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• 5/10/2014

Alien Races

So, I've heard of a few cases in which a new user wanted to make a race we didn't have, and was forced to pick from the dreaded 'Alien' race. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the alien race is bad, it's just that with all the races there are in DBZ, we have a small amount, comparitively.  There are several more DBZ races to choose from, and I feel like adding a few more would expand our horizons and add more variety to the wiki rather than just having a bunch of races dumped into the Alien category. (Though we'd still keep it). Of course, we can't add them all but we can add some popular ones.

Here are some potential races to add:

Hera-Seijin, aka The Race of Hera, aka Bojack's race.

Konats aka Tapion's Race.

Shin-jin aka The Kai race. Please note that this is BEFORE they become kais.

Makaioshin, which are evil shin-jin. Could be incorporated as legendaries.

Brench-seijin aka Salza and Jeice's race. 

These are just a few, but it should be enough. Let me know if you like the idea. I'd be fully willing to help implement these races, if you'd like.

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• 5/10/2014

I like the idea.  It would take some work but would be worth doing IMO.

• 5/10/2014

Hello Coldroid, thank you for your suggestion!

At this time the alien race will remain the melting pot of different races at this time, and will likely stay this way for a very long time. This is due to the fact that there are way too many alien races to be implimented; adding one insignificant one would mean having to add another. A race is only added if we feel as if that race played a major role in the series (Cell and Baby are treated as Androids, The Shadow Dragons are treated as Demons).

Not to mention for a race to be created, the following needs to be made:

  • A set of transformations
  • Base stats
  • Attacks learnable from the shop
  • A trait to follow after leveling up past 50.

So there you have it. Thanks for the idea though!

Blalafoon TalkContribs 17:25, May 10, 2014 (UTC)