New Profile Music Template

Lately, everyone's been asking for me or other admins to add music to profiles.

I found a slight lil' issue while using this. If you have a character theme while you have a profile track playing in the background... Well, how are you gonna pause the profile track to listen to the character's theme song?

Because of this issue I added a template to this Wiki that'll let regular users install profile tracks without asking an admin to add a page that needs admin permission to edit.

The template is called YoutubePlayer; which fixes the two flaws mentioned in the above paragraphs. It still autoplays as usual, and now it has a pause button as well as a slider to change the volume. Now you can manually install the templates without bugging us lazy busy admins to make a verbatim page for ya'. c:

How to install:

Simply copy <center>{{YoutubePlayer|PlaylistURL = embed/RANDOMCODE|Autoplay = 1|Hide = 0}}</center> onto the top of your user page, and replace "RANDOMCODE" with the Youtube ID. If you don't want it to autoplay upon opening the page, just change Autoplay = 1 to 0.