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• 4/18/2017

Planet Busting

With our characters being as powerful as they are, I think that we should the show a little bit more. This means that we should be able to "planet bust". You may ask what this means, as it simply means to destroy a planet in one shot. I think this is a key element of the show, as it makes those that are aligned to the side of evil look more threatening.

I think we should implement this by having characters place a threat to destroy another user's planet. In turn, the owner of the planet should have 2 to 3 days to respond. They can either watch as their planet is destroyed, or have the chance to defend it in a battle. Some form of XP should also be rewarded for everytime a character destroys a as well.

Bringing back the aspect of dbz characters being planetary or even galaxy level threats not only bring more of the dbz aspect back into the wiki, but also provide a fun time for those who just downright love being evil.

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• 6/15/2014
This suggestion is currently in debate between administrators. Please vote on the poll located at the main page to decide the fate of this suggestion.
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