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• 5/8/2014

Roleplay Achievements

I came up with a random idea in my head (since I'm such a Lucky Thousandth Edit Badge hunter), it's similar to Wikia achievements.

The idea is that you can collect achievements for completing a certain objective in the roleplay site. Like Wikia 'chieves, you get points from them, which you can then use to buy special items from the shop. (Perhaps we should add a new section in the shop where you can buy items exclusive obtained using the points?)

My examples of a few achievements would be:

Create your first character;

Reach Level 25/50/75;

Get a child character;

Deal 200,000 worth of damage in one attack during battle;

Use a Time Capsule...

Well, you get the point. What do you think about this suggestion?

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• 5/14/2014

Hello Nigel Victor Swan!

Thank you for your suggestion! My administrator and I think this would be great motivation for newer users to experiment with some features that they make be obstinate to try.

Blalafoon TalkContribs 04:53, May 14, 2014 (UTC)