This area of the forums is for asking questions to the administrators about the game, rules, functions, the website, etc...

As usual please follow the forum rules while posting your question here, these are listed below:

  1. We will not tolerate swearing.
  2. Blaspheming God or saying OMG is against the rules.*
  3. Do not flood or crowd the message walls, blogs, etc... with useless messages
  4. No threats to others.
  5. No perversion is allowed. This includes and sexual content, whether it be words, links or picture, arousement, profanity, or anything sexually orientated.*
  6. Members do not dis-respect administrators, administrators do not dis-respect members either.*
  7. Do not role-play on message walls, blogs, etc...
  8. You cannot advertise or link other wiki's.*

Please only post serious questions to the administrators. If this is a personal question between friends, use the message walls instead.

"*" - Terms of breaking these rules vary and appear in multiple forms. Whether penalty shall be given or not is in the discretion of the administrator.