Update Notes: May 28th, 2014

Changes made:

  • Skills have been changed:
    • Saiyans: Zenkai bonuses have been doubled, 5,000 bonus HP has turned into 50,000, Temporary stats gained changed from 25 to 100, Mind Reads effect has been halved.
    • Humans: Humans now get two free snezu beans per week. New skill; humans can now learn other race's techniques, but it takes them twice as long to learn it. New skill; additional 25% discount when buying anything from the shop.
    • Aliens: New skill; gain 1.5x more XP while training or battling in space.
    • Majins: Absorbtion skills buffs have been quartered.
  • Kaio-Ken values have been halved, turn limit added, and stat decrease added for exceeding this turn limit.

Regarding the tome handed out when magic first came out, Excalibur, please remove this from your inventories, it no longer serves a purpose. Or, you can keep at in your inventory as a trophy/proof you were here during that time. Collectors item or trash, you decide.