tightly. "Why do you call yourself the Seeker of Time?"

"Because I sought Time out for my entire life. Seeking its' secrets. When I found them...well, I wish I had never began searching for them in the first place, but my past is the only one I cannot change. No sense in running from it, now, so I keep my title."

"Fair enough. I feel like I should have a title, but I never really thought about it much." Hokus said watching everyone around.

Thinking for a moment, Alyra replied, "Perhaps something simple, like...Lord of Darkness?" She shrugged.

Hokus just smiles and kisses Alyra on the forehead. "We should probably go now then. People might be wondering what's taking us so long." As the glow fades, Hokus kisses her cheek once more before heading back to the reading area.

Alyra sighed happily before also returning to the reading area, resuming her work.

Rin had been watching Hokus and Alyra every now and then, but remained silent. She watched Hokus as he began to leave for the reading area again, but didn't approach him. She simply sat and awaited her battle to come up, watching and taking note of every mecha and normals who fought. When she saw Alyra, she silently glared, but still remained silent.

Aaron would look into the gift from Alyra, and see all of the memories from the other universe.

Curiously enough, the memories were from Aaron's perspective, not Alyra's. Also strangely, they did not overwhelm Aaron, he obtained them as if they were already his, though he could access them at will. The device, in the meantime, appeared to have vanished entirely, though Aaron briefly felt a tingling sensation in his hands.

When the match between Hokus and 47 was over, Alyra immediately ran over to see if Hokus was okay.

Hokus would walk out of the arena seemingly unscathed, because of his regeneration muttering, "Man, 47 really is something."

Alyra took note of the regeneration, but did show concern for how much energy he must have spent. "Indeed...but perhaps you should at least get some rest. I can transfer some energy if you want..." she offered.

"I'll be fine. You up for your next fight?" Hokus says smiling a bit.

"Yes, when it happens." Alyra responded, "Regardless, this might help." She held out a small bottle filled with liquid, "It's similar to those energy shots, though they're pretty easy to make, they're only really good outside of battle."

"Thanks." Hokus says before drinking some of it and wiping his mouth. "So how goes the Flame Studies?" Hokus says wrapping an arm around Alyra.

She indicated a half-filled notebook, slightly singed. "Fairly well, so far. I noticed 47 used some magic, did you get any ideas from it?" Alyra wrapped one arm around Hokus, too, giving an affectionate squeeze/half hug.

"Kinda. He used different spells than I did mainly, but they all pretty much boosted his power." Hokus says materializing a ring in one of his hands, out of everyone's sight.

"Ah, reinforcement magic. Extremely useful, especially when you use that kaio-ken technique. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to try and replicate them?" Alyra suggested, "Not necessarily the same way 47 did, mind you."

"Yeah, I'll try to read up on it." Hokus lets go of Alyra before getting on one knee. "Alyra, I know this is sudden, but would you marry me?"

Alyra immediately grinned, the two of them probably in full view of Rin, before saying "Of course I will!" 

Hokus lifts up Alyra and spins her around. "You've just made me the happiest man around!"

Alyra let herself get spun around, even feigning dizziness after a whlie, pulling Hokus into a hug when she's back on the ground, "Oh, I assure you, I'm just as happy as you~"

Hokus hugs her before realizing that he just proposed to her in public and chuckling.

Alyra chuckles too, before glancing nervously at Rin and Aaron, but continues the hug nonetheless.

Hokus notices her glance and sweatdrops, forgetting about the two.

"That...might end poorly." Alyra said, referring to Rin and Aaron. "Maybe we could get them together instead?" She jokingly suggested.

"That might work." Hokus said playing along. "I wonder what that couple would be like?"

"Hilarious to watch?" was Alyra's response, a grin still on her face.

"I'd bet so." Hokus says smiling, before leaning in to kiss Alyra.

Alyra pulled him in, having to stand on her toes due to the height distance, also being the one to initiate the kiss.

Though it was true Rin could see everything, she didn't seem to care. She stood away from all the other combatants with her eyes shut, having quickly recovered from her self-inflicted injuries.

Hokus breaks the kiss and sighs, "Alyra, I have to ask Rin about something. I'll be back soon." Hokus says walking over to Rin. "So, why are you standing here all alone?"

Rin slowly opened her eyes, which had changed from their normal red colar to black with yellow iris. She stared at Hokus for a moment, before closing her eyes again. She wasn't even moving.

"Don't bother trying to speak to her." Ultimate said,  walking over to Hokus. "I restrained her movements with magical chains until her next match. So that she doesn't go beserk like before. She can hear you, but can't say anything back." The chains were unable to be picked up by members in the tournament, and the reason for this being that it was a special kind of magic only people from Ultimate's home world knew of, as well as use.

"Ah, well, if you ever find out what's going on, I'll be with my wife." Hokus says walking back to Alyra and wrapping his arm around her again.

"Yeah..I know." Ultimate would mumble, watching his mecha battle with Shintaro.

Rin once again opened her eyes, her eyes turning back to normal  for a brief moment before returning to the black and yelllow iris color, closing them again while she meditated.

Alyra decided to ignore Rin for now, opting to rest her head against Hokus, seemingly using him as a makeshift pillow for now, a content smile on her face.

Hokus would rest his head on top of hers. "I'm glad one of us still in the tournament." Hokus would say, happily supporting Alyra.

"Yeah...and I've got a pretty decent shot at getting far." She responded, still maintaining her current position. Judging by hear breathing patterns, it seemed like she was on the verge of falling asleep...and was perfectly fine with that, given the look on her face.

"Then I guess you don't need luck to win." Hokus smiles as he sqeezes Alyra affectionately, trying to give her more comfort.

Yugana would stalk up to the scene and almost barf before walking over to Rin. "What's the matter Demon Rat? Mad you lost a potential hubby, or that you're considered so weak they thought Mecha Night was a good match for you?"

Rin opened her eyes, which had now turning red and sharp black in the center
Evil Eye
. She stared Yugana and began to noticeably straggle against the chains that were keeping her in place, even though to Tugana, it'd possibly look like she was fidgeting.

Yugana icontinuing to insult Rin. "Aw, and now you're shaking in terror because you don't think you can win? Come on Demon Rat, answer my questions and maybe I'll leave you be." She begins to pull out the disk from earlier and a portable dvd player. "Just answer me, or are you that much of a weakling?"

Rin's anger continued to increase, so much so that her arm began to lightly move, which quickly set off Ultimate's alarms. He was going to restrain Rin, but he stopped, wanting to see if she could break free on her own. Besides the arm movemnt, which was nearly invisable since it was so small, Rin remained motionless, her eyes glancing down at the dvd player and disk.

Yugana popped the disk in the dvd player, showing Rin what she recorded earlier. "Come Demon Rat, how long can you keep your cool like huh? Or are your daddy's chains to strong for you?" She said catching a glimpse of them at her slight movement.

Rin began to give off a strong demon prescence, one that even shocked SC. In only a moment, the chains Ultimate placed on Rin became undone, and in that very same moment, Rin punched Yugana all the way across the arena and into the healing dimension. The ground around her began to shift and change at the amount of power she was pouring out, but Rin managed to remain the same somehow, dispite her arm trembling violently as if it might blow off from the force she put into her attack.

Yugana would heal and make her way back to Rin. "So Rat, you ready to answer any of my questions, or are going to do this punch, regen thing again and again, again and again... you get the point."

"The only Rat I see is the girl I'm going to cut to pieces!" She shouted, before pulling out her Kakuran Burēdo and slashing Yugana into half. It would stop Yugana from regenerating, and actually cause her pain as she did so. Rin would stand above  Yugana with the blade to her forehead, waiting for her to try and get up so she could get stabbed in the brain. "Back off you weaking, or that slash won't be the only pain you feel."

Yugana transforms and tries to back away, before stopping and letting the blade pierce her chest as she whispers in Rin's ear, before passing out, "So, the Demon Rat really can't get her way without force huh?" As she falls, she puts the dvd on continuous loop and plays Rin vs Mecha Night on replay.

Even passed out, Rin didn't let Yugana off easy. She cut Yagana's head off and kicked it into the healing dimension, while she threw the girls chest into the training dimension and her lower half into the reading dimension. She then put her sword away and sat in the destroyed stands, glancing at everyone with a emotionless face as her eyes remained the were in the picture.

Yugana's body seemed to melt and merge back together, revealing Yugana, but she seemed more scared about what just happened and runs over to Rin. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything that I said. I swear. I respect you and I know that you're really strong, please forgive me." She bows continuously to show that she is genuinely sorry.

Hokus carries Alyra over to Rin before sighing. "I knew you mad, but was that really necessary?"

Rin did not respond to Yugana, only looking over at Hokus with the same cold look she used to have orginally. "You knew she was asking for it when she taunted me. Besides, why do you care?" She asked in a sarcastic tone, not paying any attention to Alyra.

Hokus sends Yugana away, while still carrying the sleeping Alyra, "Well, she is part of my family technically. Besides, I want to make sure you're okay." Hokus says putting on a little smile.

Rin glared at Hokus, before looking over at Yugana. "Is SHE okay?" she pointed, her eyes reamining as they were to show her feelings hadn't subsided just yet.

"We both know she'll be fine. Seriously Rin, nobody can help you if you ignore them." He says sitting down, keeping Alyra curled up next to him, her head on his chest while he talked to Rin.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't need your help." She told him coldly, looking away for a brief moment while she continued to watch Shintaro vs her mechizied father.

Hokus would sigh again, before standing up with Alyra again. "Look Rin, you're like a sister to me. I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay with you." Hokus said, beginning to walk off with Alyra in his arms, leaving a gem for Rin where he sat.

Rin listened to Hokus, but didn't reply or even look at him. She watched him walk off and saw the gem he had left. She decided to take it to see what it was for, and if he purposely left it for her as well.

Hokus walks over to Ultimate, a question still buried in his mind. "So spill, what's wrong with Rin?"

"Hm?" Ultimate said, completely toned into watching Shintaro vs Mecha Ultimate until Hokus began speaking to him. "Oh, she didn't tell you?" He asked. Ultimate was wearing his normal clothing, a dark blue and red short sleeved gi with a black undershirt, baggy gi pants, and size 18 boots. His saiyan tail, which seemed larger than a normal saiyan tail, was wrapped around his waist as always, unlike his mecha who didn't have one. He didn't really seem to concerned about Rin, not even when she was going beserk on the mecha.

"Not a peep. Insisted she didn't need me." Hokus said shrugging slightly, still holding Alyra.

"Its simple really. She's going through a personality struggle." He said, looking at Alyra, then Hokus, then back at the fight.

"Well that explains a little bit." Hokus says before noticing Ultimate's glance and frowning. "It really affected her that much?"

"Yes and no. Rin likes Ace, but also has a few feelings for you as well, Hokus. Its because of the human and demon inside of her. Normal people would call it multiple personality disorder, but its just her inner demon and human waging war with one another. Have you see her "other half"?" He asked, wondering if Hokus knew of it.

"I guess not. I don't even know what you're taking about." Hokus said taking a glance at Rin and thinking about what he just told her.

"Yeah...proably not the best thing to tell the girl who liked you. Then again, only about 75% of her is demon, so maybe its not all bad." He said in a sarcastic tone, before sighing. "Its no different then what I went through at her age. The only member of my family who didn't have it happen was Loke, suprizingly."

Alyra chose this moment to wake up, yawning and lowering herself from Hokus's shoulder. "Oh...hi, Ultimate." She offered as a greeting.

Ultimate glanced at Alyra, keeping his serious stright face. "Hello Alyra. Were you ever actually asleep this entire time?" He asked her, not believing that a time lord such as her ever truly slept. At least, not like normal people did.

"I was." Alyra rubbed her uncovered eye, before stretching. "I am aware of what's going on, however." A twinge of annoyance could be sensed from her, possibly directed at Ultimate's assumption that she was a Time Lord. Yes, she controlled time, but she was human, not Gallifreyan.

He noticed her annoyance, but didn't seem to care. He nodded as she awnsered him, meeting his assumtion to be true. "Makes sense. " He said, looking at both of them. "Do you two have any more questions for me at this given time?"

"Nothing in particular." Alyra responded, "Though if you could keep her...dangerous check, it'd be appreciated." Referring to Rin, of course, and what happened to Yugana.

Zane sits in the bleachers watching the remaining fights. "Silver.....You are doing great...." Zane's original goodness starting to show through "Still dont know who his mom is...."  he whisper to himself

Silver looks up at him and smiles. "Thanks Dad!" 

Alyra and Hokus were talking with Ultimate not too far away, in clear view of Zane and Silver.

Silver looks over at Alyra. "Dad you never met my mom have you?"

Zane glances at him. "No.....why?"

Silver motions to her. "She's sitting over there with Hokus" 

Zane looks over at her. "So thats her?"

"Yes.....well Go say hi" Silver smiles

"Fine." Zane gets up and goes to Alyra. "Well hi there" he said to Alyra

Alyra spun to face Zane, leaving Hokus and Ultimate to continue their conversation, "Hello." she offered as a simple greeting, a smile on her face.

"So whats your name?" Zane asks 

"Alyra Noveria, at your service." She tilted her head slightly, "And you would be..." Pausing and glancing at Silver, "...Zane?"

"Yes....Nice to meet you." Zane sits by her. "I guess you know me already"

"Not exactly." She takes a seat. "I've met Silver before, but not you."

"Well....i guess we met somepoint...." glances at silver while saying that 

"Time can be complicated." Alyra sighs. "Especially when it causes a paradox."

"Yeah thats for sure. I guess silver has some control over time. how else would he have gotten here if we never met" Zane kinda laughs

"Indeed. And how else would he have created such a paradox?" A brief glare was shot towards Silver, but it rapidly faded. "The one time we met, I gave him some degree of combat training. It ended...poorly, to say the least."

"He's tough but he still needs training. I think he can do it." Zane looks at her. "Silver learned quite a few spells. Guess he gets that from you."

"Chances are most of the books he read were written by me personally." Alyra says with a hint of a grin, "Though I have an apprentice now, so I can't provide any personal magic training."

"Hokus?" Zane looks at him. "He's so much stronger than me. Heck he killed me but nevermind that. I think he'll be a great student." 

"And a great husband." Alyra replied with a smirk.

"What!? When did that happen!?" Zane says shocked 

"Oh, with a glance into the future and a band of gold to seal it." She sighed happily. "Time control speeds things up so much, yet lets you enjoy life at your own pace..." She trailed off.

"Yea thats true.....Well two will be good together from what i've seen" Zane Smiles 

"Oh, and from what I've seen, too. I glanced not to far ahead, and I have to say the living space is definitely an improvement over my old home..."

"I bet. He is a Demon king after all." 

"Indee-" She stopped herself, thinking, "...that makes me a queen, then, doesn't it."

"Yes it does." Zane looks at the battlw field. "How about the tournament?"

"I fought Frost already. He was...severely outmatched. I thought it would be a more even fight." Alyra responded. "My next opponent is...Aaron Xorous, actually. Another individual to whom I was with in another time. I believe his family's interference was what changed the timeline..."

"Yea i met Starr...Not the strongest kid. Aaron..a little bit stronger. good guys tho. Silver is the stronger brother.

"Aaron will lose outright when I fight him." Alyra said with certainty. "What of your own match?

"Mine..." Zane pauses. "Nevermind that...."

"Ah." She nodded in understanding. "Something tells me that you'll be better off, regardless."

"I guess i have training to do" 

Hokus, having no questions would leave Ultimate to watching the tournament before walking next to Alyra and wrapping his arm around her. "Hey Zane, been a while huh?"

Zane smiles. "Yea it has been. Though i'm not in the clear yet." Zane looks up at him "Good luck. I feel you'll need it" 

"47 already defeated him." Alyra responded for Hokus. "His arsenal of weaponry was...impressive, if perhaps compensating for something."

"Too. Much. Support. He was buffing up like never before and moped the floor with me. I have honestly never seen anything like it." Hokus said sounding more awestruck then mad or disappointed. "I just wish our fight could've waited for later."

"Yea. The main event in the first round" 

"I have a feeling that 47 will win the tournament." Alyra spoke up. "But regardless, I'm probably going to leave after I'm defeated later on."

"I'm staying here with her so we can go back together." Hokus said squeezing Alyra affectionately.

"Yea...." Zane looks to the sky. "Must be nice....." 

Alyra glanced towards Zane, "Something tells me you'll find someone soon." She predicted. "I see...purple? Yes. Purple. Strange..."

"Why do you say that?" Zane looks at her

"Future sight can be useful." Alyra responds vaguely.

Android 47 was sitting nearby. He was awfully bored with the current fights, as they were either dragged on to the point where they were no longer interesting, or just ended too quickly. He was, however, impressed with Rin's display of power in the previous fight. He would have to speak with her later. 

"This might possibly be the most boring cricus i've ever been to, It's quite drawn out too." Mirage's projected ghost said sarcasitcally.

End of round 1......or is it?

Sc would stand above all the contestants, with each of the mecha who were still in battle standing on a lower level then him. "That was........quite a long match. Mecha Ultimate, was Shintaro that much of a challenge?"

Mecha Ultimate slowly nodded, before looking at Shintaro. "You....are a decent opponent.....but calculations were correct." He laughed, before also laughing at mecha Shintaro as well.

"Anyway. You guys did quite well against the mechas so far. However....that doesn't mean its over just yet. You have 4 more rounds to go. Will the mechas defeat the originals, or will the originals beat out the mechas? For all you losers today who were defeated horribly by your opponents. Don't worry, you're all getting a special gift as you go." Sc said, before snapping his fingers and bestowing upon all of the defeated originals even more power than they got from their matches. "You all get 300,000 extra experience for participating in the tournament. Well...all except one, who sadly didn't make it to his fight." He cut off there, not saying anymore. "You now all have 1 week to prepare for the next round. All people still in the tournament must return then, or you will automatically forfeit your battle, and the bonus experience you would receive. Now....without further ado." He stepped back, and a large leader board of experience every normal user got dropped down, along with the stats they gained from their fights.

  • Jeff: 35,000 XP
  • Hope Xorous: 311,475 XP
  • Hilary Flail: 305,397
  • Haruki: 33,000 XP
  • Ace: 118,125 XP
  • Moeru: 493,470 XP
  • Frost: 314,775 XP
  • Alyra Noveria: 193,000 XP
  • Aaron Xorous: 43,750 XP, +10,250 HP, +13.375 speed, 20.375 damage, 62.5 fatigue
  • Tsurugi Kyousuke: 103,125 XP
  • Yamiseu 'Forte' Furuteshimo: 401,845 XP
  • Zane: 428,205 XP
  • Kenmei: 300,000 XP
  • Exsu: 319,760 XP
  • Silver: 14,500 XP
  • Yugana Shinkai: 300,000 XP
  • Miname: 300,000 XP
  • Shintaro: 407,890 XP
  • Pto: 304,140 XP
  • Natch: 300,000 XP
  • Night: 300,000 XP
  • Hokus: 711,970 XP
  • Android 47: 736,575 XP
  • Rin: 33,125 XP, +6,625 HP, +0.375 speed, +0.5 damage, 62.5 fatigue
  • Tenchi: 300,000 XP
  • Starr Xorous: 0 XP
  • Miri: 300,000 XP
  • Samuel: 300,000 XP
  • Blakuul: 300,000 XP
  • Shuu: 300,000 XP
  • Dendsho: 0 XP

"Now you all may do as you wish. Until a week from now" Sc said, a smile on his face as the remaining mechas were pulled away, all having smiles as they stared at the orginals still in the tournament. Just then, the same vortex of sorts that took the orginal fighters away from their universe once again pulled them back into it, also scrambling any data or researching taken on the place and also healing people who came.

Deeper Into the Void

Just like before, the remaining people from the DBZRP universe in the tournament landed in what seemed to be a pitch black room. However, this time the room quickly lit up to reveal more of a forest area in the arena. 

Out came SC, seeing to be dressed for the occasion. "Why hello there gents. I thought it might be best for a little change in scenery, so I decided to  change the dimension we were in a tiny bit." He said, the fighting statium still looking like what, just more jungle and planet like. "Now, I know most of your friends got eleminated in the first round.....AND I have a solution to that." He told them, snapping his fingers. Just as quickly, a brand new dimension opened up, but it was different than the others. This one seemed to go one way, rather than be travable through. "Heres how it works, that dimension is used for anyone who wishes to watch the battle. You are capable of going there and talking to them, but they won't 'physically' be here. Its kinda like visiting some in that thing you people call jail, where you're on one side of the glass and they are on another, and you have to use a phone to talk." He told them, before looking at Rin and Alyra. "Also, you two, and anyone for that matter, refrain from tampering with the space-time flow here. I'd rather keep this place in check than have to repair it after someone gets to curious or loses it." Sc began to try and think of something, before snapping his fingers. "Oh right. I was informed that we will have 1 late entry. If they aren't here by the time his match begins, then he'll be disqualified." 

Almost immediately, Alyra launched a glowing blue bolt of arcane power, which effortlessly phased through and entered the Watcher's Dimension, opening a portal. Entering it were Hope Xorous and Melody Noveria, in person, though naturally they would be unable to leave the Watcher's Dimension.

The instant SC says the last line, with a flash and bang, Tsurugi was there. He immediately silently weaves the hand seals as his Shadow Clone joins the watcher section. He then looks at SC with a smirk before waiting for his match. A mere banishment can't stop me from contacting others. I expected hiim to be more creative, but, well....

"Well? What are we waiting for, let's get on with it." 47 says.

"Very good point. Let the first offical match begin!" SC said, opening the arena up for people to fight in for Jeff and his opponent (sorry i forgot the name), and after that was over it'd be avaliable for everyone.

Hokus walks through a portal into the Watcher's Dimension and sits aside looking around.

Alyra, after finishing her first battle, walked over to Hokus and Melody to relax.

Watchers Dimension

Just as it sounds, this area is for anyone not in the tournament and wishes to watch it. The rule is that no one here is able tor train, heal, read, or have operations while they stay here. Your name must be here to rp in this section. People in the tournament do not have to place their names here. There are actually an unlimited number of slots, if all are filled simply add more.

  1. Melody Noveria
  2. Hope Xorous
  3. Hilary Flail
  4. Shuu
  5. Zero
  6. Tsurugi Shadow Clone
  7. Hokus
  8. Watcher
  9. Watcher
  10. Watcher
  11. Watcher
  12. Watcher
  13. Watcher
  14. Watcher
  15. Watcher
  16. Watcher
  17. Watcher
  18. Watcher
  19. Watcher
  20. Watcher
  21. Watcher
  22. Watcher
  23. Watcher 
  24. Watcher 
  25. Watcher
  26. Watcher
  27. Watcher
  28. Watcher
  29. Watcher
  30. Watcher
  31. Watcher
  32. Watcher

Sudden Announcement

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