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Arishok Frieza
Nigel Victor Swan
• 4/18/2017

Oh, look. I'm banned from chat. Might as well post all my edit requests here.

Title says all. So, let's start off with my edit requests.

  • Update the , and probably remove the Miscellaneous section, it's unneeded.
  • To anyone who has a planet, please add it to ; it's extremely outdated.

And now all my man-love for Tre.

  1. Let's begin DBZRP High School.
  2. (Seriously, I edit in like 3 minutes while you edit this page in like 15 hours).
  3. .
  4. .
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Arishok Frieza
Nigel Victor Swan
• 7/25/2014

^^ People and this stupid GIDWMAT, they said it would take forever, yeah right. 

• 7/27/2014
Bump. Royal school plx :3
• 7/27/2014

Kuraihana and Delilah are done. Over at the Ki Mastery School that is. 

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