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Nigel Victor Swan
The Alpha
• 7/28/2014

Magic System Improvements

Life Energy and Negative Energy, Clairvoyance Magic, and Combined Magic, to be specific.

Life Energy

Totally not copying the Rukh from Magi If you've ever played a mod called Thaumcraft on Minecraft, you know theres an energy called Vis, that uses energy from the surface and releases "Flux" after use.

Basically, what we can have is Life Energy in locations, which we can use to charge up the power of spells, or even draw Life Energy from locations in case you don't have enough Mana. As a side effect, it'll release Negative Energy, which will result in passive side effects if enough Negative Energy gatters, like decreased Speed or Damage.

Negative Energy should be the source of energy used to use Dark Elemental Magic, instead of Mana or Life Energy. Alternatively, Negative Energy can be used for Signatures or Ultimates that'd require Negative Energy.

Negative Energy can also be generated via RP, if your character makes an "evil decision", but can also increase Life Energy by helping others in a charity-like manner. I'd say Locations in Hell would already have lots of Negative Energy, since it's the place where all the evil characters live in the afterlife; whereas in Heaven, it should be soaring with Life Energy.

New Magic Types

Clairvoyance Magic

Can be used as an equivalent for mind reading abilities, kind of like the Saiyan Trait Mind Read and the Demon Trait, Silent Speed.

It'd belong to the Water Element, and it'll utilize such spells as to automatically dodge an opponent's attack (^Would produce more Negative Energy than Dark Magic^), making something undodgeable, boosting Team Attack damage by looking through another teammate's perspective/eyes.

Conjuration Magic

Part of the Fire Element, Conjuration Magic basically lets you materialize weapons for the duration of the battle, or create weak summons to aid you in battle. Either faster creatures or physically stronger ones, or even custom creatures depending on the Mana (and/or Life/Negative Energy) you use.

Combined Magic

Title says all. Magic spells should be combined to create more powerful spells. For example, you can combine Wave Thunder and Wave Fire to create a spell that consumes much more Mana, but deals damage equal to both spells combined times 1.25.

We could also have Barrier Buffs, by combining Light and Wind Elemental spells. How they work is, you cast a barrier which gives you a specific buff that can only wear off if you break the barrier. It doesn't absorb damage to protect your health bar, though. To be precise, if you have a Barrier Buff that has 50,000 health, and your health stat is at 100,000, and get damaged for, ex. 20,000 damage, then your health will not only drop to 80,000, but your Barrier Buff will also drop to 30,000.

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Nigel Victor Swan
The Alpha
• 7/28/2014

I want arcane magic ekwåw,äals.-csåkosamölw ä,.q·˚∏∏˝˚◊fl˚∏∆fl˚∏√º¥°

• 7/28/2014

Updated it; added Conjuration Magic to the suggestion.

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