YAY! Another Suggestion Rant

 it has come to my attention that it seems like you guys nerfed the Materilization ability and more so the benefitiallity of being a Legendary in the first place I mean with all the up and rising OPness shouldn't Legendaries be come more so powerful rather than bringing them down a notch? Materlization should be more likehttp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Imagination_Manifestation and rely on the creativity of the user I remember it specifically being 'You can create anything you can imagine' and now its more like 'You can create Items.... that are Limited to the shop' Am I the only one who notices that? Maybe it's in the wording but that's how I read it.After comparing the Transformation Guidelines to the one I remember and the ones now it seems pretty redundant to be a Legendary and all your really get is a new transformation(if you even get that) or permanent stats and a few extra abilities when others that are non legendaries can just create Sigs that mimic the exact same properties

I mean the creative output we allow now is a lot less than it used to be and it wasn't even that great back then but it was enough,now it's like blocking the creative processes by limiting on what we are able to imagine and create.

It's more a Bolted that it used to be and the more and more the guidelines and basic pages change and the less freedom is allow for the newer and relatively weaker user to compete with the main contenders and contributors to the wiki Now it feels a lot less...well fun than it used to be,to me anyways.And shouldn't we be encouraging more creative variety and diversity?

And that concludes my rant.My suggestion? It not much but loosen up a bit on the reigns you tie around our creativity and freedom! Make Legendaries a little bit more powerful and over all make this place a little bit more fun to enjoy! And possibly bring in that God Form idea that Tre put up there, what a good way to begin loosening and spice things up.