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• 3/10/2016

Bring back the Factions!

Thank you all for coming. I thought it'd be nice if we had factions so I came up with a not-fully-fleshed-out idea. Please leave your suggestions in comment! If you wish to fight me, send me a message. BaBye!
Add factions. Basically, the run down is that (1) they have faction castle(Cost: 15,000)(2) Faction helpers should vote whether he should become a faction leader or not(If creating faction)(3)(If joining faction, number 1 is included.) if future members meet the level requirements(4) If faction leader or co-leader invites him and future member accepts(If anyone of lower rank invites the person, the faction leader or co-leader must confirm.)
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• 1/18/2016

Personal Sagas and Wiki Sagas

Basically, I think that Wiki Sagas should be large threats that actually want to either destroy the planet, or threaten the lives of everyone on the wiki. Things like the Saiyan Saga, Frieza, Cell, Buu, they were all main story sagas that threatened all life for the Z-Fighters. Whereas the movies, while mostly noncanon, only really threatened the lives of only the Z-Fighters. Personal sagas, in that respect, should only threaten the lives of a select few, and after it's over, the wiki continues as usual. Wiki sagas, should threaten everyone, where if we don't win, we must restart (bad idea), or disregard it until it can be done (better idea).
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• 1/16/2016

Not appearing on google anymore?

Today I found myself in an unhappy place when I typed in 'dbz rp', as usual, we didn't appear! We have always been first result but not anymore... Is it just because we're pretty dead or has something happened?
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• 1/3/2016

Skills and Transformations

It is my opinion that transformations need to be more varied and interesting.
I also think we could use more skill options.
note: Skills do not necessarily have to be restricted to a particular race.
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• 12/24/2015

New Mission Idea's catering to Heroes and Villains

So from past experiance I learned it was hard to play a straight up villain on the wiki, and I'd like to encourage more hero/villain play out of the people who want too.
Every now and then I'm gonna make a set of missions, one hero mission and one villain mission. The idea being that the people who want to do this sorta thing will have something fun to do with their character that feels important, each mission will have a variation on the same enemy and a different reward for example;

Name of Mission: Stop the Bank Hiest! (HERO MISSION)
Requirements: Level something, Play as a hero
Description: A set of cyber enhanced warriors are attempting to crush a bank and steal as mych as possible, the local law enforcment can't handle them, you can!
Location: Something
Difficulty: Something
Reward: Reward from the city, Money, +10% Alignment (I'll come back to this)
Participants: Someone

Name of Mission: Destroy the new law enforcment technology! (VILLAIN MISSION)
Requirements: Level something, Play as a villain
Description: A law enforcment agency is developing a state of the art 'PowerLevel Finder' designed to locate people with a high powerlevel and capture the villains, time to destroy it and take whatever you can!
Location: Somewhere
Difficulty: Something
Reward: Tech, Money, -10% Alignment 
Participants: Someone

As mentioned above the missions will award 'Alignment' this is purely Aestetic, something for the people who want to show off their alignment, by no means will it have value or be mandatory.
Essentially when you do your first HERO/VILLAIN mission you'll unlock your percentage at 0%
0% means neatural, anywhere between -20-20% will be an anti-hero/villain
40% - Vigilante        -40% - Criminal 
60% - Hero              -60% - Villain
80% - Loved Hero      -80% - Threatening Villain
100% - Worshipped Hero          -100% - Globally Feared Villain
MIssions won't give much percentage, so you'll have to work at making yourself known, for those who knew Tacoman he'd probably be at about 80% haha
Some missions will be deribirtly crossing over, for example I'll post a hero mission like save the bank and a villain mission as rob the bank, then the two factions will fight eachother with the winning side taking a hightened reward as well as the exp.
I'm looking forward to how people will respond to this idea.
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• 12/17/2015

Suggestions Megathread

Random suggestions on how to improve the wiki go here.

Signatures: The Signature System is probably going to get reworked to a sort of middle ground between old DBZRP and current DBZRP. Much more versatile and less restricted, like old DBZRP. Much harsher limits on how powerful they can get, like new DBZRP. In other words, take old DBZRP and replace all those free x2 stats with +25% speed and strength with some cons.
A Blast Gauge-type system: This was brought to my attention by some users. UDBRP's Blast Gauge system was a really good idea. I think we can expand on it a bit. Maybe use it for the tiered attacks, rather than transformations or signatures?
Magic: Set up a new magic system. This should be primarily focused around inflicting status effects rather than damage. Purely damaging spells will likely remain as tiered attacks dealing arcane damage, rather than set spells.
More shop items
Sagas and Missions: The current Saga system will likely get folded into the Misison system. Actual sagas will be wiki-wide events rather than personal story arcs.
More Battle Helpers: I need volunteers for this! All you need to do is show me you can actually calculate. It's pretty simple, just basic RNG and arithmatic. We don't have 20 Rush Count anymore with 5000 signatures, people.
Skill rebalance: A few skills need tweaking. In particular regen doesn't feel right. Also moar skills. Maybe some "learnable" skills purchaseable from the shop.
Diversifying races again: Perhaps go back to the different starting stats. Ex. Majin would have much less health but would have insane regen rather than same health with tiny regen.
Moar customization for items without making OP Custom items or hidden combinations (read: mix capsules from UDBRP). I suggested a modular system for PTO on UDBRP, maybe something similar?
Kaio-Ken: I was thinking only available in Other World, increases Speed and Strength but significantly increases Stamina cost.
Another idea I had was changing the system semi-completely again: More specifically, attacks dealing less damage...but buffs, debuffs, and transformations are much more effective. In other words it would be less "spam attacks after transforming" and more managing transformations. This could easily be accomplished by tweaking starting stats, levelup stats, skills, and transformations - no need to revamp the entire system.
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• 12/1/2015

Update Notes: December 1st, 2015

Good god it's cold out. Anyways:

Stat increases are now percentage-based and additive, rather than multiplicative.
In other words, x1.25 becomes +25%. Two +25% bonuses to the same thing become +50%, instead of 1.25*1.25.
Starting stats are changed as such:
Health: 10,000
Speed and Strength: 100
Level Up Stat Gains are changed as such:
Levels 1-5: +10,000 Health, +25 Speed and Strength
Levels 6-25: +20,000 Health, +40 Speed and Strength
Levels 26-Onward: Split into branching paths. Not completed yet.
XP Goals are adjusted.
You now gain 10 EXP per minute from training instead of 1.
Stat gains from sources such as potions, absorption, etc. are tentatively capped at 1,000 instead of 400.
Please adjust your stats accordingly. Due to the new changes, your XP will be adjusted to be exactly the amount you needed for your current level. Do not worry about re-calculating training XP.
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• 11/25/2015

Early Bird Bonus!

For people who join early, an Early Bird Bonus is available!
The first ten users to get their characters approved may post here to receive their bonus.

1 "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" ticket, redeemable for an instant 24 hours of training (1,440 XP and 24 Hours of Training)
You may also choose one of the following three options:

1 Sword
1 Gun
2 Senzu Beans
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• 11/24/2015

Update Notes: November 24th, 2015

Wiki reset. All characters are rendered null and void, please repost them.
User-created pages are Archived. They can be found in the category "Archived".
Minor cleanups with redirects
Half-breeds can only transform into 1 set of transformations at a time
Stat-increasing skills and potions now use the same cap.
Half-breeds no longer get halved caps for stat increases.
I think that's everything.
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• 8/18/2015

Adoption of Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing Wiki

Hello User new and old, my name is SS3Tre. After coming back and seeing the wiki in it's dead state yet again, I've come to the decision of adopting it. I know the edits I was making a few weeks back didn't go unnoticed by former users, and that's perfectly fine. I also know most if not every old user has already moved their way to the new Ultimate Dragon Ball Rp wiki, again something a few of you pointed out to me and others who came here. The idea of the wiki being taken down after a valent attempt to reset it doesn't sit well with me, and it took coming back and seeing how some of the pages were now to make me reach my breaking point.
Though many of you might not understand not having been around as long as I was, Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing wiki wasn't just the occasional "drop-in, have fun, then leave" wiki for me. It was something I invested so much time in to make it worth while, for better or worst. Even though I was clearly flawed in my younger days (makes me sound super old), I treasured this wiki because of the memories it gave me. Through all the drama that went down, all the gossip, and all the backstabs and betrals through not only characters but users, it was still a place to be for users through the good and the bad.
But something needed to change. The Death of Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing wiki wasn't a settling one for me. The people in charge, from my knowledge, tried to perform a "reset" of characters and events on the wiki. Then what happened? People began coming here less. I don't want the wiki I invested three or so years in to be wiped from wikia just because the reset didn't work out the way they wanted it to, its died in much honorable ways. It would feel too much like a slap in the face to me and any old user who loved and hated this wiki for what it was to just give up on it.
That's why I've made the choice to try and adopt the wiki in its current state, so I can revise it to a stable and fair version of what it once was. It will be a rough cleanup, but I know that with my stubbornness following me into adulthood, it can be done through and through. My track record isn't the best, but this is something I feel I've got to do not for others, not for personal gain, but for the wiki that took care of me through a many twists and turns in my life. My plan is to revise the wiki the way it should have been and work out the kinks and errors I can see clearly from this standpoint:"If I don't do this, the wiki will die for good.". I only ask that user young and old to give me, SS3Tre, the chance to prove that, through all the BS and problems, when I've put my mind to something, no matter how dumb or crazy, I can get the job that needs to be done finished to a T.
What bigger job could revising and reviving the wiki no former admin (including myself) or the Founder could handle be?
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• 8/12/2015

Just what are Dragons?

Are they like, shadow dragons or like Icarus? They're listed as a race in the character creation thing, but nobody seems to use them.
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• 5/7/2015

Let's Have a Little Debate...

Well since DBZRP is slowly coming to it's gritty end, I want to take a look at everyone's opinions for the most memorable members in DBZRP. I think it's a nice way to smash a nail into the coffin of this wiki, I just think that the opinions of this will be the other nails...
Now these can be aaaanyone, but there's only two things.
1. Their username and their alias/nickname.
2. Why you consider them the most memorable in DBZRP.
So... Without further ado, let's get this going, shall we?
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• 4/27/2015

Update Notes: April 28th, 2015 (PREVIEW)

Global Transformation Changes:
Transformation Stamina cost is changed as such:
1 transformation in a set: 25 Stamina
2 transformations in a set: 100 Stamina
3 transformations in a set: 225 Stamina
4 transformations in a set: 400 Stamina
Rush count cost unchanged.
Level Requirements are as such:
1st Transformation: Level 10
2nd Transformation: Level 35
3rd Transformation: Level 60
4th Transformation: Level 85
Android transformations can only be activated when you meet the level requirement.
If you already have the transformations, you do NOT keep them. However, if you've met other prerequisites other than level requirement, you do not need to meet them again (ie. Emotional transformation, android upgrades).
If you've purchased a 5th Upgrade Package, you will receive a refund.
Saiyan Transformations:
Super Saiyan 1: Changed to +100 Speed and Strength. If you reach Level 35 without an emotional transformation, you automatically unlock this transformation.
Super Saiyan 2: Changed to +275 Speed, +125 Strength
Super Saiyan 3: Changed to +250 Speed, +350 Strength
Super Saiyan 4: Changed to +300 Speed, +500 Strength, 15% Damage Resistance
Great Ape: Only affects Speed and Strength
Human Transformations:
Super Human: Changed to +100 Speed and Strength
Unlocked Potential: Changed to +200 Speed and Strength
Arcane: Changed to +300 Speed and Strength
Mystic: Changed to +400 Speed and Strength, x1.25 Arcane Damage
Namekian Transformations:
Completeley replaced with:
First Transformation:
Fighter: +100 Speed and Strength, cannot enter this transformation if Healer is active
Healer: +25 Speed and Strength, can Heal a targeted ally for 12.5% Max Health, costs 2 Rush Count, 100 Stamina, once per turn, cannot be used on the same target on your next four turns. Cannot enter this transformation if Fighter is active.
Second Transformation:
Warrior: +200 Speed and Strength, cannot enter this transformation if Healer is active
Dragon Clan: +50 Speed and Strength, can boost a target ally's Arcane Damage by x1.2 on their next turn, costs 2 Rush Count, 100 Stamina, once per turn, cannot be used on the same target on your next four turns. Cannot enter this transformation if Fighter is active. Can use previous transformation abilities as well.
Third Transformation:
Dark Warrior: +300 Speed and Strength, cannot enter this transformation if Healer is active
Deacon: +75 Speed and Strength, can create a barrier with 25% of your maximum health for your entire team, costs 2 Rush Count, 100 Stamina, once per turn, cannot be used on your next four turns. Cannot enter this transformation if Fighter is active. Can use previous transformation abilities as well.
Fourth Transformation:
Shadow Knight: +400 Speed and Strength, cannot enter this transformation if Healer is active
Priest: +100 Speed and Strength, cannot activate if Fighter is active, can Heal all allies for 12.5% Max Health, costs 5 Rush Count and 250 Stamina, cannot be used on your next four turns. Cannot enter this transformation if Fighter is active. Can use previous transformation abilities as well.
Ice-Jin Transformations:
Second Form: Changed to +50 Speed and Strength
Third Form: Changed to +100 Speed and Strength
Fourth Form: Changed to +350 Speed and Strength
Fifth Form: Renamed to 100% Power, Changed to +500 Speed and Strength, x1.2 Max Health
Android Transformations:
First Stage: Changed to +100 Speed and Strength
Second Stage: Changed to +200 Speed and Strength
Third Stage: Changed to +300 Speed and Strength
Fourth Stage: Changed to +400 Speed and Strength, can enter Overdrive
Overdrive: x1.25 Speed and Strength, costs 10% Health per turn. Can enter with 5 Rush Count and 250 Stamina, can exit at any time, but cannot re-enter on the next three of your turn.
Alien Transformations:
Ultra Form: Renamed to Larval Form, Changed to +50 Speed and Strength, assign 100 more points split between Speed and Strength
Mega Form: Renamed to Chrysalis Form, Changed to +100 Speed and Strength, assign 200 more points split between Speed and Strength
Giga Form: Renamed to Emergent Form, Changed to +150 Speed and Strength, assign 300 more points split between Speed and Strength
Giant Form: Renamed to Reborn Form, Changed to +200 Speed and Strength, assign 400 more points split between Speed and Strength, upon transforming, enemies have a 20% chance to be stunned.
Demon Transformations:
Demon Trainee: Changed to +75 Speed, +125 Strength
Demon Commander: Changed to +150 Speed, +250 Strength
Demon Lord: Changed to +225 Speed, +375 Strength
Demon Overlord: Changed to +300 Speed, +500 Strength, if you have less base speed and strength than your opponent, gain x1.1 Speed and Strength
Majin Transformations:
Base Form: Changed to +125 Speed, +75 Strength, +2.5% Regeneration
Super Form: Renamed to Pure Form, Changed to +250 Speed, +150 Strength, +2.5% Regeneration
Pure Form: Renamed to Super Form, Changed to +225 Speed, +375 Strength, +2.5% Regeneration
New: Ultra Form: Changed to +300 Speed, +500 Strength, +2.5% Regeneration
Dragon Transformations:
Young Dragon: Changed to +90 Speed, +110 Strength
Teenage Dragon: Changed to +180 Speed, +220 Strength
Dragonoid: Changed to +270 Speed, +330 Strength
Adult Dragon: Changed to +360 Speed, +440 Strength, x1.25 Kinetic Damage
Skill Changes:
Extra Health: Renamed to Resilience
Hard Workers replaced with: Supernatural Power (Either gain 10% Damage Resist, x1.2 Current Health, or x1.1 Speed and Strength, choose which is active when using skill, lasts 3 turns, once per battle, 2 Rush Count 100 stamina to activate)
Free Senzu Beans replaced with: Blademaster (x1.15 Sword Damage)
Home Planet Training removed.
Mechanical Second Change makes you a Ice-Jin/Perpetual Energy Android, skill is replaced with Energy Restoration
Forced Merge works on half-breed androids, does not give skills
100% Power replaced with: Reinforce (Summon an ally Ice-Jin with x0.5 your stats, has no transformations, can't use items, uses all Ice-Jin Ki Attacks, costs 5 Rush Count, no stamina, once per battle)
Space Descendent removed
Variable Form removed
Item Changes:
Combat and Focus Gloves removed
Feel free to discuss. Update will go through 2015-04-28T00:01:00-06:00
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• 4/15/2015

Update Notes: April 14th, 2015

Small, mini-update.

Health Potions now give 25,000 Health instead of 7,500
All health cap increases (potions, absorption, etc.) increased to 400,000.
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• 4/12/2015


So warnings have been an issue, I discussed this with a few people before and decided to put it up with permission.
We all know those moments when some heated argument is going down, or other rule breaking. One of the admin/chat mods will say "warning'. That's my and other's problems, mostly it seems minor but I'll explain how it isn't. If you already know or dont need explaining just skip down.
Obviously when people are arguing, rules being broken here and there, chatmod says warning. I remember (being a 2011 user) when warnings would be said in this format:
Warning to ____(<name)

Reason: ____(<rule)

Warnings left: ____
Nowadays all I see, as stated before is "warning" and if more, "hey, btw, warning". Sometimes the reason for most things going on is not being able to see the warning sign. "warning" doesn't cut it, imo. In an argument people aren't looking for "warning". The format stated above is more bolded out.
Now take this for thought, when you say "warning" and it doesn't get seen. They eventually get kicked/banned because they didn't see it, they get angry BECAUSE they got kicked/banned, and possibly get actually kicked/banned for a simple mistake of not seeing a warning.
All I'm trying to say is little things could/maybe already have happened before, can be prevented with a little more effort. :D
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• 4/9/2015

Well, this is a rare occurrence...

This hasn't happened to me in a few years...
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• 4/5/2015

If you could meet one person from DBZRP IRL...

Who would it be?
I'd personally like to meet Goge :)
If you're wondering why it's not lumi, I don't like the wrench--->face feeling
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• 4/5/2015

Combat Proposal

To diversify Kinetic, Energy, and Arcane attacks, I propose this alternative system:

Attacks deal Strength*12 per tier instead of Strength*15.
Swords deal Strength*6 damage per hit, instead of Strength*7.5
Punches, kicks, etc. count as Tier 1 Kinetic Attacks.
Kinetic attacks, if they hit, deal 20 damage per tier to the opponents' stamina.
Swords deal 10 stamina damage per hit.
Energy attacks are unchanged, still dealing Strength*15 per tier.
Arcane Attacks inflict various effects:
Magic Missile renamed to Force Bolt, reduces opponent Speed by 1%, lasts 2 turns, stacks with itself (ex. 5 hits = x0.95 Speed)
Aetheric Barrage reduces opponent Strength by 2%, lasts 2 turns, stacks with itself (ex. 2 hits = x0.96 Strength)
Myst Rain heals for 25% Damage Dealt
Omen has a 10% chance to Stun
Demise additionally deals 5% of the opponent's max HP in damage, if it hits.
Signature Attacks deal do Strength*75 instead of Strength*100, base.
Kinetic Signature Attacks deal 150 Stamina Damage.
Energy Signature Attacks deal Strength*100, base.
Arcane Signature Attacks have 1 less con, to a minimum of 1 con.
Ultimate Attacks deal Strength*150 instead of Strength*200, base.
Kinetic Signature Attacks deal 300 Stamina Damage.
Energy Signature Attacks deal Strength*200, base.
Arcane Ultimate Attacks have 2 less cons, to a minimum of 1 con.
Any stamina damage cannot reduce the opponent below 0 Stamina.
Combat and Focus gloves removed. It's +10% damage and encourages people to minmax, not diversify.
tl;dr Kinetic = stamina damage, Energy = 25% more damage, Arcane = effects
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• 4/3/2015

What to do with Training Grounds

There is a debate between Lady Luminita and I what do do with the now obsolete Training Grounds. Fact of the matter is that they are slow, inefficient ways of earning XP. Here I will present three proposed changes to this system. Please leave a comment selecting one or abstain.

Remove Training Grounds (Lady Luminita)
This is pretty straightforward. Remove training grounds and any form of idling for XP. Sitting in a training ground is literally "Facebooking": Doing nothing for hours on end for little to no reward.

Revamp the Training System (Lady Luminita)
Instead of idling in a slot earning EXP, you participate in events such as running Snake Way, gravity training, etc. to gain various stat boosts or certain skills. For example, every X times you participate, you get Y speed, up to a certain amount.

Buff Training (Blalafoon)
XP earned from training increases the higher level you are, such as the amount of stats you gain increase everytime you move outside a level group. This keeps training from being obsolete in higher levels, and provides a safe way to progress your character without having to actively participate in battles, and it convenient for those who can't get on as often.
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• 4/1/2015

Update Notes: April 1st, 2015

All transformations have been removed, permanently.
Penguin race added. Penguin/Saiyan half-breeds encouraged ("SquawkySaiyans")
Random.org is no longer a valid RNG to use with calculations.
I have determined that Energy Attacks "need more love," so to speak. They all now deal twice as much damage.
Lowered cost of Saibamen to 10 zeni.
Fusions buffed, now add stats together and multiply by 100.
Overloaded Railgun now available in shop. Deals strength*100 damage, own rush count of 10, otherwise identical to railgun.
Overcharging attacks now available. Can charge an energy attack for rush count equal to its' normal rush count value, over multiple turns if necessary, to deal double damage.
Lowered damage of Kinetic attacks to Strength*1 per tier.
Speed and Strength potions now give +100 Speed and Strength.
Decaun Equino re-introduced as a character, as Geti186 is now unblocked from the wiki.
All signatures with the letters or numbers S, L, O, 0, F, L, I, R, P, and A in them are banned.
Youtube embeds are now banned from the wiki. This includes verbatim. Sorry, guys, but it was crashing pages.
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